How to fix Openal32.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors ?

Guide to fix Openal32.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors

When you try to open certain programs you might experience an Openal32.dll is missing or not found errors. Now a day’s most of the people are experiencing this kind of problem, don’t worry. We will help you to get out of this problem with possible solutions. Here we will explain to you in details about what the error is and how to fix it.

What is Openal32.dll is Missing Error

Openal32.dll files created to load up the open audio library feature on Windows. It is mainly designed to provide advanced audio features on your system. The openal.dll file is used by many software programs, games, audio applications, and other range of Windows features. A lot of computers will show up error messages like the below messages

Openal32.dll not found

This application failed to start because openal32.dll not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

Cannot find openal32.dll

Reasons behind the Openal32.dll is missing or not found error

The openal32.dll is missing error will occur due to a number of reasons. But the main problem is, your computer is unable to read the file or has some sort of problem with the software while trying to load it. You can see the error that is related to Openal32.dll which can be fixed by the solutions in this article.

  • OpenAL32.dll not found
  • Your software cannot read the file
  • OpenAL32.dll is missing
  • Windows needs to be updated
  • OpenAL32.dll corrupted
  • OpenAL32.dll damaged

Don’t panic. Let’s see the best possible fixes to get rid of this error. Keep reading!

Reinstall the program that is causing the error

Sometimes game or software that is using the Openal32.dll file got damaged. So your computer is unable to read the file and to load it exactly. To solve this issue, you have to reinstall the software that is causing the error.

  • Go to the start button.
  • Next, navigate to control panel or search for in control panel.

How to fix Openal32.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors

  • Click on the control panel, go to the program under which you can see uninstall a program click on it.

How to fix Openal32.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors

  • On the window, you can see a list of installed programs go to the software causing the error.
  • Click on the Uninstall button.

How to fix Openal32.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors

  • Now, restart your PC.
  • Reinstall the software.

** If the problem still persists then continue with the other solutions.

Repair with OpenAL Updater

The OpenAL updater is an official application released by creative studios. It will help you to find the problems that are causing the error and will help to fix the errors on your PC. This will help to correct the issues that are causing the error to show up an openal32.dll error. It also allows your system to fix the error and will run your system smoothly. To use this program download it on to your computer and to install it follow the steps on the window. After completion of the installation, launch the icon and repair to fix the error and to make your system run smoothly.

How to use a Registry Cleaner to fix an Openal32.dll is missing or not found error

If there is any mismatch of data inside the registry database, you will face the error. The registry will provide all quick links to the files it needs and keeps your system run smoothly. It’s often cased that the registry will become damaged and the links to various DLL files will become corrupted and unreadable. To fix the error related to registry files, you have to download registry cleaner in your system use it to scan throughout your system and to fix the error. The software will delete the corrupted files in the registry and will help to fix the problem.

  • Download any of the third-party registry cleaners.
  • Install it into your PC.
  • After successful installation, launch the registry cleaner software.
  • For safety purpose backup the registry files, as if you go any wrong while cleaning your registry. The backup file will help you to get back to your previous registry files.

How to fix Openal32.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors

  • Now scan your PC registry files and wait until the scanning finishes.

How to fix Openal32.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors

  • Here click on the repair registry button and the pop–up window shows to confirm. After successful completion, you will get pop – up window click on ok button.

How to fix Openal32.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors

  • Restart your system
  • Check whether the problem is fixed else go with other solutions.

Restore from Recycle Bin

Sometimes it may be possible that you may accidentally remove the file from the folder. This will cause your program or game or system to throw out the error openal32.dll missing or openal32.dll not found. To fix this type of error the best option is to follow the below steps.

  • Go to recycle bin present on your desktop or go to start menu to search for recycle bin.
  • On selecting recycle bin pop – up window will open. You can search for an Openal32.dll file in the search box if there are many files.
  • You will get the file openal32.dll file to right-click on it. From the list of options click on the restore button.
  • You have successfully restored the file. You have to restart the system to apply necessary changes to your system.

Run Antivirus Software to fix Openal32.dll is missing error

If you are getting an error related to openal32.dll then it may be due to a virus or malware in your system. The computer without antivirus software is impossible to find as the virus or malware infections are very usual in the present internet. To protect your system from malware or virus, run antivirus scan is compulsory. You should have a paid antivirus security program is very prominent. If there is no paid version of antivirus then you must have a regular antivirus scan to protect your files from getting corrupted.

