Top 15 Putlocker Alternative Sites for 2020

putlocker alternatives for free movies and tv shows

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the best Putlocker alternatives you can use to watch free movies and TV shows online.

Once there was a time when watching movies required going to multiplexes or sitting in front of TV screens. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore and today anyone can watch a movie online with the help of their computers or smartphones. Websites like Putlocker emerged to make it possible. However, as the popularity of Putlocker grew, the governments of various countries ran behind it and decided to block it. Therefore, it’s quite possible that this free movie streaming site may be banned in your country. 

In such a situation you would obviously want to know about some sites similar to Putlocker where you can watch the movies of your choice. And that’s precisely what we’re going to discuss in this article.

Best Putlocker Alternatives

Here is the list of top 15 Putlocker alternatives that you can use to watch movies and TV shows online without any trouble. However, before you proceed, please note that this list is purely educational and we don’t condone copyright infringement. Please be a good judge of your actions.

Let’s get started:

1. SolarMoviebest putlocker alternatives

This is one of the most popular free movie streaming sites after Putlocker, and arguably the biggest challenger to Putlocker since its early days. Its popularity can be realised from the fact that 100s of other sites have tried to copy it, and they’re available on the web from similar names. It has also faced the wrath of regulators many times, post which it was banned. But soon after that, it emerges online from a new domain, so it’s still very much alive and kicking. Nowadays you can visit it at

2. Huluputlocker replacement

Though Hulu is not a completely free alternative to Putlocker, it allows you to watch the subscription-free TV shows and movies for free. Other movies and TV shows which require a subscription can be watched after taking a Hulu subscription of only $7.99 per month. An important thing that separates Hulu from other alternatives mentioned here is that it’s also available as an app, so you can use it to watch the content on your Smart TV. In addition to that, all content on Hulu is available in HD quality, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. 

3. Vumoomovie sites like putlocker

While not a movie streaming site in itself, Vumoo is a great site every movie streaming lover should know about. It’s sort of a search engine for movies, which allows you to easily search for any movies and TV shows on all popular movie streaming sites. That way, it helps you in finding the free streaming links for your favorite content very easily. It is this functionality which makes it a must-include item in any list of free movie streaming sites.

4. WatchTVSeriesputlocker alternatives is a website which focuses solely on television shows. It includes almost every popular TV show that has been aired in the United States, and you can find your desired show based on the TV networks or their own names. The only downside of this site is their click-based pop-up ads, which send you to other random websites as soon as you click anywhere on the site for the first time. 

5. GoMoviesalternatives to putlocker movie website

GoMovies is known for its simplicity. When you visit it, you’ll find a neat and clean design with only a search bar placed prominently in the centre. You can use that search bar to find your desired movies and shows, and then you can download them or watch them easily. There are very few ads on the site to disrupt your watching experience, and the content is also completely organized in categories for easy search. 

6. HDPopcornsfree putlocker alternative

HDPopcorns is different from all other sites mentioned here because of the care it takes to make the downloading process easier for its users. Not only it sorts the movies by alphabets for easy sorting, but also it has got a full guide telling people how they can download the movies easily. The guide is shown prominently on the top near the navigation menu, so you can see it easily. It has also got a lot of content for every geography, including Hindi movies usually found on Putlocker.

7. Movies123sites like putlocker

Previously known as 123Movies, the site has now changed its name to Movies123 and domain to escape from government firewalls. Since it’s also a popular alternative to Putlocker Movies, it has also come in the eyes of governments around the world that want to block it. But that hasn’t reduced the amount of content you can find on it – you can still find a lot of popular movies and TV shows on this site, which continue to be added every day. UI is similar to GoMovies, which means you need to search for the movie or show of your choice through a search bar. 

8. PopcornFlixputlocker websites

The content on this site is as catchy as its name. PopcornFlix allows you to enjoy the content of your choice without worrying about old and new. You can find both new as well as old movies and TV shows on this site, some of which you can’t find on any other site. Moreover, you can also find viral videos on this site (again, all sites don’t include them). The site also doesn’t require you to sign up for an account, which makes it much easier to start searching for the movies. 

9. Los Moviesbest putlocker sites

If there’s a site that has the longest catalogue of video content, it’s Los Movies. With almost 2,000 pages showcasing more than 39,000 titles, its collection is unparalleled. Its pages also show the IMDB ratings of every movie, thus telling you how good (or bad) has been the reception of that movie. Most of the content available is in HD, but old content that was not shot in HD has also been provided in optimal quality on this site. Subtitles are also available on this site for a large number of movies, thus helping you understand a movie that is not in your language. 

10. FMoviesreplacement for putlocker

FMovies is also a very old alternative to Putlocker. There’s a good chance that you might have already visited it a few times because it has been in existence for many years. Over time it has also evolved a lot according to the requirements of its users. Previously its homepage used to showcase a large number of movies and TV shows, but now it shows only a search bar like many other sites mentioned above. However, a button to switch to the old UI is also shown below the search bar. The site also sorts content based on Top IMDB ratings, which is an easy way to find the best free movies online

11. MovieWatcherputlocker website alternatives

MovieWatcher is also one of the best Putlocker alternatives. With a dark background and a neatly organized content, you can easily find the movies or TV shows you’re looking for. You can search for content based on their artists, their names, release dates, popularity, and genres because that’s how content has been sorted on this site. You can find separate sections for each of these categories on the homepage itself, so it’s very easy to navigate across the site. The site also shows how many users are online at a time in the bottom right corner, which is some information you can use to download your movies quickly (access at a time when there are fewer users on the site). 

12. AZMovieswhat are some best alternatives to putlocker movie site

Unarguably one of the most good looking sites in our list, AZMovies shows the popular and newly released movies in a massive carousel on its homepage so you can find them easily. It also has a large collection of TV shows and movies because it has been online for many years. The shortcomings of this site, however, are its pop-up ads that redirect you to other webpages and the test that you’re made to pass before entering the site to ensure that you’re indeed human. Besides that, it’s a great movie streaming site. 

13. Vimeowhat is new website for putlocker

If you’re a lover of short movies, you would love Vimeo. In fact, it’s the only Putlocker alternative movie site with extensive focus on short movies. Independent moviemakers post their movies to this site, which can then be seen by millions of visitors around the globe. Yes, it’s similar to YouTube, but without ads and without any other nonsense. Vimeo also allows the creators to create their videos together right there on the platform, thus enabling the creation of videos that can’t be found on any other platform. It also has much better privacy controls than any other video streaming site. 

14. Yes! Movieshow to watch movies on putlocker

Yes! Movies is another well-designed alternative of Putlockers HD, just like MovieWatcher. Its home page sorts movies based on alphabets so you can find them easily by clicking the first letter of their name. Besides that, there is also a section of Popular Movies on the site, which allows you to quickly find the popular movies which are being watched by others. It also streams movies from multiple, which means that most titles available on it can be streamed, unlike some other sites where you find upon opening a page that the movie is not available for streaming or downloading. 

15. StreamDorbest putlocker alternatives

With a collection of 16,958 movies, StreamDor is also a site having lots of movies, TV shows and other video content that you may want to watch. That content also includes fashion shows, documentaries, music videos, and other viral videos. It has also got episodes of cartoon shows and other kids entertainment, which makes it a site having plenty of content for people of every age group. 


So this was our list of top 15 free and best Putlocker alternatives. It doesn’t matter in which country you reside, you can certainly access a few of these sites to watch your desired TV shows and movies online. So check them out and share your opinion about these sites in the comments. Also do let us know which site is your favorite and why. Happy watching!

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