G Suite Updates more AI writing help, integration of Google Calendar Assistant and more

G Suite Updates more AI writing help, integration of Google Calendar Assistant and more

Google is going to launch several updates to its G Suite tools today that will include an AI grammar checker for Google Docs, smarter spell checking, and soon autocorrect spelling. 

The company is also launching the ability of G Suite users to use the Google Assistant to read a calendar schedule and create, cancel and reschedule events, perhaps more importantly. Google also adds new accessibility features for use in meetings with the assistant.

Google also announced that Smart Compose will also be coming to G Suite shortly.

The grammar recommendations feature from Google will go live in the coming weeks for Docs over G Suite. The software incorporates neural network engineering by Google and was first released in 2018 earlier. The purpose is to help users, among others, get rid of awkward grammatical faux pas such as misuse of articles and incorrect subordinate clauses.

Also, Google brings the same autocorrect feature that it already uses in Gmail to Docs. Google Search uses this tool to learn new words over time, although Google has announced today that it will introduce a new program to provide consumers with more personalized tips of spelling based on their files. It involves widely used acronyms which may form part of the internal lingo of an organization.

The new calendar capabilities of the Assistant are now in alpha and quite self-explaining. Yeah, it’s a little odd that it took so long for Google to deliver these capabilities. The service now also makes it possible to use the Assistant to send messages to reach guests and even initiate conferences (“Hey Google, enter my next meeting”) in addition to handling their schedule by speech. That’s a handy feature when you’re late to work again and have to make an 8 am a call from your car while driving down the highway.

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