Top 25 Best Torrent Sites for 2020

best torrent sites

When it comes to downloading movies, music, TV shows and other entertainment content, there’s no match of torrent sites. Not only they provide very fast download speeds but also they provide us access to some of the newest premium content that may not be available through any other sources. However, searching for the torrents of our choice is not an easy job. One must look across multiple websites to find them. And more often than not, we don’t even know about those best torrent sites.

That’s precisely why we decided to make this list of most popular torrent websites that you can use in 2020. All of them are working, and all have a large database of torrents. But before we dive into that list, let’s understand a little about torrents and torrent sites first.

What are torrents and torrent sites?

The first thing you may want to know about Torrent sites is what they’re. And before you can understand what torrent sites are, you need to understand what torrents are. In the simplest manner, torrents are files that contain information about other files.

For instance, if you download the torrent of a movie, it contains information that will allow you to download the movie. Generally, the size of torrents is limited to only a few kilobytes, but they can contain downloading information about files of several GBs. Torrents work over P2P networks, which means that when you download a file with help of torrent, it’s sourced from other users like you who’re part of the torrent network (called “seeders”). There are no servers involved in the middle of this data transfer, which is a key characteristic of P2P networks.

Once all chunks of a file have been downloaded by the torrent, a verification process takes place to confirm the completeness of the file. After this process is complete, the file is stored on your computer. Torrents can facilitate downloading all types of content, including movies, books, games, music and so on.

So that’s how torrents work. And torrent sites are websites from where you can download such torrent files. There are many of them, as you’ll see in a while.

How Do Torrent Sites Work?

As we all download files regularly from the web as per our requirements. While downloading the files from the web you connect to a server with the help of any website where the particular file is located. Once you click the download button the website tells the server to download the desired file on your system. Such type of download system is called as the ‘server to client’ download.

However, the working of Torrent is entirely different. It works on the ‘peer-to-peer’ technology. In the P2P downloading, you are going to download the file simultaneously from the multiple numbers of peers. Here you will be playing as Leecher (the person who is downloading the file) and the other one as Seeder (the person who is uploading the file). Further, to take part in this process or to connect to the P2P network you need a torrent client. Nowadays, uTorrent and BitTorrent are the most widely used torrent clients. To start downloading from torrents, you simply need to get one of these clients, such as uTorrent, and a torrent download link from one of the torrenting sites mentioned in this article.

What role do these torrent websites play?

Basically the torrent websites enable access to the torrent files, which you use with torrent clients like uTorrent or BitTorrent. The downloading time of any file depends totally on the number of seeders. The efficiency of a good torrent site is its ability to look up for torrent files with a high number of seeders.

Every Torrent site has a search option so as to search for the desired file. There might be chances to find multiple options in the search results but you have to find out the genuine torrent file with enough seeders available.

Once you find out the desired torrent file, you can download it on your system and then open it with the help of any torrenting application. One more option is there to choose the Magnet link with the torrent file on the torrent site itself. This Magnet link can open the desired torrent file directly with the client without downloading.

Disclaimer & Torrent Legal Warning doesn’t approve the illegal sharing of any copyrighted content. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on such Websites.

Before we proceed further, please note that P2P File Sharing is a legal process as a majority of the shared files are copyrighted and this technology shall only be used to stream movies or TV shows that fall under the public domain.

In case if you upload any of these copyrighted files, definitely you are at risk of a civil lawsuit in countries including the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia to name a few. Such lawsuits are targeted at a group of users or individuals as per discretion. The P2P civil lawsuits are a criminal offense and can cause an emotional and financial burden on the defendants.

Furthermore, your ISP can release the history of all your upload and download activities to copyright plaintiffs. In a brief, the more data you upload and download, the higher the probability of facing a lawsuit by copyright protection groups.

This guide is for educational purposes only.

How to search and download torrents?

Searching and downloading torrents from a torrent site is not difficult. All you need to do is visiting a torrent site of your choice and searching for the name of movie, game, book or audio that you want to download using the search bar provided on that site. Once you do that, you’ll be provided with a list of available torrents for your search, from where you can choose a torrent of your choice.

One last important thing though – always choose a torrent that’s having a high number of seeders (i.e. the number of users sharing the file through that torrent) and less number of leechers (i.e. the number of users downloading through that torrent).

