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How to Fix binkw32.dll Missing Error?

How to Fix binkw32.dll Missing Error?

Binkw32.dll missing or error is causing an issue to the particular game that you are trying to play or install. At most of the times, the error is due to running the games of the cracked version. As you are using the game version of illegal download without the original CD or DVD will cause the error. Don’t worry, as we are here to help you out in this download binkw32.dll as well as binkw32.dll missing. 

Priory, we will let you know about what is binkw32.dll, ways of showing up binkw32.dll error, and the solutions to fix the issue.

What is binkw32.dll?

The program ‘Bink Video Player ‘ uses the binkw32.dll file to play games on the system. The binkw32.dll file is helpful to render graphics and RAD game tools company developed games uses it the most. The Bink Codec (decoder-coder) is used by multiple games, it is helpful to decode and encode videos. Due to the issue in the Bink video codes, binkw32.dll may be missing or caused error.

As the binkw32.dll file is used much constantly will cause it corrupted or damaged that makes unreadable for the PC. To fix the issue by yourself, you need to go through the How to Fix section.

Showing Up of binkw32.dll

You can see the binkw32.dll missing is possible in any of the below forms. 

  • Missing binkw32.dll
  • Cannot find binkw32.dll
  • Program is unable to load as the binkw32.dll file missing from the system. Try to reinstall to fix the issue.
  • binkw32.dll not found
  • Application is failed t start because binkw32.dll not found. Re-install application to fix the issue.

However, the message will be similar to any of the above points.

How to Fix binkw32.dll Missing Error?

You can see the binkw32.dll file in all the versions of Windows operating system. However, follow the below solutions one after the other till you fix the issue. The below solutions are helpful to fix the issue related to binkw32.dll if you know any of the fixes let us know in the comment section. We will check it and update the content adding solution that worked out for you too. 

We would start with the simple solutions as sometimes the issue is not that critical.

Close And Re-Open

In some of the cases, there is no much serious issue. You need to close the program and re-open it. As the simple restart of the program may help to fix the issue. You can also restart your computer to fix the issue.

Install RAD

To replace the missing binkw32.dll files, you need to download RAD video tools and install it into your system. However, download the binkw32.dll file. It helps to replace the binkw32.dll missing or the corrupt file.

  • Search for Bink download page or RAD Video Tools.
  • You need to click on the RAD video tools to download it.

How to Fix binkw32.dll Missing Error?

  • On completion of the download, click on the downloaded file. 
  • You have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the RAD video tools.

How to Fix binkw32.dll Missing Error?

  • Once the installation of RAD is done. Restart your computer to apply the changes. After the restart, try to open the game and we hope you can play without any causing any more error.

Update Game

Regularly, you have to perform game updates to avoid such situations. You may manually download the latest version of the game or open the game and click on the updating button to complete the game software update. 

Reinstall Game

In some of the situations, the game itself is unable to read the file due to the internal issues. On complete reinstallation of the game, the binkw32.dll missing error may resolve the problem itself.

Update Drivers

You have to perform the updating drivers to resolve the binkw32.dll error. Just follow the below steps to update drivers, most probably update the video card drivers but updating all the drivers is also the best solution.

  • Go to start button and search for device manager option.

How to Fix binkw32.dll Missing Error?

  • Now, navigate to the sound, video, and game controllers.
  • On expanding, you can see the drivers. 
  • Right-click on the driver and choose update software option.

How to Fix binkw32.dll Missing Error?

  • Wait, until the completion of the driver update.
  • You have to follow the same procedure for all the drivers
  • You have to restart your system and try to open the game that causing the error. Hopefully, on updating drivers the binkw32.dll missing error is fixed.

Are you Still Facing the Issue?

  • You have to copy the binkw32.dll file to the root directory of the game from the system directory of the game.
  • Try to copy the binkw32.dll file to system directory Windows.
  • Cope binkw32.dll to the installation folder of the game from the game disc.
  • Are you using the pirated game? In such cases, you can get the missing binkw32.dll for Windows 10. To avoid the issue, you have to purchase or get the original game.

Note: You have to copy the binkw32.dll file to the folder where the game application file is present. It makes the game to use the DLL file and may avoid the occurrence of the binkw32.dll missing error. 

While downloading a game, you have to visit the original website of the game. Download the latest version of the game as the latest version always has the bug fixes. In case, you are facing the issue with the latest version, download the previous version which worked without any issue in your system. 

Final Thoughts: How To Fix binkw32.dll Missing Error

We hope, solutions to fix binkw32.dll missing error are helpful to fix the issue. In case, you still face the issue, drop us your query in the comment section. We will get back to you at the earliest with the perfect solution to your query. You can follow us on our social media platforms of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to get an update on the latest posts.

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