MSI Releases Refreshed Prestige, Creator, and Modern-Series Laptops

MSI notebook

The consistent development in the world of digitization has led MSI to launch a new laptop series. MSI’s Prestige series is here to let your creative technical desires flourish with proud. The white version will take you above the sky to gloom your inspiration after the compelling the launch of two different versions in the name Prestige 14 and Prestige 15. The prominent sets of technological confirmations will inspire making your dreams come true with flashed working experience. The 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor is here to resolve the technical desires of the globally located consumers. 

Power of the dominant white finish with slim structural chassis

Prestige 14 appears perfectly stylish and presentable making it convenient enough for you take even on the go. Keeping the side of creators inside the mind, the device looks backed up with dominant architectural efforts. The ultra-slim aluminum outlook forces the audience and masses to turn around and inspire your styling. The glooming white design lets you feel positive towards your work with new inspiration. Instead, you feel empowered enough with a highly configured device to meet all your expectations. 

The device not only exposes the stylish device structure but even holds the capabilities to let you rock with perfect configurations. The elegance of the designers is admirable after getting the first sight of the laptop. It reflects the sole creativity of the designers in working out towards pure white casing. The white showcase delivers dedicated tranquility to the company’s working professionals. 

The lead designer of MSI laptop, Chungi Lee frankly put forward his views mentioning the hard efforts for a perfect white outlook. It was difficult to achieve the target merely with the aluminum alloy component. The team worked to achieve the goal after user testing and considering the assumptions. It finally resulted as per the expectations with soulful backing finish in a pearl-like whiteness. The color and ultra-slim structures are different from all the other available devices in use today. 

Features of this Intel Core i7 powered device for greatest user experience:

The laptop will be available with a three-layer coating to make the device free from dust deposition like issues. You will never feel irritated with the yellowish laptop corners even after several days of usage. The anti-fouling test of the laptop backs up with lots of practical implementations. The company tested the durability after keeping the device in the sun for a long period. MSI even put forward the efforts to make the laptop pass through anti-scratch tests. The finally generated white chassis is free from all the unwanted happenings that generally happen with the common laptop.

Prestige 14 is a device fully updated with ultra-refined multiple traits. The users can experience the exceptional durability, and lightweight device structure to carry it straight away. The inbuilt software speeds up with the power of 6-core processors along with the back-up of the Intel Corei7 processor inside it. Moreover, there remains the long-lasting battery life of about 10 hours for continued creativity. The original color display on the true pixel display makes the device elegant for the creators in all aspects.    

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