http Internal Server Error 500-How to fix?

How to fix http error 500

HTTP error 500? Wondering what’s that?  The 500 Internal Server Error is one of those HTTP status codes, which mean something has gone wrong on the particular website’s server. However, such a status code is displayed only when the server could not detect the problem more specifically.

How does such HTTP Internal Server error 500 appear?

A 500 Internal Server Error message might appear in various forms.  This is mainly because each website has a tendency of customizing the same message in different ways.

Here are some of the most common ways the HTTP 500 server error can appear:

  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • HTTP 500 Internal Server Error
  • Temporary Error 500
  • There is an Internal Server Error
  • HTTP 500 Internal Error
  • 500 Error/ 500 Error page
  • HTTP Error 500
  • 500. That is an error
  • HTTP status 500
  • 500 internal server error youtube
  • HTTP 500
  • Google error 500
  • post 500(internal server error)
  • Error code 500
  • HTTP 500 response
  • Network Error 500
  • HTML 500 error

Generally, the 500 Server Error message is generated by the same website you’re visiting. Such an error message is visible on any browser across different operating systems. Although this error is mostly displayed on desktops, they can also appear on smartphones. This is because; today’s smartphones are just a smaller version of a PC.

In most cases, the 500 Internal Server Error displays through an internet browser window, just like web pages.

What causes an HTTP error 500?

As mentioned earlier, the 500 Internal Server Error message indicates something wrong with the web server.

In maximum cases, “wrong” resembles to be an issue with the web page or the web site’s programming efficiency. However, the chances of having a problem on your end are also justified.


When an HTTP 500 error occurs on a server of Microsoft IIS software, you would be able to get more specific information regarding the cause of such an issue. Paying attention to the digits after 500, like that of ‘HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error’, will disclose more information regarding the same. In this case, the 500.19 error suggests that the configuration data is invalid.

HTTP 500 error: Solution

Like we discussed above, the 500 Internal Server Error is an error caused by the website’s server. Therefore, it suggests that the problem might not be because of your internet connection or computer.

Although not probable, it is still possible that there is an issue at your end. What can be done if the issue resides in your system or internet host? Here we have listed the steps to fix HTTP 500 error if they are caused by your end:

  • Sometimes reloading the web page can do the trick for you. You can do that easily by clicking the refresh button, or else use a shortcut. The shortcut for reloading a particular page without touching the mouse is pressing ‘F5’ or ‘Ctrl-R’. You can do it by re-entering the URL on the address bar.
  • Although the 500 Internal Server Error is caused due to any problem with the website’s server, the issue is often just a temporary one. Trying to reload the page again often solves the issue.

 Things to keep in mind:

If the 500 Internal Server Error appears while checking out at an online retailer’s website, there is a huge chance of duplicate check out attempt, which may end up placing multiple orders. And multiple orders are often followed by multiple charges! Although most online merchants have pre-installed protection for securing customer’s data and to keep these unauthorized actions at bay, still you must stay alert. We recommend you not to reload the checkout page if the error appears. Instead, you may try calling the customer service of that merchant.

  • Clearing your browser’s cache often puts an end to such a problem. Any problem associated with the cached version of the web page could cause HTTP 500 issues.


It must be noted that Internal Server Errors generally not caused by cache issues. Most of the times when we clear the cache the error goes away. So you may not want to skip this process.

  • Deleting your browser’s cookies often solves the issue. Some 500 Internal Server Error issues can be solved by deleting web cookies associated with the very site you’re experiencing the error with.
  • Once you remove the cookies, try restarting the browser and reload the desired web page again.
  • One of the other steps to fix HTTP 500 internal server error is to troubleshoot the issue in using methods of solving a 504 Gateway Timeout error.
  • Although it is not very common, some servers show a 500 Error when in reality the more appropriate message would have been ‘504 Gateway Timeout’.
  • You may contact the website directly in order to get rid of the 500 error. There are high chances that the website’s administrators are already aware of the 500 error. However, if you think they don’t yet know about the problem, you may want to inform them about the same. It’s highly possible that other visitors are witnessing the same error as you are. Informing the website administrators would not only help you browse their website easily but would also help others online.


If it seems like the website is down completely and you are unable to find a way of reporting the 500 Server Error message to its administrators, you may try connecting the authority and inform about the outage through various social media sites. There are certain hashtags available for this specific purpose. Connecting with people on technical forums would also provide you with some resistance to the issue.

  • Coming back later to retry loading the webpage can be another remedy to the server problem. It is unfortunate, at this point, that the 500 Internal Server Error is more a problem outside of your control. Therefore someone else has to fix the issue.
  • In case, the 500 Server Error message appears during check out while carrying out an online purchase, it is highly probable that sales on that platform are facing disruption. In such cases, you need not worry much as it’s the online store that should be more alert about solving the issue since they would be facing losses due to such an online server error.
  • Even when you’re experiencing the 500 error on a non-selling website, such as YouTube or Twitter, you must try to inform them. However, if you see the 500 internal server error YouTube, there’s nothing much to do from your end other than just letting them know about the issue.

HTTP 500 Error

HTTP Internal Server error 500 on Your Own Site: Solution

If you are facing a 500 Internal Error on your own website, you need to carry out a completely different set of actions to get rid of the same. As explained earlier, most 500 errors are server-based errors, which mean it is very likely that the root of the problem is embedded in your website’s server.

There are multiple reasons why your website may be showing a 500 Error to your visitors. Here we have listed some of the most common ones.:

  • A Permissions Error. In most cases, a 500 Server Error is generated due to incorrect permission on any of your web files or folders. In most cases, you may blame it on the incorrect permission on a CGI and PHP script. It must usually be set around 0755 (-rwxr-xr-x).
  • A PHP Timeout can also cause similar technical issues. If your script is connected to external resources and those resources experience a timeout, an HTTP 500 error is most probable to occur. Better error handling instructions in your script might help you solve the issue, only if the external script has been the cause of this 500 error in the first place.
  • A Coding Error in .htaccess can also be one of the reasons your website is facing such an issue. Although it is not very common, make sure that you check your site’s .htaccess file to verify if structured properly.

HTTP 500 Error

  • If you’re running your website on WordPress, Joomla, or any other CMS system, make sure that you search their support centers and ask for more specific help regarding the troubleshooting of the 500 Internal Server Error your website is experiencing.
  • If you’re not using any of the content management tools mentioned above, your web hosting provider, such as InMotion, Dreamhost, etc. probably is responsible for the 500 Error. You may directly contact your web host and seek help as per your situation’s requirement.

More Ways to recognize an Http  Internal Server Error 500

When you are using Internet Explorer, a message like ‘The website cannot display this page’ may often indicate the existence of a 500 Internal Server Error.’405 Method Not Allowed’ is another example of a 500 error. You can examine this error by looking for either for the digits 500 or 405 in the Internet Explorer’a title bar.

Again, if your Windows Update reports an Internal Error, it would appear as follows:

  • 0x8024401F error code.


In case parts of Google service, such as Gmail and Google+, is experiencing a 500 Error, they often display a Temporary Error (500), or simply the digit ‘500’. If you feel this article helpful please like, share and follow our facebook page and keep visiting our website for such tutorials and guides.

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