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How to Overclock CPU to get its best performance ?

How to Overclock your CPU to get its best performance

Are you searching for how to overclock CPU? You are in the right place, you can know more about overclocking your CPU and process to overclock it.

CPU Overclocking will improve your computer performance. If you are not cautious or not done it correctly then overclocking will damage your CPU.

What is CPU Overclocking?

Overclocking CPU is to squeeze all the available performance of your CPU components. On overclocking, the voltage and clock speed increases to improve the performance. It helps you to avoid spending much money on faster and newer components.

If you know how to overclock CPU, the CPU overclocking tweaks the hardware to run faster than intended by the manufacturer. You can overclock CPU on adjusting CPU either through Motherboard’s UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) or BIOS (Basic Input/output system).


Basic and important things to know before Overclocking CPU

Before you learn how to overclock your CPU, there are some basic principles to get your head around.

  • The first one is the heat because the more voltage you are going to add to your system components, the more heat they are going to produce.
  • The second one is so much voltage your PC parts can take before you are going to start to see detrimental effects. These could result in a drop in frame rates for GPUs, corrupting processes on the CPU, or even a failure to boot also.
  • Last but not least, the higher the clock speed you’re trying to achieve for your system, the more voltage you will need to power up that attempt.
  •    Overclocking CPU can damage the components, especially when the hardware is not suitable or designed to increase the voltages to that high. You should go for overclocking if you are ok even with destroying the hardware. Because overclocking may sometimes go perfectly alright or sometimes can cause damage to your components.
  •     Might you know that no two computers overclocking can be the same even though the components and everything is the same? The overclocking varies with the little bit changes in the manufacturing of components. You should not go to fix that the overclocking gives the same results basing on the online reviews or others.
  •    In case, you are looking to increase the video games’ performance, you have to overclock the graphics card. So, that it will give better results in your required gaming section.
  •    Due to the limited cooling capabilities, laptops are not good for overclocking.

Test Prior Overclocking CPU

You have to do hardware and software tests to check whether everything is running fine in your system.

  •    Stress testing of CPU should be done using Prime95
  •    Monitor CPU temperature using Core Temp.

Core Temp

After downloading and installing Core temp in your system. You can check the temperature of the system, just by clicking on the hidden icons on the taskbar.

The changing numbers are the temperature of the system.How to Overclock your CPU to get its best performance

You have to see whether the temperature is between 25 to 35 degrees Celsius while your system is in idle position. If the temperature is higher than 35 degrees Celcius then you should run the cooler or fan of your system to decrease the temperature to make it suitable for Overclocking CPU.


You need to open Prime95 to perform a stress test. If you are using prime95 for the first time, you have to click on the stress test option.How to Overclock your CPU to get its best performance

On the next screen, you have to choose the blend option and click on the OK button.How to Overclock your CPU to get its best performance

Now, the stress test will start and all the programs in your system will be slower than usual while running the test.  You have to close all the programs and run this test to avoid inconvenience.

You have to run the stress test at least for 5 to 10 minutes and check the temperature using core temp.

However, as the blend test is running the temperature may rise. It will hit the last point where the temperature is constant. It will give you a rough idea of how far you can push while overclocking CPU.

After monitoring the temperature and making a note of it, click on the stop button in Prime95.

How to Overclock CPU

The best possible ways to overclock your CPU are described in detail along with the images

1] Increase the Base Clock

  •    Restart your computer and hold the DEL key while restarting. You can use F10, F12, or F2 while restarting your system. The holding key to get BIOS options varies from system to system.
  •    You have to click on the frequency settings option.

How to Overclock your CPU to get its best performance

  •    On the next screen, you have to click on the memory ratio, DDR memory or memory multiplier. You need to set it as lower as possible.
  •    Navigate to base clock option, if the base clock is 100 MHz and 1.6 GHz clock speed then you can increase it to 10% more such as the change to 110 MHz and clock speed to 1.76 GHz.

How to Overclock your CPU to get its best performance

Note: Now Restart your device and run the stress test using Prime95. If your system is performing well, you can move on. If the system is unstable, you will not get the required performance hike. It’s better to reset the settings of your computer BIOS to default.

You have to continue increasing the base clock until getting an unstable state. Once, you reach an unstable state, you have to raise the voltage to make the system stable.

2] Raise Multiplier

  •    To raise the multiplier, you need to decrease the base clock. Increasing the multiplier and decreasing the base clock will lead to a more stable computer. If the base clock is higher and the multiplier is lower that will give you much better performance.

How to Overclock your CPU to get its best performance

  •    You have to decrease the base clock value and increase multiplier with 0.5 increments. You have to go to CPU ratio to increase the multiplier.

Note: You have to reboot your system and run the stress test. If your system is running without any errors, you can raise the multiplier. Meanwhile, you need to check the temperature not to reach 85-degree centigrade or 185 Fahrenheit.

3] Raise Voltage

  •    You have to increase the core voltage with 0.025 increments. Otherwise, if you increase the voltage more than the recommendations will result in damages to your system components.

How to Overclock your CPU to get its best performance

  •  You have to restart the system and open prime95. Navigate to options > click on the Torture test.
  • Once the unstable system is running stable, move to base clock or multiplier which you are overclocking.
  • You need to run the voltage raise until the system becomes stable.


We hope the overclocking CPU will help you to increase your system performance. If you have any queries regarding the process or about overclocking CPU, you can post the query in the comments section. We are always ready and happy to help you. You can follow us through our social media platforms and keep continue visiting our website for such informative articles.

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