Top 21 KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons [Free]

Top 21 KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons [Free]

I have good news for cartoon lovers, today in this article I am going to list down the best KissCartoon alternatives websites to enjoy watching cartoons online anytime anywhere for absolutely free.

Cartoons are something that I guess of all age group viewers enjoy watching. Nothing indulges the imagination behind the cartoons, whether the everlasting Looney Tunes or Popeye the Sailor or the all-time favorite Tom and Jerry show the animation can take us anywhere.

The love for cartoons never ends, and in this digital era, all these everlasting shows are available on the websites. And one of the most considerable and popular websites to binge-watch cartoons is KissCartoon.

What Is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is a popular online free streaming site and is committed to cartoons. This is a free site and like most of the free online streaming sites, it won’t host any content on its own servers.

This is considered as the best site to watch cartoons online and has over more than 5,000 cartoons from the famous Tom and Jerry shows to the Flintstones. Also, everything available on the KissCartoon website is free and the site is supported by ads.

What Happened to the KissCartoon website?

Unluckily, after running for several years, the KissCartoon was suddenly shut down in 2017 by the DMCA due to the copyright violations.

This has also happened in the past but the site return in a couple of days. But this time the final closure of the site has left its visitors disheartened.

But no worries, as I am here with KissCartoon alternatives, that allow you to watch all your favorite cartoons and anime for free.

How to Stream Websites like KissCartoon Safely?

I do not encourage you for any copyright violations. I always urge you to stream the content via legal streaming websites only. However, if you still want to stream from such KissCartoon alternatives, let me brief you, how to stay safe while watching all your favorite cartoons and anime for free?

Before you stream these free KissCartoon alternatives, here’s something very important that you should know and must follow to keep yourself safe from legal consequences. Streaming free content is associated with illegal downloads and that makes you a target in the eyes of your ISP and Government surveillance.

I always use a VPN to hide my online identity while watching favorite cartoons and anime for free. I suggest you do the same and keep your streaming activities anonymous.

Moreover, some of the websites listed in this guide are geo-blocked for some particular locations or countries. In that case, you must use a VPN to unblock such websites.

In my experience, ExpressVPN is the best VPN which not only provides military-grade privacy but also superfast speed. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you decide to cancel the subscription in the first 30-days. You can get 3-months free and save 49% on ExpressVPN’s annual plan.

Follow the 3-step process below to set up ExpressVPN on your device.

Step 1: Visit the website and subscribe to its service.

Step 2: Now, download and install the VPN software from this link.

Step 3: Lastly, open the ExpressVPN app and just click on the power icon to connect the VPN.

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So, stay tuned with us and keeps reading the article:

Best KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online for Free

Sites Like KissCartoonKisscartoon.Info is one of the best KissCartoon alternatives sites available for enjoying your favorite cartoons for free. It is having plenty of all-time engaging content like Transformers series, Dragon Ball, The Simpsons’ and many others.

It is a highly interactive and easily navigable website. This includes plenty of cartoons of all time to the latest ongoing. Not only this, here you will find the Anime Dub and cartoon movies as well.

The best thing about the website is you get the details like year of release, genres, and summary of the particular cartoon just by hovering on the thumbnail. The video quality this site like KissCartoon is the video quality is good and an android app is also available for easy access.


Sites Like KissCartoon

KissAnime is another best KissCartoon alternative website and is specialized more in animated content. This is also well-structured and offers rich content like the well-known Naruto series to Star Wars and many others.

KissAnime is mainly a sister site of KissCartoon and the interface is almost the same because the layout and design of both the sites are almost the same. The anime it offers is generally in Japanese and provide dubbed and subbed content.

This not only streams Cartoons online but you can also download the anime, movies, cartoons for free. The video quality of this Cartoon website is pretty good and also regularly updates the content with the latest release as well as recommendations.

The only drawback of its online streaming site is it offers plenty of ads and require signing up to watch or download content.


WebSites Like KissCartoon

The AnimeToon is also one of the best KissCartoon alternatives sites as this offers entire childhood content like Pokemon, Ben10, Tom and Jerry, American Dad, Looney Tunes, and many others. Despite this, it also offers the latest cartoon shows as well.

This has a huge database and a section for the dubbed anime as well as a movie section. The content is most engaging and offers HD quality for almost all shows.

The interface of the site is simple and impressive and an Android app is available to watch it anytime anywhere easily.


KissCartoon alternatives

This is another best KissCartoon alternative that includes entire cartoons you have heard. The interface of the site is very impressive and user friendly interface. This site is totally worth watching the old cartoons like Dora the Explorer, Loony Toons, and many others.

The entire content is available in HD quality and is accessible on every platform. Here not only you can watch the old cartoons but the latest released shows.

