How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Xbox One Issue?

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Xbox One Issue?

Netflix is an amazing platform that offers ample movies and streamlines shows to the users and together with Xbox One is an amazing experience. There may be a number of cases when you are accessing Xbox One to watch your favourite shows and movies, you have faced Netflix on Xbox One not working issue. Well, Xbox one Netflix problems are quite common and these can be resolved by applying some effective methods.

Get an easy and effective way to Fix Xbox One Netflix Problems

Before moving to the solution part, you must meet some requirements to run Netflix on Xbox One. For example, you should have a stable internet and the speed of the same should be in the range of 1 Mbps to 25 Mbps. If you are watching Netflix in HD quality, then you must have subscribed to the HD plan. These are the basic things and you must be aware of that.

Solutions to fix Netflix problems on Xbox One

There can be so many cases where you are unable to open or use Netflix on your Xbox one console. Such issues can be due to a number of reasons such as the improper installation of the application or there may be some settings which are conflicting with it. Here we have listed down a number of practical solutions for this issue. Take a look.

1] Connect Xbox One directly with the Ethernet

Sometimes, the interface between the devices fails to connect the Xbox One. So, you must try to connect the device directly to the Ethernet and for the same follow the steps listed below.

  • Turn off Xbox One console and remove all the peripherals and also turn off the router.
  • Now, plug the Ethernet directly to the Xbox One Console.
  • After that, you need to connect all the disconnected peripherals to the Xbox One.
  • Now, turn on the router and make sure all the lights should blink.
  • After completing the above task, turn ON your Xbox One Console.
  • Now, check whether Netflix on Xbox problem is resolved or not.

2] Restart Netflix

  • Use Xbox controller arrow keys to navigate for Netflix on Xbox One screen.
  • After selecting the Netflix, press the Menu button located in the Xbox One controller, just beneath the Home button.

restart netflix

  • Thereafter, you will get a few options on the screen and you must select the Quit option.

quit netflix

3] Restart Xbox One Console

  • Press the Home button to turn off the Console and the button is located at the front of the controller and is symbolized with X mark.

restart Xbox one console

  • Now, disconnect the power switch connected to the Console and further press & hold the power key for 5 seconds to turn off completely.
  • After completing the above task, wait for a while and then connect the power cable to the Console.
  • Now press the Home button on the Controller to launch Netflix on Xbox One.

4] Logout and Login again to Netflix application

Re-logging the Netflix application will fix Netflix problems on Xbox One and for that, you need to logout the application from Xbox One close and then log in again. Now, check whether the issue persists or not. However, if Netflix on Xbox One problem is still there, then you can reinstall Netflix on Xbox One and the process for the same is provided below.

5] Reinstall Netflix on Xbox One

  • Press the Home button on the Controller to launch Xbox One Console.

Reinstall Netflix on Xbox one

  • On the screen, you will find My apps and games, select the same.

Xbox one Netflix Problems

  • Thereafter, few more options will appear on the screen and you need to select Apps.

Netflix on Xbox one

  • Now, your job is to find out the Netflix app and after that highlight the same and further press the menu button on the Controller.

Netflix on Xbox one not working

  • Soon, you will find a few options on the screen and you must select Manage apps.

netflix not working on xbox

  • After that, you will find Uninstall all feature on the screen, select it.

netflix not working on xbox one

  • Now, press the Home button on the Controller and move to the Menu section. In the Menu of Xbox One Console, you will find Store, move to that section and then navigate for Netflix.

xbox netflix problems

  • Now, install Netflix and then watch your favourite shows on Xbox One Console.

xbox netflix problems

6] Enable Cortana

Enabling Cortana on Xbox One will help you to get rid of Netflix on Xbox One not working issue. Cortana is a virtual assistant feature provided by Microsoft on Windows 10 that enables the users to access the application through speech.

  • Launch Xbox One and then move to the Settings section. In the settings page, you will get System section, move into this and then select Cortana settings located at the right panel.

netflix wont open on xbox one

  • Thereafter, a license agreement page will open that will tell you about the features of Cortana and to proceed further, select I agree.

  • That’s it; now restart your console to apply the changes.


So, these were the effective solutions against Netflix on Xbox One not working issue. However, if you have any problems related to any platform of the digital world, then feel free to post in the comment box. We will help you in all possible ways to fix the issue. Hence, stay connected for the latest updates and enjoy your favourite shows and movies on Netflix on Xbox One.

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