Top 10 Project Free TV alternatives to Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

Top 10 alternatives to Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

When it comes to watching popular TV shows online for free there are many sites likes Project Free TV available on the web. But not all of them are same, some of the websites offer limited selection whereas some of them are barely usable as they are flooded with lots of misleading ads and pop-up.

Well, among them one of the best sites to watch TV shows was Project Free TV. This was a highly popular and trusted free online streaming site to watch movies of all genres.

But unluckily the Project Free TV site has become inaccessible from the 24th July 2017. And this has become a huge turn off for the users as they were unable to watch the latest TV series, favorite episodes, and lots more.

Today in this article, I am going to share with you the top 10 Project free TV alternatives, that allow you to stream your favorite or the latest TV series for free smoothly.

So, keep reading the article to find out some of the good streaming sites like Project Free TV.

What is Project Free TV?

Project Free TV is a free video streaming site that allows the users to watch TV shows online of different genres. This is one of the best and highly popular websites that not only allows you to watch your favorite TV series or movies but you can also download the content as well to watch later.

Well, this online video streaming site won’t host any episodes on the servers but it relies on a huge network of third party content suppliers.

Additionally, this is just like other free streaming sites, support ads, but it won’t take the responsibility of the copyright content.

And the plenty of appeal submitted by the Copyright holders leads the shutdown of the oldest online movies streaming site.

What Happened to Project Free TV?

Well, Project Free TV is one of the oldest websites to stream free content and also gained considerable popularity among the users.

But this is also an illegal site and as it offers the TV shows or movies for free, the other big companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services not only lose traffic but also a good amount of income.

So, this leads the lawyers and cybercrime cells to fight against the Project free TV site owner, and lastly, the website was blocked.

Well, many of the users were left disheartened with the shutdown of the Project Free TV. But still, there are people who are searching for sites like Project Free TV to watch the latest series and movies since after the release.

Therefore today in this article I am here with the best Project free TV alternatives to watch free movies, TV series online.

Best Alternatives to Project Free TV


project free tv alternatives

Bmovies is one of the best Project Free TV alternatives, this site has a massive library of free TV shows and movies. The video quality of the content is good, this not only allows watching series online free but also downloading everything, so that you can watch later offline.

Well, the design of Bmovies is just like Project Free TV, the users can easily watch and navigate the favorite TV series and access entire information easily. Here you also don’t need to register the website to watch online TV shows or movies.

On the home page of the website, you can see different categories like Trending, Movies, Top IMBD, and episodes. So that you can easily pick out the one you want to watch. Not only this, but there is also a search option available on the website; so that you can directly search your favorite movie or TV series.


Why Choose Bmovies Website as an Alternative to Project Free TV?

  • Allow watching the latest full movies and TV shows for free in HD quality.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Also offer the information about the movie or series like summary, genres, time duration, release year, IMBD ratings, and country just by hovering on the thumbnail.
  • Includes a massive collection of the content from classic to latest popular.


project free tv alternatives

Seriesfreetv is also the best site like Project Free TV, it offers great content and you can watch the latest TV series online free in HD quality.

Not only this, SeriesfreeTV site design, content, and most of the features are just similar to Project free TV. You can also watch movies from old classic to the latest released online in HD quality.

Just like the Bmovies site, here also you can find different categories like movies, Genre, Latest, and Upcoming. The design of this online streaming free site is well integrated and easy to use.

Everything is structured very beautifully on the home page of this Project Free TV alternative website. But you need to sign up to the website to start online streaming service with full episodes of your favorite TV shows.

Website Link:

Why Choose Seriesfreetv as a Project Free TV Alternative?

  • Well- integrated and easy to navigate.
  • Tons of the content is available in HD quality.
  • Video and Audio quality is very good.
  • Offers very fewer ads.
  • Provide complete episodes of TV series.


sites like project free tv

TheWatchSeries is another outstanding site similar to Project Free TV. It also includes tons of TV shows and movies online free. It not only allows online streaming but you can also download your favorite content to watch later offline.

Also, the interface of the website is completely user-friendly and this is what makes it highly popular among the users. On the home page, you can see content is arranged in different categories.

Just like Project Free TV, this website is free from restrictions and can be easily accessed anywhere anytime worldwide. One of the best things about the website is, it is ad-free and offers smooth streaming of the content.


Why Choose TheWatchSeries as a site similar to Project Free TV?

  • Huge collection of latest series episodes.
  • Highly attractive and easy to use.
  • You can experience the HD picture quality without spending a single penny.
  • Routine updates are available.


sites similar to project free tv

Movie4U is also the best Project Free TV alternative and includes massive content of the TV shows and movies as well. This online streaming site is also completely free to watch a favorite TV series and movies even without the registration.

This includes some of the filters to easily pick the one you watch from different genres like horror, action, comedy, animation, biography, and many others. Despite this, you can watch any movies or series from the release year section on the right side of the website.

Moreover, the search option is also available for users. You can also get the details like summary, release date, IMBD ratings, the genre of the movies or TV series just by hovering on the thumbnail.

The entire content is provided by the non-affiliated third parties and it won’t store any content on its server.

Site Link:

Why Choose Movie4U as an Alternative to Project Free TV?

  • Allow watching TV shows and movies online free without signing up.
  • Support high streaming and content downloading.
  • Well structured and intuitive user interface.
  • Offer different video qualities such as 720p, 1080p, and others.


 project free tv alternatives

PopcornFlix is a trusted, highly popular, and top-rated free movie and TV show streaming website. This offers a broad range of TV series, Movies, and Viral vids as well. Its massive content library is the main reason it is listed here as an alternative to the Project Free TV website.