Advantages of downloading Torrents

Downloading a torrent can offer many benefits. The best feature that a torrent provides is the ability to prevent any network congestion during downloading from a server. You can stream your favorite movies and tv shows using a torrent. Apart from this torrent sharing is a useful tool that millions use daily.

The files download in a P2P network which is totally independent on the main central server, available with so many sources for sharing. However, if a peer breaks down while downloading torrents, the other portions of that file can still be located from other computers. This is because of the file-sharing nature which is provided by a P2P technology.

When at any point of time you encounter downloading errors due to a centralized server, your download will be stopped immediately which means that you have to start downloading the file again from scratch. However, if you are downloading a torrent and suddenly encounter an error, you can resume the downloading for the remaining bits of files needed and will not have to restart.

Last but not least, one more advantage of downloading the torrents is the shortened download time needed for a file to be downloaded. As stated above, the download speed will be , much more in P2P technology. During the download, the BitTorrent protocol regularly keeps on checking each and every piece of the file which lowers the risk for file corruption when using torrents.

Disadvantages of Downloading Torrent?

As we all know, everything comes with the benefits along with the limitations. Likewise, torrents also have some limitations. Let’s have a look at those:

Genuineness of the files is a big issue in torrents. It is very difficult or you can say it impossible to download anything when there are no seeds available. Besides, when no feedback is available it is difficult to verify that the file is legit or not.

There are also risks that the tracker in the torrent file keeps track of all the computers connected in that network. It means that your IP address can be shared with those who are seeding and leeching. And by getting your IP address they can identify your location, web history and much more which is also not good. Thus your online activities can be easily tracked through your IP address, resulting in serious consequences.

Internet Speed is a big part of downloading torrents and consumption of a lot of available bandwidth is a major issue in downloading torrents for users that have a slow internet connection. However, if you are having a good internet connection with a faster speed it is also not easy to find all download files.

Worse, there are plenty of fake torrent files available for download, chances are there to use by scammers to spread trojans malware to unsuspecting users.

How to spot fake torrents?

Torrents allow us to download any type of files reliably, but nothing is free from problems in this world, including torrents. While downloading torrents it’s important that you avoid fake torrents, otherwise, you may end up downloading something else instead of what you wanted to download. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult to spot and avoid fake torrents. Just follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, you should try using only those torrent sites that list verified torrents. Most of the sites in our list post only verified torrents for downloads, so by using our list, you’re already at a lower risk of downloading fake torrents.
  • Secondly, look for the number of seeders and leechers. Genuine torrents generally have a high seeder-to-leecher ratio.
  • Thirdly, avoid those torrents that are in WMV or VMA extension. Torrents of these extensions are generally fake.
  • And finally, don’t forget reading the comments of any torrent before downloading it. If it’s fake, other users will have mentioned it in the comments.

To understand better, here’s a video that will show you how to download torrents safely:

Top Torrenting Sites

Before you visit torrent sites, here’s something very important that you should know and must follow to keep yourself safe. Torrenting is associated with illegal downloads and that makes you a target in the eyes of your ISP and Government surveillance.

I always use a VPN to hide my online identity while torrenting and streaming online. I suggest you do the same and keep your torrenting activities anonymous.

In my experience, ExpressVPN is the best torrenting VPN which not only provides military-grade privacy but also superfast speed. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you decide to cancel the subscription in the first 30-days. You can get 3-months free and save 49% on ExpressVPN’s annual plan.

Follow the 3-step process below to set up ExpressVPN on your device.

Step 1: Visit and subscribe to its service.

Step 2: Download and install VPN software from this link.

Step 3: Open the ExpressVPN app and click the power icon to connect the VPN.

torrent vpn

Now that you know all the basics about torrenting and secured with a VPN, here’s our list of non blocked best torrent websites:

Sl No.Torrent Website NameURL
1The Pirate BayLink
ETTV Torrents
Torrent Galaxy
8IP TorrentsLink
Torrent Downloads
Sky Torrents

1. The Pirate BayBest Torrenting Sites

One of the oldest torrent sites in the world, The Pirate Bay is unarguably the first spot for anyone searching torrents. You can always find plenty of seeds for every popular torrent on this site, which helps in ensuring some of the best download speeds. Their website is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate, so you can easily find the torrents you’re looking for.

Site URL:

2. YourBittorrentNon Blocked Torrenting Webiste

YourBittorrent is also a popular torrent site, but its user interface looks much different than The Pirate Bay. It shows all popular torrents on its homepage itself with their upload date, size, seeders, leechers, and Health so you can find popular content easily. Also, there is a tab for New and verified torrents, and another tab for ‘The Best’ torrents, which shows the torrents being most downloaded by the users in recent weeks.

