Getting YouTube Error 400 (Bad Request) How to Fix?

How to fix YouTube Error 400

In this guide, I will show you how to fix YouTube error 400 bad request. Keep reading!

YouTube is the biggest and most popular video viewing website and application; it is the world’s second most popular search engine. Either if you are looking for a movie trailer, video song, news, DIY (Do It Yourself) video guides, education tutorials, news and etc then YouTube is the best and easy to operate website or application for entertainment and education. As it is owned by Google, it works pretty well most of the times but sometimes you face certain issues while watching videos. When you open YouTube in your laptop or desktop then you may come up with error 400, error 401, error 404, error 500, error 503 and many more errors. In this article, our target is to fix YouTube error 400 and we will mainly focus on that. The below prescribed practical solutions will be helpful to fix the error. You may face this error while browsing YouTube on PC, mobile and even on the smart TV.

What is YouTube error 400 bad request?

“YouTube error 400 bad request” is mainly not connected with YouTube but with the HTTP protocol. The error represents an HTTP status code that the request you sent to the website server often server couldn’t understand it simple like incorrect website name, corrupted page or to reload the web page. This error could appear on any website due to some of the reasons while visiting YouTube. But the technical term for this error is not YouTube error 400, it is just error 400. As most of the users call it YouTube error 400, so it is termed as above. We will also use the same term YouTube error 400 in this article.

YouTube Error 400 on PC/Laptop: Solution

YouTube error 400 is an illegal or malformed request. Furthermore, the reasons for this error will be the most complicated and silly ones too. You just follow the simple steps below with images for your easy understanding which will be able to fix the error by the end of this article.

Fix YouTube Error Using F5(Refresh The Page)

F5 is the function key and command of refreshing the windows PC. Just right click on the mouse pick refresh option and now press F5 several times to refresh PC. Sometimes it works to fix YouTube error 400 but not for sure and the important thing is there is no side effects of doing so which also helps your laptop / pc to work faster. This is the easiest thing that you can do without the need for any special skills and will fix such errors in most of the cases.

If you already refreshed the page and still YouTube error 400 is persisting then please move on to the next solution to fix the error.

Right click on the mouse button, the window will pop-up, select the refresh option.

How to fix youtube error 400 bad request

After clicking on refresh button press function key F5 present on the keyboard. So that it will refresh your computer.

Check for the errors in the URL

The first important thing that is to be checked out when you have encountered YouTube error 400 is due to wrong typed URL (that is nothing but a spelling mistake) or the link that was clicked is malformed URL with a specific kind of mistake in it like a syntax problem.

NOTE: Most likely the problem is the error occurred due to the extra or typically not allowed characters in the URL. So, please return to the standard YouTube URL and search for the video you want by typing the name of the video.

Replace the Direct Link of the Video with Video ID

If you are still having YouTube error 400 then another quick solution is to replace the link of the video with the video ID. It is quite simple to find the YouTube video ID.

Follow the below step to find the video ID of YouTube video and how to use it.

First get your required video link in the YouTube, For example,

Now take the Video ID from the above link which is a combination of numbers and letters just after sign a “=” (equal to) sign.

Clear the Cookies for YouTube

If you want to delete cookies especially for YouTube instead of deleting all the cookies and losing all your saved settings to login password for every website again. Just have to delete cookies related to YouTube and see if it works for you.

The only drawback of using the clear cookie for YouTube is that you will be logged out of YouTube account.

Below is the image of the menu bar which is having vertical 3 dots on the top right top corner of the browser window that is to open the menu bar section.

How to fix youtube error 400 bad request

Click on the settings option as below shown picture. Scroll down the setting window then

How to fix YouTube error 400 bad request

you will see the advanced option at the bottom of the page, Click on it.

How to fix YouTube error 400 bad request

In advanced option move to the content settings option which you will find under privacy and security. Click on the content settings.

How to fix YouTube error 400 bad request

Under content settings, you will find cookies click on it.

How to fix YouTube error 400

You will find see all cookies and site data under the cookies section, click on it to proceed further.

How to fix YouTube error 400

On the top, you will find the Search bar and type YouTube in that to get all the cookies related to YouTube.

Then all the cookies related to YouTube are shown click on remove all sown button.

How to fix YouTube error 400

Next, you will have a pop – up window on the delete button to delete all the cookies. Now all the YouTube related cookies are deleted and close your browser then restart your system/laptop.

How to fix YouTube error 400

Here is the simple option to perform all the steps at a glance.

Menu Bar > Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Cookies > Type YouTube in search bar > Click on the remove all shown button > Confirm > Restart Computer.

If this doesn’t work out for you then go for the next solution.

Delete Browser Cache

If you remove the browser cache then it may work to not get YouTube error 400. You have to uncheck all the other option and check the box of cached images and files to empty the browser cache.

Click on the menu button on the top right corner of the google chrome browser as we have seen on the above process.