Well, the video quality of the site is not so good but the structure of the website is quite impressive. The interface is completely user friendly and just by clicking once, you can easily play your favorite TV shows and as well as get the details like timing, cast, directors, etc.

On the home page, the movies are categorized as per their genre like action, drama, horror, thriller, comedy, and others. Also, you won’t need to sign up to use the website.

Site link:

Why choose PopcornFlix as Site Similar to Project Free TV?

  • Massive Content library and offer the new arrivals TV series and movies.
  • Allow streaming more than 700 movies for free.
  • Lots of genres are available to easily find and play the one your desire watch.
  • The app is available for Android phones and tablets.
  • Easy to use even without sign up.


sites similar to project free tv

Vumoo is another best Project free TV alternative that offers a huge range of free TV series and movies online. Here also you don’t require registering to play any series or movies.

The design of the Vumoo site is simple and easy to use. It also offers a search box so that, one can easily find and play desired content just by typing the name in the search box.  It not only allows online free video streaming but also download free movies and watch TV series.

This includes an extensive library of various TV shows and movies from comedy to horror in HD quality. Not only this site similar to project free TV provides the details of the movies like released date, Genres, Directors, Writers, country, Runtime, Actor, and IMBD ratings as well.


Why Choose Vumoo to Watch Free TV shows & Movies?

  • Easy to use and allow watching as well as downloading free movies & TV shows online.
  • Tons of movies and TV shows available to watch just by clicking once.
  • You can watch in HD as well as 720P video quality.
  • Fast online streaming with a decent internet connection.
  • Shows very fewer ads.

TV Duck

sites like project free tv

TV Duck is a very comfortable free streaming website and a remarkable site like Project Free TV. it is extremely easy to use also the design is very decent and well structured.

Not only this it also allows you to stream premium sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, VUDU, HULU, and iTunes as well. On the home page you can see a wide range of Top TV series, and movies as well. Not only this, but it also updates the latest episodes, characters, trailers, etc. on a regular basis.

The video quality is also good and besides the stream now it also lets you download the full episodes, as well as full-length movies for free. You also get the information about the particular TV show or movie, like its genre, IMBD ratings, Full episodes, network, etc.


Why choose TV Duck as a Project Free TV alternative?

  • Plenty of categories are available for TV shows movies.
  • The search box is available to find any show or movie.
  • Relatively simple and design and easy to navigate and use.


sites like project free tv

While speaking of the Project Free TV alternatives Cmovies is one of the outstanding websites. It also includes a huge collection of TV series as well as the latest released movies online free. The design of the site is extremely exceptional and easy to navigate.

Also allow you to easily filter the content through different categories like genre, country, TV series, IMBD ratings. Despite this, here you will get one unique category REQUEST, here you can request for any TV series or movies that are unavailable on the website.

Despite this, just like most of the above-listed sites like Project Free TV, it offers the information of the movie just by hovering on it like Country, Genre, Actor, IMBD rating, runtime, year of release.

The best thing about the Cmovies website is, its entire content is available in HD quality. Here you can also get the latest TV shows of the United States, Japan, and Korea.


Why Choose Cmovies as an alternative to Project Free TV?

  • The uncountable, massive content available of different countries.
  • You can watch free TV shows, Movies in HD quality.
  • Well structured interface and easy to play any movie in few clicks.
  • Also, allow you to search as well as the request.
  • No Geo-restrictions and completely freemium.

The 123Hulu

sites similar to project free tv

The 123Hulu is also a good site you can use to watch free movies and TV shows online. This just like Project Free TV includes plenty of ads but never irritates the users.

Also, the content is very beautifully implemented on the website and you can find a huge library of latest as well as classic movies, Asian dramas, and TV series. You can easily filter the content from different categories available at the top of the home page.

This Project Free TV alternative also allows watching cartoons and animated movies. The site is very beautifully crafted and highly interactive and as an easy platform to watch the number of latest movies and TV shows online free.


Why Choose 123Hulu Website as a site like Project Free TV?

  • A wide collection of movies and TV shows are available.
  • Interactive and easy to use interface.
  • Free from Geo-restrictions.
  • Fast streaming speeds.


 project free tv alternatives

123Movies is last in our list but a good Project free TV alternative to watch TV shows and movies in HD quality. This not only allows you to watch HD quality content but also supports high streaming speed.

The interface of the site is decent and user-friendly. On the home page, different categories like genre, country, top IMBD, A-Z list is available to easily filter.

The TV series episodes are available from the USA, Korea, China, and Taiwan. Despite this, you can also search by typing the movies or series names easily. Here you can not only find the latest released content but also the old classic of different genres. Well, the signup option is available on the 123Movies online streaming site but you can also access the website without signing up.

Website Link:

Why choose 123Movies as a Project Free TV alternative?

  • Easy to use and interactive interface.
  • Huge collection of content available like the latest TV shows episodes and movies.
  • High streaming as well as downloading speed.
  • Offer movies by a letter from A-Z with complete details.
  • Support different video quality from HD to 720P.


So, these are some of the top-rated sites like Project Free TV, and if you really like watching TV shows and movies online free then have a look at the listed websites.

All the websites are great in content as well as interface and offer the content quality just like the paid websites.

Moreover, if you are unable to access any of the above-listed websites then it is recommended to use a VPN connection as the entire websites offer free content, so it might not be accessed without a VPN.

Also, the Project Free TV alternative sites include ads so, using a VPN connection will keep you safe from malicious threats.

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