Site URL:

3. Torrents.ioBest Torrenting Website 2020

With a very memorable name, is a site that you can fire easily from your browser. It’s basically a search engine for torrents which allows you to search for torrents across all popular torrent sites, thus making your job easier. With you don’t need to look for your torrents across various sites as you can find all their links in one place.

Site URL:

4. ETTV TorrentsTop Torrenting Website 2020

ETTV Torrents is a special torrent site because of its focus on torrents related to TV content. It has got the torrents related to the TV content of many countries, which makes it a go-to choice for anyone searching TV shows. However, that doesn’t mean it’s limited to TV shows alone. It also has torrents related to books, software, movies, and other audio/video content.

Site URL:

5. TorlockNon Blocked Torrent site

Though it is not as well known as other sites mentioned here, don’t think that it’s any less meaningful than the others. It has got lots of torrents for all popular content you may be searching for. Most of the torrents on this site are verified, and if you spot any fake link you also stand a chance of being rewarded by them. That is because Torlock pays you for reporting every fake link on their site.

Site URL:

6. ZooqleTorrenting site

Zooqle is also a big torrent site that is updated daily with thousands of torrents. Its database currently stands at 4,531,301 torrents, out of which 190,000 are torrents of TV shows. Overall 1,712 TV shows are available on this site, and 43,000 movies. And that’s the data from analysis of only 2 million torrents, while there are way more than 4 million on the site.

Site URL:

7. Torrent GalaxyBest Torrent site

Known as, Torrent Galaxy is a site with a very large community built around it. Not only they have a forum and an Arcade hall but also a section showing Online people that you can use to chat either with their staff or with other users who are online. The site also has a ‘Now Streaming’ section that you can access to stream the movies and TV shows online.

Site URL:

8. IP TorrentsBest Torrent website

IP Torrents is a member-only torrent site, which means that you can’t use it until you sign up on it. Even signing up requires an invitation from another member, as right now they’re not accepting registrations from everyone. But as they say, money can buy anything – if you’re willing to donate a little to them, maybe you can reserve a slot for yourself.

Site URL:

9. BroadcasTheNetBest Torrenting Website

This is another member-only torrent site. Just like IP Torrents, this one is also very difficult to join. But if you join it once, you become a member of an exclusive club where torrents for new content are made available before anywhere else. It’s a vibrant community of 34,000 elite members, making it one of the largest yet most secure private torrent networks in the world.

Site URL:


Top Torrenting Website

You may be wondering why is it called when its URL is, right? Well, that is because its previous URL was blocked in many countries. But that hasn’t stopped it from emerging as a force to reckon with in the world of torrents. Not only it’s among the best torrent sites in terms of design and maintenance but also its database of torrents covers a wide range of content, some of which you won’t find on other sites (i.e. games, apps, anime content, and even adult content).

Site URL:

11. Torrent DownloadsTop Torrent Site Working

With a vintage-style design and simple domain that is self-explanatory of its purpose, is a site that stands out from the crowd. It has got an advanced search bar that you can use to find your desired torrents easily, and proper categories to organize the content. Comments and ratings for every link also help you identify the most reliable torrent links quickly.

Site URL:

12. RARBGBest Torrenting Sites 2020

RARBG started as a Bulgarian torrent site, but now it has turned into a site featuring content from various geographies. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you reside, you can definitely find some torrents for the popular content of your country on this site. It also has a ‘Top 10’ list of torrents, which you can use to find the popular content at any time.

Site URL:

13. BTDiggTop Torrenting Website 2020

When it launched in 2011, BTDigg was the first BitTorrent DHT search engine, and it remains so to this date. It’s different from other top torrent sites in many ways. First of all, its user interface is very minimalist, just like that of Google. Second, it doesn’t rely on torrent file links but BitTorrent’s DHT file search for finding the torrents you need. Just as search engines index pages by analyzing metadata and content, BTDigg indexes torrents by analyzing their metadata from the DHT index.

Site URL:

14. iDopeTop Torrent Site 2020

With a quirky tagline that declares it as “A tribute to Kickass Torrents”, iDope is another torrent site that allows you to find the torrents of your choice quickly. Though the number of seeders and leechers is less on this site, it’s still a torrent site with acceptable download speeds so it was a must to mention it in our list.