Here you can also watch full animated movies, daily episodes, read comics. Despite this, you can also get the latest released, recently added, ongoing as well as completed cartoons.


KissCartoon alternatives sites

Toonova is also the best cartoon site like KissCartoon, it is having a huge database and all sorts of cartoon episodes are available here. The design of the site is simple and easily navigable.

Here, you will get the new cartoon episodes since after the release and not only cartoons but a wide range of animated movies as well.

At the top of the website you can see different categories like Cartoon, Korean drama, dubbed anime, popular series so that you can easily select the one you want to watch. Despite this, a search option is also available to easily head to the one you want to watch online.

The cartoon site is completely free and offers the app for Android devices.

KissCartoon alternatives is a sister site of the KissCartoon and the best platform to watch cartoons online. It includes a massive library of cartoons and animated movies.

This is a one-stop destination among the cartoon lovers and seems almost the same as the KissCartoon website. The content is well-structured and easy to use.

The best part of the site is it offers the details of the particular cartoon episode just by hovering on the thumbnail.  Also, the video quality is flawless of the never-ending content.

Moreover, like most of the free online streaming sites, this also includes ads and may annoy you during watching your favorite cartoons.


KissCartoon alternatives

9Anime is the best KissCartoon alternatives site to watch anime. This also includes a wide range of content and the interface of the website looks like a premium website but is completely free to use.

The interface of the site is very smooth and well structured and different categorized section makes it easy to use. Also, the content of the site is regularly updated and is accessible on various platforms.

A wide range of anime genres is available like Action, comedy, horror, adventure, school, and much more. You can also request for any of the anime movies from the request option available on the top banner.

Also, the content is available in HD quality but you may experience redirects and misleading ads.

Cartoons On

Sites Like KissCartoon

Just like the name suggests Cartoons On the website is another best cartoon site like KissCartoon. This offers everything that the best cartoon website must-have. The content-database is very huge and available in HD quality for free.

Its interface is complete users friendly and highly interactive. One thing that I find best is the Popular Character category and this includes all-time favorite characters. Well, this is a completely unique feature and none of the KissCartoon alternatives has this.

Also selecting any of the characters from the list, you will see a huge album of cartoon shows of that particular character.

You can completely rely on this website whether you are searching for old evergreen shows and the latest new series. Also, you won’t require to sign up to watch cartoons online.

Cartoon Network

websites like KissCartoon

Cartoon Network is the favorite channel available on the TV to watch various cartoons and we have all grown up watching the Cartoon Network shows on Television.

So, if you want to recall all those childhood memories then this KissCartoon alternative is best for you.  Here you can find all the Cartoon shows even with the funny moments, songs, trailers, and mashups of the popular characters.

The video quality the content is flawless and is easy o browse. The interface of the website is users friendly and well organized.


Cartoon sites like KissCartoon

AniWatch is the next best KissCartoon alternatives that includes a vast library of anime shows for free. Also, you also can stream online cartoons for free as well as in HD quality without any ads.

This offers the best user experience and the content is updated and extended on a regular website. The design of the website is premium and the anime is accessible in the highest possible quality at 1080p but if your internet connection is slow then you are 720p, 480p and 360p streams are available.

The anime is available in 3 different categories like seasonal, airing, and random and everything is available days wise. You can also get the FAQ section where you can clear all your queries and doubts.

But to stream any episodes you require signing up on the website and also offer various details like genre, date of release, type, and summary. And is accessible on various platforms.


KissCartoon alternatives

Crunchyroll is an outstanding site of the best KissCartoon sites. This is highly popular and highly recommended by cartoon lovers.

The content-database is very huge and is easily navigable. Also, the interface is highly interactive and you can also see the latest news related to the cartoons. The site is highly dedicated to Japanese comics.

Its interface is quite simple and is ideal for watching cartoons, anime, and Manga fetish. The video quality is also seamless and accessible on various platforms. is a mirror website of KissCartoon and is also one of the finest sites to watch various cartoons and anime. The database of this KissCartoon alternative is very huge and has almost every show streamed on the website.

The interface is highly interactive and fairly simple. The video quality of the endless content is in HD. Also, its database is regularly updated often so, that you can stream the latest released episodes as well.

This is also accessible on various platforms and also offers complete details of the show just by hovering on it.


KissCartoon alternatives

AnimeLab is one of the finest cartoon sites like KissCartoon. Its interface is highly interactive and looks like a rich premium website.

The database is very huge and you can watch hundreds of accepted anime and all-time favorite cartoons. This is accessible to plenty of devices like PlayStation, XboxOne,  Samsung TV, Chromecast, Telsatra TV, iOS & Android, PCs, and more.

