How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error ?

Fix 403 Forbidden error

In this guide, I will show you how to fix 403 forbidden error while using the Chrome browser. Keep reading!

403 forbidden error is an HTTP status code which means the webpage or resource you are trying to reach is absolutely restricted or stopped or forbidden due to some reasons. Based on the web page servers you are trying to reach there may be various servers will report 403 forbidden error in different ways. Most of the times the problem is with the server end, where you can’t do anything rather than waiting for the server to accept. But sometimes the problem might be on your end. You can try the solutions that are given below to rectify the problem on your end and if it’s not fixed then confirm that the problem is on the server.

403 Forbidden Error, What is it?

The main reason for 403 forbidden error is nothing but, the web page you are trying to open in your web browser is a resource that, you are not allowed to access. You will be getting this error due to one of the two reasons specified below.

  • The first reason is that you are accessing a website that you don’t have permission.
  • The second reason for this 403 error is due to owners of web server doesn’t have enough permission to proceed further. This reason is on our side by the settings on your computer/pc.

As the website designers can customize how a 403 error looks, you might come up with 403 pages looks different on various websites.

  • 403 forbidden access is denied
  • Failed to load resource: The server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)
  • 403 Forbidden access is denied
  • HTTP 403
  • 403 forbidden NGINX
  • HTTP Error 403-Forbidden
  • 403 Forbidden error
  • HTTP error 403.14 – Forbidden
  • 403 Error
  • Forbidden – You don’t have permission to access [directory] on this server
  • Error 403 – Forbidden

403 Forbidden Error: Solution

Most of the times, you can’t fix this error on your side. Either you are not allowed to access the resource or there’s an error on the server-side or sometime’s it is a temporary error. Below are some solutions that you can try to solve the issue from your end.

Fix 403 Forbidden Error Using Refresh The Page

Most of the times 403 error is temporary and a simple refresh button will do a trick. Most of the browsers use f5 as the refresh button or you can do it by refresh button on the browser window as shown in the below figure. Sometimes it won’t work out but giving a try is just a second then go with the below solutions.

  • Just click on the symbol of the refresh button mostly present on the left top of the browser.

Refresh page to Fix 403 Forbidden error

Recheck the Address / URL

One of the most common reasons for 403 error is due to directory file URL. Make sure that the address you are trying to access is for a web page or file. A regular URL must end with com, .php, .org and .html. The error may be due to the directory you are looking is having any restrictions, the directory is not present at that moment or mistyped directory name makes an error 403.  How to find a directory file is simple, the directory file ends with “/” (slash) symbol. Recheck URL to Fix 403 Forbidden error

Note: Enable directory browsing in your web server software to operate website because sometimes browser may be restricting due to the settings.

Most of the servers are configures to disallow directory browsing for security reasons. When they are properly configured then you will be redirected to another webpage. When they are not configured properly then you will see an error 403.

Clear Cookies and Cache of Browser

It is possible that the page with error has been cached into your browser but the actual link has been changed on the website. To clear these type of issues, you have to clear your browser cache and cookies. Clearing this data will not affect your browsing experience much but some websites may take a couple of seconds more to re-download the cache data. Removing cookies data means you have to sign – into the websites as you will lose the saved passwords for particular sites.

  • Find the menu button on your browser and click on that.

Guide to Clear Cookies to Fix 403 Forbidden error

  • Click on the Settings option.

Guide to Clear Cookies to Fix 403 Forbidden error

  • Go to the advanced settings option at the bottom of the page.

Guide to Clear Cookies to Fix 403 Forbidden error

  • When advanced settings option is clicked then you will get a list where you can find clear browsing data, Click on it.

Guide to Clear Cookies to Fix 403 Forbidden error

  • Now you will get a pop–up to the small window, uncheck all other except cookies and other site data.

Guide to Clear Cookies to Fix 403 Forbidden error

  • Now, click on the Clear data button.

Guide to Clear Cookies to Fix 403 Forbidden error

  • After completion of the above step, try to access the website to check whether the problem is fixed or not. If not fixed then try the other solution.

Log-in to Access the Webpage

Assuming it’s possible and appropriate to Log – in the website to get rid – off 403 forbidden error. Sometimes the forbidden error is due to a restriction of additional access before viewing the content of the webpage.

NOTE: Websites produces 401 unauthorized error is raised when special permission is required but sometimes a forbidden error 403 is used instead.

Contact the Website

Sometimes, it’s also possible that 403 forbidden error is a mistake and everyone else is seeing it. Maybe the website isn’t aware of the issue or problem. You can look for the website contact information like website support email addresses and telephone numbers by searching through google. Most of the sites are having support-based accounts on social media networking sites to get the response immediately.

Note: You can have a talk of the down sites by searching #(website name)down for example #facebookdown. While this trick won’t work if Twitter is down with the error 403 while you are searching for the above hashtag ( # ). It’s a great way of checking on the status of other downed sites.

Contact your ISP(Internet Service Provider)

Contact your internet service provider, if you are still getting the forbidden 403 error. Go for this step only if you find that the specified site is working for other right now (at the time you are trying). You can try to contact them and let them know the problem you are facing. So, that they help you in this if the problem is from their end. It is not a good solution in most of the cases but trying may solve your problem.

Note: It is possible that your public IP address or your entire ISP has been blacklisted. The above situation will produce a 403 forbidden error usually on all pages or on one or more websites.

Try Again Later

The best option is to wait for the website to rectify the issue by them. Because most of the sites don’t know the issue and after knowing they will rectify the issue. Just wait and try again later on a regular basis until the problem is fixed.


If you are still facing the problem after following all the above solutions for rectifying forbidden 403 error then please write us in the comment section. Be sure to let me know the website URL link and the solutions that you have tried to fix the issue. We are always there with you to fix such type of errors. So, please visit our website for more tutorials.

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