How to fix YouTube error 400

Next click on the settings under menu options.

How to fix YouTube error 400

Click on the advanced settings on the bottom of the settings page.

How to fix YouTube error 400

Next, on the settings page, you will find the privacy and security category under it click on the clear browsing data.

How to fix YouTube error 400

Uncheck all options except cached images and files as shown in the image. Now, click on the clear data option.

How to fix YouTube error 400

For some of the users, this solution may work out, if at all the problem persists then continue to the next step.

Resetting The Browser Settings

Another simple solution for this YouTube error 400 is by resetting the Chrome settings. Please follow the below steps to reset your Chrome settings.

Click on the menu bar at the right upper side of your browser.

How to fix YouTube error 400

Go to the settings option.

How to fix YouTube error 400

Go to the bottom of the settings page where you can find the advanced settings option click on that option.

How to fix YouTube error 400

You will find the reset settings to their original defaults option at last of that page under advanced settings window, click on that option.How to fix YouTube error 400

Next, a window is pop-up and click on the Reset settings to restore the settings to default.

How to fix YouTube error 400

Now close the browser and restart your computer to make the changes and next open the YouTube link whether to check either error is reset or not.

Clean DNS Cache

If none of the above solutions worked out then you should clear the DNS cache on your computer. To clear DNS cache to follow the below steps.

If you are using Windows 7 or older version, then go to start button type CMD in the search bar. When cmd is shown then right-click on it and select the option of Run as administrator.


If you are using Windows 10 then you can press the windows button present and keyboard and type command prompt (admin) in the search engine then click on it.

How to fix YouTube error 400

How to fix YouTube error 400

When the command prompt window will open then type ipconfig/flushdns using keyboard and press enter.

How to fix YouTube error 400After pressing enter, you will get the display screen as below figure.

How to fix YouTube error 400

The most common reason for this YouTube error 400 in DNS are “gsscrollpos” cookies that somehow corrupts your HTTP request.

YouTube Error 400 on Smartphone: Solution

You can try to resolve the YouTube error 400 in the smartphone by using four options that are given below for your convenience.

  1. The error may be due to the internet connection problem, so check the internet connection whether it is slow or fast. If the connection is slow then try after some time else continue with the below options.
  2. If the problem persists then switch off and restart the smartphone or you can reboot the smartphone.
  3. You can also try to load the video by using the Video ID, just to get the Video ID that is present after the “=” (equal to) sign in the URL, copy and paste it in the browser. When you click on the video you will get options of opening through app or browser. Choose one which is getting an error to check whether it works.
  4. Still, the problem persists then go to the settings under that installed application. Search for YouTube or browser whichever has the problem, open it and clear data. Now, you can open YouTube or browser app and add an account to it. Most of the users will get YouTube back with this option.

YouTube Error 400 on SmartTV: Solution

On the smart TV YouTube error 400 occurs due to different reasons, so try the below solutions to get your YouTube working back on your smart TV.

  1. Initially look whether the device is having the latest software else update the software. If it is up to date then continue with the below solutions.
  2. You may try by disconnecting and connecting the power supply, wait at least five 5 minutes after disconnection and later connect. Still, the problem exists then go for the next solution.
  3. Go with this option if you are using the YouTube application on your smart TV. Under the home section go to settings, select the option of the app, on the next screen opt for YouTube. Under that, you can find clear data option, select it and confirm by selecting ok. This will clear all the data regarding YouTube and it may resolve the error.
  4. If you are using the browser in your smart TV then go to Home, select application, next opt for a browser (any browser you are using in your smart TV). Under menu in the browser, you will find browser setting click on that and on the next window you can find delete all cookies option. A dialogue box will open click on Yes. This may work out to work YouTube without an error.
  5. The last solution is nothing but the hard reset of your device or to restore the default settings.

By following all the above steps you can completely make your YouTube right.


  1. In some situations, AdBlock extension or some other browser extension may be the reason for getting this error 400. So, disable all your chrome browser extensions or other browser extensions if you are using any other browser.
  2. It is also possible to have a bug on the server-side which needs to be fixed. Give some time and try again later, it is possible that your YouTube will work again.
  3. If you are getting the same error on loading all the websites then the problem may be due to the slow internet connection, run the speed test to check whether the internet connection is available or not.

These are the best possible solutions that helped to solve the YouTube error 400while browsing for a YouTube video. I hope that anyone of the above reasons works well and solved your problem.

Still getting same YouTube error 400

Getting error 400 after following all the above solution will be a rare case. The error 400 will encounter not only on YouTube but also for different sites and for the browser itself. The methods that are prescribed above will be worked out in the HTTP error 400 occurrences in different situations. Still, if you have the same YouTube error 400 then please free to comment below. If you are having any suggestions and solutions to fix this error please write on the comment section. If you feel this article helpful please like, share and follow our facebook page and keep visiting our website for such tutorials.

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