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How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error ?

502 Bad gateway

We must be thankful to technology for making our lives easier, but the same technology often falls prey to technical faults. A 502 Bad Gateway is one such technical fault you may have come across. If you are wondering what exactly 502 Bad Gateway error is all about, we request you not to panic.

What is a 502 bad gateway?

How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error

It is simply an HTTP status code, resembling the inability of a particular server to receive the response from another server. The 502 Bad Gateway errors are at all dependant on your particular setup. You may end up experiencing them in any of your browsers, across any operating system, at any given time; irrespective of any device.

Common types of 502 errors:

Not all web servers describe this unique error in the same way. Here are the common appearances of a 502 Bad Gateway error that you may come across.

  • “502 Bad Gateway”
  • “502 Service  Overloaded”
  • “Error 502”
  • Temporary Error
  • 502 Proxy Error
  • 502 Server Error: The server experienced a temporary error and unable to complete your request.
  • HTTP 502
  • “502. It’s an error”
  • Bad gateway: The proxy server received an invalid response from another server
  • HTTP Error 502 – Bad Gateway

The 502 Bad Gateway error displays inside an individual browser window, just as regular web pages do.

Some common examples of this error

  • When we receive a bad gateway error during Windows update, generally a 0x80244021 error code or the following message is generated: WU_E_PT_HTTP_STATUS_BAD_GATEWAY.
  • When we experience similar errors while using Google services, such as its search engine or Gmail, they often show on their screen, “Server Error” or just “502”.
  • Twitter’s “fail whale” error which says “Twitter is over capacity” is a type of 502 Bad Gateway error (however, experts tell it to be a 503 Error).

Did you know?

Microsoft IIS servers often give more information about the causes of any particular bad gateway error simply by adding an extra digit after the initial 502, such as that in “HTTP Error 502.1”.  In this scenario, the webserver is most likely to have received an inappropriate response while acting as a gateway.

An insight: The HTTP Error 502.1 – or similar errors resemble CGI application timeout problems and it’s troubleshooting procedure should be similar to that of a 504 Gateway timeout issue.

What causes 502 Bad Gateway Errors?

  • Such technical errors are mostly caused due to issues between different online servers, which as a user, you do not have any control over. However, your browser mistakes some glitch for a bad gateway error. This is caused due to any problems regarding your home networking equipment.
  • The configuration of the Origin Server cannot handle the searched domain in the specific IP address. This might be caused while changing DNS records.  
  • Or, might be the original server has been overloaded or is unreachable at the moment of the search request. This could be because of a server crash, spikes in web traffic for that particular site, or even a lack of server connectivity.

In most cases, an HTTP error 502 bad gateway Cloudflare occurs when your origin server (for instance, your web host) returns this code, and in turn, Cloudflare returns this code to your web visitors. Whenever this happens, you would view an error with the branding of Cloudflare.

502 Bad Gateway: Solution

Since the 502 error is a network error between servers on the internet, meaning the problem is not necessarily associated with your internet connection or computer. If you are experiencing a 502 bad gateway on Nginx, fix it right away. Here we have mentioned the steps to fix 502 bad gateway error.

How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error

  • Try reloading the URL by pressing either Ctril+R or F5 on your keyboard. You may also do it by clicking the refresh button.
  • This kind of error indicates a networking error, not in your control and these can be temporary errors. Trying to load the page again would often sort the issue.
  • Starting a new browser by closing all the previously open browser windows might prove helpful. Once you open up a new browser, it’s time to retry opening up the webpage you are looking for.
  • Clear the cache in your browser. Corrupted or outdated files stored in your browser can cause a bad gateway issue. Removing these cache files might often solve this problem.
  • Delete all cookies in your browser. For similar reasons like cached files, clearing cookies can fix a 502 error.

Guide to Fix 502 Bad Gateway

Point to remember:

Rather than clearing all the cookies from your browser store, you may first remove only those cookies linked with the site you’re facing this 502 error with. However, if the problem still sustains, feel free to delete all cookies; even those belonging to other websites.

  • It’s always recommended to launch your browser in safe mode, especially when facing this bad gateway issue. Running the browser in Safe Mode allows it to run without extensions and add-ons; as it follows its default setting.
  • In case, the error no longer appears while running your browser in the safe mode, be sure that other browser extensions or faulty settings are causing such a problem. Manage your browser settings and choose default or disable the browser’s extensions selectively. This way, you shall understand the root cause of this problem, and hopefully a permanent fix for this problem.

Mind the fact:

Your browser’s safe mode is quite similar to the safe mode found in Windows however they are not completely the same. You do not require starting Windows in Safe Mode in order to run your browser in “Safe Mode.”

Try another browser

If one browser isn’t working, try the other one. Don’t hesitate to launch Firefox or any other browser, if your Chrome is experiencing a bad gateway issue.

If the alternative browser doesn’t experience the bad gateway error, now you can be sure that the original issue is associated with your previous browser. We assume you’ve followed all the troubleshooting advice listed above, if you still have the gateway error, you may have to reinstall your browser and verify if the problems disappear.

In case you have MS Forefront TMG SP1, already installed and have been receiving the message “Error Code: 502 Proxy Error”, we recommend you download the Software Update 1 for Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010. You might also consider installing this software if your network login fails regularly.

However, you should keep in mind that this troubleshooting method is not a common solution for 502 Proxy Error messages and it is only applicable in the above-mentioned situation. Forefront TMG 2010 is a business software package, which you probably would have known by now.

Restart your computer

There are lots of temporary issues related to your computer and how it connects to the network can determine the cause of 502 errors, especially when this error is witnessed in the case of multiple websites. Restarting your computer often helps overcome this issue.

Restart your networking equipment

Unknown issues with your router, modem, switches, or other networking devices could also be causing 502 errors.  Restarting those devices can help you overcome such an issue.

Changing your DNS servers, either on your computer or your router, can resolve this issue for you. Often, Bad Gateway errors are caused because of temporary DNS server issues.

In case you are still facing the bad gateway error, the issue doesn’t lie in your setup but might be rooted in that particular website you are looking for. In such a circumstance, contacting the website may prove to be a good idea. Assuming the website is the main culprit, its administrators may already have started working on rectifying the roots of their site’s Bad Gateway error. Confirming things from your end gives you the flexibility of understanding the issue’s characteristics. Once you have the knowledge of the cause of such a bad gateway error, you will have the opportunity to try new troubleshooting techniques.

Contact your Internet Service Provider. If your computer, browser, and network are all working smoothly and also the website admins report that the page or site is working fine, the 502 Bad Gateway issue could be caused by a network issue for which your ISP might be responsible.

Whether it shows ‘come back later’, this particular bad gateway error message is most certainly a concern related to either your ISP or the web site’s host — any of the two parties may even confirm that in case you contact them directly.

If this is the case, the 502 error might take time to get solved, as the error is beyond your control.

Errors similar to 502 Bad Gateway

The error messages mentioned below are relatives off to the bad gateway error, caused due to the specific website’s fault:

There are lots of other client-side HTTP status codes, like the extremely common ‘404 Not Found error‘. In case you are facing such an error, it is necessary to contact the website or its host right away!

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