Experience Samsung Galaxy S10 with More Powerful Note 10 Features

Experience Samsung Galaxy S10 with More Powerful Note 10 Features

With its powerful productivity features and creativity tools, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is designed to assist its users to achieve more and make the most out of every moment. But from now on, the Galaxy S10 users would be able to enjoy some of the top-notch features of Galaxy Note 10’s most high-end features. 

Interestingly, starting from this week, the S10 users would be able to download a software update which brings the engaging features from the Note 10 and Note 10+ to the users of Galaxy S10 and S10+. 

What do you need to know about the update?

  • Smartphone major Samsung has announced a new software update for the S10 series of smartphones
  • Some of the key traits of this update include an improved Gallery App, improved device search functionality and the Auto Hotspot feature

Some key features those are included in the update

Much like every other Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) out there, Samsung has a knack of introducing new features with every release of new updates. Note that the Galaxy Note 10 features include several interactive features like a dedicated screen recorder app, video editing app and the new DeX for the Windows application. 

With the new update, it is clear that it is only a matter of time before these features are ported to older devices as is evident from the DeX for Windows application. Interestingly, the DeX for the Windows app has made its way to the Samsung S10 series last month. 

Other Note 10 features like the ability to search images with the help of keywords are making their way to the Galaxy S10 series

One of the highlighting features of this new update is that the S10 users can now find their favorite images quickly by refining their searches with the help of keywords.

It is important here to note that the update for the Gallery App is over 200 MB in size. It is so because it brings an AI interface with the upgrade. 

Media and devices button included in the notification panel

Another major update which is making its way to the Galaxy S10 series is the media and devices button. The media and devices button, like the Note 10, would be present in the notification panel of the S10. This button shows the user all devices which are paired or connected with the S10 device. 

There are also a plethora of Galaxy Note 10 features that are steadily making their way to the S10 devices. S10 is now equipped with the Note 10’s AR Doodle feature which allows you to add a personal touch to images and videos. For instance, the camera app of S10 gets a super steady video stabilization. On the other hand, the front camera gets a dedicated night mode. Don’t fret if your S10 device has still not got the update. It is being rolled globally and is just a matter of time for your device to get the update. 

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