How to Fix the “404 Page Not Found” Error?

How to Fix the "404 Page Not Found" Error?

You might have experienced when you click on a link to read or view any content or video but rather than getting the required information, you encountered an error saying that the page you requested is unavailable. It reads: “404. That’s an error.

Alas! You have an encounter with the 404 page not found error. Well, don’t get annoyed, the error mostly occurs from the client-side and you need to follow the quick steps to resolve such an issue. But, before moving further let’s have a quick glance to 404 Error not found.

Basically this 404 not found error is an HTTP status code that determines that the page you required to access a website could not be located on its server.

What does the “404 Page Not Found” Error mean?

Every time when you try to visit any website or click on a link, technically you are giving instructions to the server located somewhere else to send you the required information. So the 404 error is a normal HTTPS status code which means the page you are looking on a website is no longer available in the server. HTTP Error 404 Not Found message can appear on any Operating System and any browsers.

How the error “404 Page Not Found” appear?

How the error "404 Page Not Found" appear?

  • HTTP Error 404 Not Found.
  • 404 Page Not Found.
  • Error 404 Not Found.
  • 404 File Not Found.
  • Error 404.

Is 404 a Client-side error or Server-side error?

The HTTP status codes which are in the form of 4xx are described as client error. Here, the client is the browser or any application. However, it is not necessarily mean that the client is solely responsible for this issue. Let’s have a scenario. “Assume that you are diagnosing an issue with your application and for the same, you have ignored the client-side code such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, even after performing so many actions to fix the issue, the result will lie in the probability which means the client is not alone responsible for such issue”. So, it’s time to change the angle of perspective and move to ‘Server End’.

If the above scenario is real, and the error is from the end of a server, then it will fetch the data and produce 404 Error Not Found. Soon after that, the server will transmit this error to the HTTP response code to the browser.  

We suggest avoiding the blame game, whomsoever be responsible for either the client or server, our prime motto is to resolve the issue. The possibilities of the occurrence of HTTP error 404 Not Found are mentioned below:

Why the “404 Page Not Found” error occurs?

  • If the requested page has been deleted.
  • Domain Name is unavailable.
  • Redesigning a website.
  • The resource is temporarily not available due to site maintenance.
  • As stated earlier, a 404 error is from the end of the client-side and usually appears when the page on the website is removed or moved to the new URL.  
  • If you have typed the incorrect URL of the particular website, then you will find such an error.

Errors Similar to 404 Page Not Found error

Some other client-side errors similar to 404 Page Not Found error include

How to fix the error code 404 (Page Not Found)?

Here I have listed some most common and working solutions to fix the error code 404 page not found. You need not try them all, just try the solutions one by one down the list until your error is fixed.

Refresh the Browser or Page

Refresh the Browser or Page

Sometimes, web servers fail to display the page correctly and due to the same, 404 Page Not Found issue appear and here you need to refresh the page and for the same hit, the F5 key or else click on the ‘refresh’ button located in the address bar.

Check the URL

Check the URL

If you are typing a URL into the address bar, then check it once again before moving further. However, if you have clicked on the link and found 404 Error Not Found, then might be the link was mistyped and to resolve such issue go thoroughly with the link and find out the error.

Take assistance from the Search Engine

Take assistance from the Search Engine

Search Engine is the best friend of the users and always provides fruitful results. So, if you are not sure about the new URL of the particular website which you are looking for, then take help from the Search Engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. These Search Engines will direct you to the exact path where your destination will end.

Clear your Browser’s Cache

Clear your Browser's Cache

Caches generally store the data of the websites which we visit. So, if the actual link is moved to a new URL then still the cache will direct you to the previous site and will result in the HTTP Error 404 Not Found. To examine the fault of cache, open the page on your phone browser in which you are getting an error, if it opens, then clear the cache of the browser on your computer.

Switch DNS Server

Switch DNS Server

If multiple pages of the websites are showing the same error 404 File Not Found, then might be your ISP is blocked for that particular websites. So, to resolve such issues change the DNS Servers manually and then access the websites.

Contact Website Admin

Contact Website Admin

The last stroke, consult with the website admin related to this issue. If the pages of the websites have been removed, then they will provide you the new way to access the pages of the website.

How the 404 Page Not Found Error affects the Website ranking?

Let me ask you one thing if you are searching for some information on a website and rather than showing the required information if it shows you a 404 error page? What would you do?

How the 404 Page Not Found Error affects the Website ranking?

Its but obvious that you will close the current tab and simply visit some other website to search for the required information. This is not only you who did this, but almost all the users are also doing the same thing.

If you own a website and there are more 404 pages having on your site, the fewer time users will spend on your site. The larger you have the number of broken links on your site, the more users will experience the 404 page not found error.

The SEO pays specific regard to users’ behavior on your website. Their online behavior plays an important role in the ranking process. And as we all know that an HTTP 404 error code is one of the most annoying stuff your visitors can face.

In such a case if your visitors found that the required page is not available on your website then they might leave your website and visit some other website and that could be of your competitor. Apart from this, the bounce rates also increase due to broken links and that can affect your SEO in a negative direction. As per SEMrush, the bounce rate is the fourth most significant ranking factor in SERPs.

If any visitor leaves your page without clicking anywhere, Google understands that your result is not matching the user’s requirements, and as a result, the ranking of your page will go lower.

Why “404 Not Found” occurs on WordPress?

Why "404 Not Found" occurs on WordPress?

When any visitor clicks on a link to a missing page, the WordPress web hosting server will send the user an error message automatically, like: “404 Not Found“. By default, your website has formed custom error messages that are already in traditional content. This will force down your visitors’ count. This can happen as a result of:

  • Moving a page’s directory
  • Moving a whole site
  • Moving a URL
  • Not adding 301 redirects
  • Typed Wrongly

How to fix 404 Not Found Error on WordPress?

If you are a website owner and not maintain it properly then there are chances that you may encounter 404 Not Found error on your website. However, if you have maintained it properly and due to routine maintenance your website visitors will be directed automatically to a 404 error page. If you are also one of them then need not worry we have some best solutions to fix this error. Keep reading!

Modify .Htaccess

To fix this error you need to edit the .htaccess file. To do so you can choose any one of the steps mentioned below:

  • You can use the FTP program’s edit mode. Or Directly edit the file on your computer and then upload the edited file to the server via FTP.

You can use the FTP program’s edit mode. Or Directly edit the file on your computer and then upload the edited file to the server via FTP.

  • You can do this via cPanel > File Manager.

Change the Permalinks Structure

You need to correct the permalinks of your WordPress site to fix this error. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to WordPress Dashboard. Click on Settings and then go to Permalinks (Copy the existing structure).

Log in to WordPress Dashboard. Click on Settings and then go to Permalinks (Copy the existing structure).

  • Select Default and Click on Save Settings.
  • Now, change the settings back to the previous custom structure.

Now, change the settings back to the previous custom structure.

  • Click on Save Settings.


These steps would have helped you to fix HTTP Error 404 Not Found. Let us know in the comment section which method worked for you? Wanna some more Devicetricks? Stay tuned to this space to get the latest updates on errors related to Windows, macOS, and Android. However, if the issue persists or you need the assistance of the geeks, then feel free to contact us. If you feel this article helpful please like, share, and follow our Facebook page.

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