  • Go to the antivirus program in your scan.
  • Start the scan.
  • After completion of the scan, you will have a list of errors.
  • Look whether the error regarding openal32.dll is found.
  • If the error is found then the virus is attached to your dll file. Click on fix the errors which will remove your dll file.
  • Download the dll from the internet and paste the file in the error occurred folder in c programs.
  • Hope this will help to fix the error regarding virus attack t the file.

System Restore

If you had made any changes to system important files or configurations then system restore will help to get back to a restore point before changes and will help to fix the error. If you have any doubt on how to restore your system follow below steps.

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Search for the control panel and click on it.
  • Open system and security category.

How to fix Openal32.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors

  • On the next window, select backup and restore option.

How to fix Openal32.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors

  • You will navigate to the next window, where you will find restore my files option. Click on it.

How to fix Openal32.dll is Missing or Not Found Errors

  • You will redirect to a backup point available in your system.
  • Choose one from the backup point; you can see the affected programs on performing the backup. Choose the recent restore point and click on it.
  • Wait till the restoring of your system completes.

DDL error with Steam Game

If you are facing dll error with the steam game then open the oalinst.exe file to install the missing dll file.

  • Go to the c: / folder in the system.
  • Navigate to the program files, click on it. Search for steam
  • Next, go to steamapps.
  • Tap on the common folder.
  • In the common folder check for the openal32.dll file. Here if you don’t find the file.
  • Navigate to commonredist in that folder go to OpenAL.
  • You will find a folder titled with in that folder you can find the oalinst.exe file.
  • Double click on the exe file to install the missing dll file.
  • Now, restart your system to make necessary changes.
  • Hope, this will fix the error.

Update Driver or Rollback Driver to fix Openal32.dll is missing or not found error

Updating drivers are required to fix the openal32.dll error because the error may occur due to drivers. In some of the cases, the updating driver may cause the error so, you should roll back the driver to fix the issue. You have to update or roll back drivers which are changed recently changed.

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Search for the device manager in the search box.
  • Select device manager.
  • Go to the driver which you think is causing the error.
  • Right-click on the driver, click on update driver option.
  • If you want to roll back your driver. On right-click, you will find a set of options go to properties.
  • You will get a pop – up window, go to driver option.
  • On the window, you can find roll back driver option, click on it.
  • After completion click on ok button.
  • Now, restart your computer.

NOTE: Hope this solution will help you to fix the error.

Download OPENAL32.DLL to fix Openal32.dll is missing or not found error

You have a better option of fixing this error on downloading the OpenAl32.dll file from the internet. Many online websites are providing the dll file download for free. But many of the websites are containing malware and viruses which will affect your computer as soon as you execute them. The best option is to download the dll file from the official website and download the OpenAL32.dll file. After downloading you have placed this file inside a program or game that is causing the error. The website will contain both files like OpenAL core SDK and OpenAL Windows installer. You should download the according to your requirement. If you are going to replace Windows dll file download Windows installer. Else if you are looking for SDK dll file for games then download core SDK file.

Steps to download and replace the dll file

  • Download dll from the official website.
  • The file would contain in a zip folder.
  • Extract the folder to the desktop or on the same window as per your convenience. Don’t copy the file to the program or folder file without extracting it. Because until the extraction the file will not be accessible.
  • After extracting the file copy the file and go to the program files in c: folder. Go to the program folder which is causing the error and paste this file into it. You will get a dialogue box whether to replace the existing file click on the YES button.
  • Everything is done and now restart your computer.
  • Check whether the problem is resolved.

NOTE: Your system may get infected due to malware or virus attack due to file from untrusted websites. You have to take care of it while performing this solution at your own risk.

Repair installation of Windows

If you have your operating system CD, you can repair the error using the CD. Just insert the CD into the CD rack and from the options select to repair your operating system. This will repair all the error causing files and update your system as new with all the drivers and files installed perfectly. Hope this will fix your issue without any complications.

Hardware problem

After trying all the solutions, if you still face the issue then the issue related to the hardware problem. You have to approach serving center to fix the error.


If you are having any doubts while performing any of the solutions or struck up at any of the steps. Feel free to write to us and we will help you out to find the solution at the earliest. If you have any queries either related to this article or any of the system or mobile problems you are facing. Write to us and we will help to find a solution and to fix the problem. If you feel this article helpful please like, share and follow our facebook page and keep visiting our website for such tutorials and guides.

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