SyncStop: A USB Condom You Need to Avoid Juice Jacking While Travelling

SyncStop: A USB Condom You Need to Avoid Juice Jacking While Travelling
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We often get advice from officials not to use USB power charging stations in public locations like hotels and airports. They warn us because there is a threat that someone might hack into our device with the help of malware. If you are a daily traveller and don’t want your information to get leaked, then you can end this problem with SyncStop or Original USB Condom. It is also known as USB data blocker.

Tech experts fascinated by SyncStop or USB Condoms

SyncStop, which keeps a gap between your USB Port and your phone or laptop. Moreover, the developers claim that the smartphone or laptop speeds charging by up to 4 times. The job of USB condoms is to block all the data streams and prevent attackers from transferring your data. Besides, it is a must for businessmen or for those who are working in corporate offices.

Generally, the normal USB connectors contain pins that can transfer your data easily. With the advancement of technology, attackers have numerous ways to enter into your phone or laptop, and USB power charging station is one of them. But by removing data pins, you can save your private information.

Avoid public chargers at any cost

If you are afraid to use untrusted USB charging devices, then a USB condom is a cheap solution for you. All you have to do is plug your smartphone into the port, and keep your devices away from malicious viruses. Moreover, it allows the electricity to flow while protecting your data from potential hackers.

Usually, an individual will think that he is transferring electrical power via a public USB power charging station. But in reality, the charger is allowing the hacker to access your data. It is called Juice Jacking. Since the past few years, attackers are using this way to transfer secret data.

Taking precautions is better, so buy SyncStop or USB condom (USB data blocker) and protect your device from dangerous malware. It is the best economical solution for you to use in public without giving away your details. Another effective solution is to use power banks or AC power outlets while travelling in public.

SyncStop or USB condom price

Currently, the SyncStop USB Condom or USB data blocker costs around $ 7 to $ 13. You can either order a single piece or in packages of a hundred. Apart from that, you can also purchase it directly from the SyncStop shop. You can also avail exciting offers and discounts on bulk purchases.

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