How to fix PS4 NAT type failed

How to fix PS4 NAT type failed

The game is a medium which gives a lot of fun and entertainment and amid the change in Era, various developments occurred in the gaming platform and at present, the gamers usually prefer PlayStation. It is a platform which gives a true feeling of the game, but some players failed to access its excellent features due to an error message ‘PS4 NAT type failed’.  In a broad sense, the message denotes that there is a problem in the Network settings of PS4 or in Router. So, if you are really annoyed by this issue, then don’t worry as here you will get the ultimate solutions to resolve an issue.

What is NAT and what are its types?

Well, before moving towards the solution part, you must know about the NAT and its types because this information will let you know, which settings you should keep on your router and PS4 to resolve an issue.

NAT is termed as ‘Network Address Translation’ whose prime role is to translate Public IP address to Private IP address. It protects the Public IP address and also conceals the internal IP address.

Classification of NAT

NAT is classified into three types, i.e. Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and the differentiation factor among them is the network settings. The details are listed below which will help you to understand the NAT types effectively.

NAT Type 1:

It is regarded as the Open Network System in which there is there is no interference of firewalls and the connection between the system and the Network is direct. NAT Type 1 is ideal for PS4 but it offers several security threats also.

NAT Type 2:

It is a moderate network system in which users can access the game effectively and there won’t e any breach in the security.

NAT Type 3:

This type strict the network and the firewall completely dominate the Network and this type usually becomes the prime cause behind an issue ‘PS4 NAT type failed’. So, better you can switch the Network setting of PS4 and router to NAT Type 1 or Type 2.

PS4 NAT type failed? Here are the effective troubleshooting steps

Turn ON Universal Plug and Play

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a protocol on the Router which enables the devices to get traceable on the network. The process is simple, but before performing this step, makes sure you have the credentials of the Router such as username and password.

  • Open the browser on your computer.
  • Now, type on the address bar and hit ‘Enter’ button.How to fix PS4 NAT type failed
  • Thereafter, the Router login page will appear and here you will have to provide the username and password. Make sure to provide the correct credentials and after completing the same, click on the Login button.How to fix PS4 NAT type failed
  • Now, locate for the UPnP, in most of the routers it is featured in the ‘Forwarding’ section followed by ‘Advanced’ tab and in some router, UPnP is featured in the ‘services’ section of the Router.
  • After finding UPnP, click on it and further click on the checkbox ‘Enable’.How to fix PS4 NAT type failed
  • Now, click on ‘Apply Changes’ button located beneath the page.
  • That’s it, now close the browser and then restart your computer.
  • After completing the above task, it’s time to check the PS4 NAT type and for the same, go to the ‘Settings of the PS4, move to the ‘Test Internet Connection’ section followed by ‘Network’. Here, you will get the details of the Network, scroll down the page and look for the NAT Type; it should be Type 1 or2.

However, if still, the error message ‘PS4 NAT type failed’ appears on the screen, then get ready for the advanced solutions. First and foremost, make your PS4 a DMZ host to resolve such issue and the process for the same is simple.

Make PS4 a DMZ host

DMZ is known as Demilitarized Zone is a physical subnet whose prime role is to create a bridge between the LAN and other untrusted networks. Here, untrusted means the Internet. So, enabling this feature on the Router will resolve the issue ‘PS4 NAT type failed’. The detailed procedure for the same is listed beneath.

  • Open your browser and in the address bar, type and then hit on ‘Enter’ key.How to fix PS4 NAT type failed
  • Soon, you will find the Login page of the Router.
  • Now, type your username and password in the respective boxes and then click on ‘Login’ button.How to fix PS4 NAT type failed
  • Thereafter, you will get several tabs on the top of the page and your job is to find out the DMZ menu. It is located in the sub-menu of the NAT, so first find out the NAT to get access in the DMZ menu.How to fix PS4 NAT type failed
  • After getting the DMZ menu, go to the ‘DMZ Host IP address’ and enter the PS4 IP address. If you are unaware of the PS4 IP address, then you can get the same from the Network setting of PS4.
  • Now, click on ‘Apply Changes’.
  • That’s it, now; restart your computer to get rid of an error ‘PS4 NAT type failed’. This is an effective method and will resolve the issue.

Forward Port for PS4

If all the method fails and yet the issue ‘PS4 NAT type failed’ remains then apply this method. This technique will fix the connection issue of your PS4 and you know what you need to do. Yes, exactly, follow the steps carefully and execute it effectively.

  • First and foremost, open the browser on your computer and type in the address bar and hit ‘Enter’ key.How to fix PS4 NAT type failed
  • The browser will direct you to the Router Login page and here, you will have to provide the correct credentials of the Router.How to fix PS4 NAT type failed
  • After filling the details, click on ‘Login’ button.
  • Now, look out for the section ‘Port Forwarding or Port Mapping’.How to fix PS4 NAT type failed
  • After finding the same, you will get the list of Group, select the one and then click on ‘Add’ button.How to fix PS4 NAT type failed
  • Now, enter the Port number and IP address of the PS4 in the table. However, if you are not aware of the Port Number, then you can try 80(TCP), 3480(TCP), 443(TCP), 3479(TCP and UDP).
  • After finishing the task, click on ‘Apply changes’.

That’s it, you are all done and the issue ‘PS4 NAT type failed’ is completely resolved. However, if you stuck amid the steps or find any difficulties in any process, then feel free to contact us. We will offer a comprehensive solution against the issue and will resolve the same in a quick span of time. So, feel free to get the assistance anytime as our techies work around the clock for the support of the users.  


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