Site URL:

15. MonovaBest Torrent Website

If there’s ever a competition of simplicity between best torrenting sites, we’re sure that Monova will be among the top contenders. The homepage of this site doesn’t even bother to mention its name, and all you’re provided with is a search bar that can be used to search for torrents based on their name or hash. You can also browse for torrents based on the type of content – audio, video, books, games, etc.

Site URL:

16. Sky TorrentsTorrent Site

SkyTorrents calls itself a privacy-focused torrent search engine. Maximum privacy, minimal tracking is their tagline. As per their own record, there are 4,956,042 torrents in their database at the time of publishing this article. Now, that’s a huge database. When you search for a torrent and click its link in the search results, you’re sent directly to its download page. However, some pop-up ads also open at the same time in new browser windows. You’ve got to deal with them!

Site URL:

17. 1337xBest Site for Torrenting

1337x is one of those few top torrenting sites 2020 which are managed very actively by their developers. Its quality user interface, absence of pop-up ads, clearly organized categories and other features provide you an experience that you won’t get on other torrent websites. They also have a chat portal at, which you can use to connect with the seeders and leechers after creating an account on the site.

Site URL:

18. Torrentz2Top Site For Torrenting

Torrentz 2 is something you might not have heard before – it’s the search engine of search engines for torrents. It combines results from dozens of torrent search engines to provide you an even wider view of the availability of your desired torrent. It’s also among the oldest sites in the torrent universe, which makes it a reliable option. Originally it was known as Torrentz.EU, but after regulators banned it in many countries it decided to change the domain to Torrentz2.Eu.

Site URL:

19. EZTVTorrenting Website

EZTV is another torrent site focused on the torrents of TV shows and other TV-related content. Prior to emerging as a full-fledged torrent site EZTV was a torrent provider and its torrents were made available by other top torrent sites. A few years back, however, it emerged as a full-fledged torrent site. However, a shortcoming of this site is that most of their torrents have only HD and not full HD content.

Site URL:

20. KATCR.COTorrenting Site

This is the official Kickass Torrents download site. Any discussion of torrent sites can’t be complete until we talk about this site, because it has arguably the biggest database of torrents on the planet right now. Its database is updated every hour. It also has many mirrors, but this is the official site you can access from anywhere in the world with the help of a VPN.

Site URL:

21. BitPortBest Torrent Site

BitPort is a torrent site that operates on a freemium business model. What it means is that it allows free downloads, but only up to a certain limit. The free plan allows only 1 torrent download per day, provides cloud storage of up to 1GB and comes with a single download slot. Premium plans, on the other hand, start from $5 and allow unlimited torrent downloads per day with 30GB of cloud storage.

Site URL:

22. Nyaa.siTop Torrent Site

This site is the new avatar of Japanese anime torrent site Nyaa. It features lots of anime content including videos, games, audios, books and everything else that you can imagine from the anime world. Being a site focused solely on anime content it’s not as popular as other torrent sites, but if you’re an anime lover then it’s certainly a site you should remember.

Site URL:

23. ToorgleBest Torrent Site

Another search engine for torrents. Toorgle claims that it searches for torrents across 450+ torrent sites, and the cool thing about it is that it also has a search bar for Firefox so you can search for your desired torrents quickly while using Mozilla Firefox browser. It also has a Facebook application that you can use to search the torrents on Facebook.

Site URL:

24. DirtyTorrentsTorrent Website

DirtyTorrents is also a search engine for torrents. It’s known for its simple design, easy accessibility in all geographies and fast loading speed. Its search bar allows you to search for torrents by the specific type of their content (i.e. movies, TV shows, books, etc.) and it has also got separate pages which show the most popular content in past 24 hrs (i.e. top games in last 24 hrs, top movies, etc.).

Site URL:

25. YTS.ltBest Torrent Website (also known as YTS Yify Movies) is a torrent site with a special focus on movies. In fact, it has got only movies in its torrent database. Page of every movie torrent shows complete details about the movie, including its synopsis, rating, trailer, IMDB rating and even comments of people who have watched it. There’s plenty of information on every page to help you ensure that you’re downloading a good movie torrent.

Site URL:


So this was our list of 25 best torrent sites. Bookmark this list so you can access it later because it will come very handy in the situation when you can’t find your desired torrents easily. Also, share your favorite torrent site in the comments sections below.

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