Realme 6 series phones set to launch on March 5th

Realme 6 series phones set to launch March 5th

It’s not even a week since the Realme X50 Pro launch and Madhav Seth, CEO of Realme has started teasing about the upcoming Realme 6 phones scheduled for launch in India on March 5.

Recently Realme came up with their first flagship smartphone Realme X50 Pro for India. The specs were great and the price, one of the best among the competition. Today in an official tweet the CEO of Realme, Madhav Seth announced the official launch of the Realme 6 series phones.
Hashtags revealed Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro is part of the series. But the rumors suggest there could be another one from the series – Realme 6i to replace its predecessor – Realme 5i.

The other exciting part about the tweet is the new brand ambassador for Realme, Salman khan posing with the new phone. Realme has taken a huge step by bringing in such a huge star to market its already top-selling smartphone series.
Coming to the specs, Realme has been giving out specs in various forms, teasing the fans. The official landing page has most of the specs revealed already. Both, Realme 6 and 6 Pro has a 90 Hz FullHD+ display to match up with the trend.Realme 6 series phones set to launch March 5th

The camera module has four sensors this time, very similar to the X50 Pro. One of all sorts – 64MP main sensor, an Ultra-wide, Telephoto, and a macro lens. The zoom reach is advertised to go up to 20x with its software capabilities.Realme 6 series phones set to launch March 5th
On the front, the Pro model has a dual sensor and the regular one houses a single sensor both with a punch-hole design. The second front-facing camera sensor is expected to come with an ultrawide lens.
Fast charging has been a staple for Realme smartphones and the Realme 6 series has got a 30w fast charging capability that recharges 0-40% in 15 mins.

Later in the day, Seth again tweeted to confirm Realme 6 will be one of the first phones to come out with the Snapdragon 720G processor in India. This processor will run the Realme 6 Pro that is an upgrade to the Realme 5 Pro’s Snapdragon 712. While the regular Realme 6 is to be run by the MediaTek G90T based on leaks (from XDA forums).
Expected to come out for a price of 15,000, you can pre-order them already. With an initial payment of 1,000, you are guaranteed to get a smartphone on the release date of 15th March. If you pre-order or Blind Order (what Realme calls it) you are assured of goodies like headphones and purchase coupons.
There is no word on whether or not the promised Realme Band will be part of the March 5 event.
Realme 6 series phones are to replace one of the successfully selling smartphones in India. Added with the fact the Salman Khan is the new brand ambassador has already turned many heads. The event is going to be one of the biggest for Realme in 2020 as Madhav Seth claimed.

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