How to fix D3dx9_43.dll Missing On Windows ?

How to fix D3dx9_43.dll Missing On Windows

Many a time you might see the Windows O.S throw in DLL errors at you when you are using or trying to install a media or a graphics software. This is because a DLL file is missing in the Directx software which is an in-built program inside the Windows O.S. When you see an error that says d3dx9_43.dll missing, you must know that this error is related to the Directx program and here is how to install it or fix it inside your Windows O.S system. But before we go into the steps of fixing a DLL file, here is a headstart about what is a DLL file and how it works.

What are dll files?

A DLL file is called a Dynamic-link library and is a shared executable file that has instructions on how a certain category of programs that are dependant on this file perform. When this DLL file goes missing from your Windows O.S, the media and graphics software on your system might not function optimally. Every O.S has a static as well as a dynamic library. A DLL has icons, variables, and other executable code that is called upon to implement a task for a specific application. Here are a few things you need to know about DLL files.

  • They are executable files but are not directly executable.
  • They are dependant on other DLL files for an application to load properly
  • Every application that is loaded onto the computer consists of DLL as well as EXE files
  • If one of the DLL files is missing, the application does not install and throws DLL errors.
  • Every DLL file inside a SYSTEM folder has a separate functionality.
  • These files are called upon depending on the options you choose during a regular or custom installation of an application.
  • When you upgrade a version of software the shared DLL file might be mismatched and the upgrade might not always be successful.
  • To know the content inside a dll file you can use an external tool like DUMPBIN and extract the contents of the DLL files to know better about their dependencies.
  • A DLL can be created using an executable code from the MSDN library.
  • Sometimes you only need to add a stub to the code of the DLL file to fix the problem
  • There is no standard solution to fix a DLL file.
  • Specific troubleshooting steps have to be performed to fix a specific DLL file that is linked to a certain application.

How to open a dll file?

DLL files are SYSTEM files, hence you cannot open them with a double click. You need to be good at C programming, Windows programming, and sort of an expert to manipulate DLL files. If you mishandled them applications which are dependent on those files will not function properly. You can open them using a decompiler to read the code and make any changes you need.

How to fix a missing dll file?

There is no standard rule to fixing a DLL error as they are time-consuming and need specific steps to be fixed depending on the DLL error it displays. A point you must always remember when fixing a DLL error is to never download that specific file this is missing. Here’s a list of alternative options you could use to fix a missing DLL file.

  • Restart the computer.
  • Enter Safe Mode by pressing Win+I in the settings options->Update and Security-> Recovery screen.
  • Choose Safe Mode or press F4.
    How to fix D3dx9_43.dll Missing On Windows
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  • Perform a System Restore.
    How to fix D3dx9_43.dll Missing On Windows
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  • Reinstall the program that uses that specific DLL file
  • Go to the command prompt by typing cmd in the run dialog box
  • In the command prompt type sfc/scannow.
  • Repair or clean install Windows.

Reasons not to download a dll file to fix dll errors.

  • A DLL file is a part of the package and downloading a missing DLL file can lead to additional problems.
  • A list of DLL files are available for download online but it is not the correct way to fix the problem.
  • The DLL sites from which you download the specific DLL file could be outdated or infect your computer.

How to Fix D3dx9_43.dll missing on Windows

The d3dx9_43.dll is a file related to graphics or gaming software. You can download the latest Direct X package from the Microsoft site and run it to fix this error. You can uninstall and reinstall gaming or graphics software on your system to fix this error. Here is how to download Direct X  and fix this error.

  • Go to Microsoft’s Direct X page and click on the Download button.
    How to fix D3dx9_43.dll Missing On Windows
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  • Save the DirectX setup file on your computer.
  • To run the set up click on the dxwebsetup.exe and install the Direct X file.
    How to fix D3dx9_43.dll Missing On Windows
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  • This software runs on all versions of Windows.
  • During the installation uncheck options to install third party programs that are bundled along with this software.
  • Proceed with the installation and restart the computer.
  • The missing DLL file will be restored.

Alternative troubleshooting steps to resolve d3dx9_43.dll missing on Windows error

Update the drivers of your video card. If you have upgraded your video card and have forgotten to install or update the drivers, you could see this error popping. These are the steps you can follow to update the video drivers and fix the d3dx9_43.dll missing on Windows error.

  • Go to the start menu and click on Control Panel.
    How to fix D3dx9_43.dll Missing On Windows
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  • Then go to Device Manager.
    How to fix D3dx9_43.dll Missing On Windows
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  • Click to open it.
  • Another way to open the device manager is to open the command prompt and type devmgmt.msc and hit enter.
  • Click on the monitors and right click on it to find the Update Driver option.
    How to fix D3dx9_43.dll Missing On Windows
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  • Ensure that you are online when performing this task.
  • The driver of the device starts updating from the manufacturer’s site.
  • You can choose the Next option to install it from the disk that has drivers.
    How to fix D3dx9_43.dll Missing On Windows
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    How to fix D3dx9_43.dll Missing On Windows
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  • Hit Refresh from the Device Manager menu after installation is complete.
  • Restart the computer.


These are the alternative ways to fix d3dx9_43 dll missing errors. We have given a detailed explanation about what a DLL file is and you can use these methods to fix a missing DLL file. If you feel this article helpful please like, share and follow our facebook page and keep visiting our website for such tutorials and guides.

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