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What is idp.generic? Is it a Virus or False Positive?

What is idp.generic? Is it a Virus or False Positive?

Windows users are facing an issue with the virus idp.generic files. If you are having an installed antivirus, it raises a notification showcasing the idp.generic virus-infected file. The idp.generic is not related to a specific file; it may affect any file in your system. To know in detail, you need to understand what is idp.generic? Later we can discuss the solutions to fix the issue. 

What is idp.generic?

The antivirus in your system detects the virus and the threat name is identified as idp.generic avast antivirus. Whenever the antivirus founds the threat related to idp.generic, it notifies you to delete it immediately to avoid infectious virus spread in your system. 

The idp.generic issue is generally occurring due to the outdated programs in your system. You can rectify the issue related to this easily on following the solutions in how to fix idp.generic. 

Why you should not Ignore IDP.generic threat?

No warnings from the antivirus should be neglected, particularly the issue related to idp.generic. It crashes your computer files. If idp.generic virus is left without deleting, you have to face many more complications. So, whenever you found IDP. generic avast antivirus or using any other antivirus software you should not neglect them and need to rectify them completely.

How to Fix idp.generic

There are different solutions for idp.generic alert. You can try the below solutions to fix the issue.

Update Avast (any other antivirus present in your system)

If you don’t update the antivirus software that will surely cause idp.generic avast issue. To avoid this situation the option you can try is updating your Avast antivirus software or another antivirus which you are using in your system. It always helps to fix the issue as if it is the reason for the idp.generic issue. 

Follow below options to update Avast Antivirus or AVG or any other antivirus Software
  •   While you open the antivirus, you will have an option to update the antivirus software.
  •   You can also go to the browser and find the latest version of the antivirus and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the updating.

False Positive

In case, you come across the false positive situation. Follow the below procedure to fix the issue. You have to take the file out of the false-positive situation to avoid antivirus blocking it. 

Continue doing the following steps to fix the issue.
  •   You have to open the antivirus software in your system
  •   Navigate to the protection section.
  •   You have to click on the virus chest option.

What is idp.generic? Is it a Virus or False Positive?

  •   On the next screen, you have to right-click on the file.
  •   From the drop-down options, choose to restore & add excursion option.

Note: Most probably the above steps are for Avast antivirus software. But those are applicable for other antivirus software. 

Update Java

It is a known fact that the idp.generic avast problem occurs due to the outdated Java in your system. The older versions of Java will have software infections or malware programs. You have to update or remove & re-install Java in your system to fix the issue completely related to it.

Uninstall the previous version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

  •   Go to the start button or click on the Windows button on the keyboard.
  •   Choose control panel or settings (the option varies depending on the operating system you are using in your system).

What is idp.generic? Is it a Virus or False Positive?

  •   Go to the program section
  •   Choose the uninstall a program option.
  •   Navigate to the JRE and click on the uninstall button. 

Now, close all the Windows and open browser.

  •   You have to download the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and save it on the desktop.
  •   Open the downloaded file and accept the license agreement. 
  •   Continue and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  •   After completion of the installation, you have to reboot your system to apply necessary changes to your computer. 
  •   Hope, the issue is resolved. If the issue persists move on to the next solution.

Change Antivirus

If you are still facing the issue, you have to stop using the current antivirus and download another antivirus. Because most of the times changing the antivirus may fix the issue. 

For examples, if you are using Avast or AVG antivirus. Download and use Norton, Bitfinder, or Total AV antivirus software. 

Closing Thoughts: IDP.GENERIC

Hope now you have a clear idea of what is idp.generic and some of the solutions to fix it. Do you have any more requires regarding the same issue or any other problems that you are facing in your system? You can get in touch with us either through our comment section or by messaging in any of our social media platforms. To get regular updates regarding our posts, you can follow our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.

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