On the homepage, you can see the different sections like recently added shows, fresh dub, Retro Classics, Dragon Ball Collection, the latest movies, and much more. It is free to use but you may require signing up to browse the content.


Sites Like KissCartoon

CartoonCrazy is also a great website to watch cartoons and anime in HD quality online. This KissCartoon alternative is the best place to watch your favorite shows for free.

However, the interface is not very interactive but is easily navigable and user friendly. The website content is regularly updated and you can select the particular cartoon episodes though the genres and you can also use the search option.

The cartoon library includes all the episodes from A – Z alphabets and can be accessed easily without signing up.


Sites Like KissCartoon

Chia-Anime is another best KissCartoon alternative and highly popular free anime streaming platform. It offers a wide range of anime episodes and movies as well.

Not any anime this also streams various cartoons shows in alphabetical order. You can also find a Manga list and read it online. You can enjoy its wide range of content in HD quality even without registering.

In the top section you can see different categories like anime movies, anime soundtracks, English subbed anime, manga list, etc. the design of this cartoon site like KissCartoon is simple but easy to browse. And if you love watching anime then this is the best option you can rely on.

Disney Now

WebSites Like KissCartoon

Disney Now site is supported by Disney and is very interactive and looks like a premium website. This is one of the most awaited Kisscartoon Alternative and the best platform to watch the oldest Disney cartoons.

Here the content is available in two patterns for all ages and younger kids. But first, you need to sign up to browse its content. This also includes the latest released content for free.

Its interface is users friendly and even the kids can browse it easily. And despite its great content library, the site has lots of games for the kids.

The video quality is also great and is accessible on various platforms.


Sites Like KissCartoon

ToonGet is another great free cartoon streaming website. This site is a best KissCartoon alternative and is having a huge database content, here you can get almost all anime and cartoons such as Loony Toons, Ben10, LEGO Star Wars, and many more.

The interface of the website is simple and user-friendly. At the top of the website, you can see different categories like dubbed anime, cartoons, full movies, popular series, and daily episodes for easy navigation.

The video quality of the content is flawless and they regularly update their database. You can download the app on your Android devices to stream various videos.


KissCartoon alternatives

WatchCartoonOnline is flooded with lots of amazing cartoons and anime. The site is simple but its massive content library makes it one of the best sites like KissCartoon.

The best part of the website is the genre list endless topics are available to choose from. Also, the video quality is quite amazing and the entire content is available in HD quality for free.

Despite your favorite cartoon, you can also see the dubbed and subbed anime as well as the Ova series. It is easy to browse or you can also search for particular cartoon episodes via search option.


KissCartoon alternatives

Nickelodeon is another free streaming site to watch cartoons as well as play games online. And the design of the site is premium but it is a free site. This cartoon site like KissCartoon includes many other entertaining kinds of stuff like online games and events.

Well, the content posted on the website is mostly legitimate and another best thing about the cartoon streaming site is you can also lay as your favorite characters in the Game section.

The design and content of the site are well structured and easy to browse even your kids can use it easily. Moreover, the Events section allows you to connect with other people during the gameplay.

The apps are also available for Android, iOS, and iPad for easy access and enjoy watching the latest episodes.


Sites Like KissCartoon

AnimePahe is another great free online streaming website and is best for anime lovers. This is having massive anime content from the latest release to evergreen favorite anime.

This also contains both subbed and dubbed anime. The design of this site is simple and easily navigable. The best thing about the website is it is completely ad-free and allows you to play different episodes with ease.

Even though it is a free streaming website but offers HD quality videos.


KissCartoon alternatives

AnimePlanet is last in our list but this is also the best platform to watch cartoons and anime online for free. Not only this but it also offers a great Manga collection.

This KissCartoon alternatives includes a huge database of anime from the old to newly released. Here you can stream over more than 45000 legal industries supported anime episodes. The design of the site is straightforward and easy to browse.

This also allows you to make your own list of favorite anime just by signing up however you can also watch your favorite show without signing up.

The content of the website is regularly updated and video quality is very high. It also offers details of the particular episodes by hovering on the thumbnail. It is easily accessible on different platforms.


So, these are the best KissCartoon alternatives to watch cartoons and anime online for free. Feel free to go ahead and start watching your favorite cartoon episodes anytime and anywhere.

All the aforementioned sites like KissCartoon are free to use and offer plenty of evergreen to latest released cartoons, anime, and full movies as well.

As all the sites are free to use, they include misleading ads and popups therefore it is suggested to use a VPN to stay safe while browsing the websites.

I hope you liked the article, also stay tuned with us to find out more interesting articles. Also, share your valuable comments with us in the comment section below. And don’t forget to like share and follow our Facebook page.

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