Apple Might be Developing a ‘Pro Mode’ to Speed Up Macbooks

Apple Might be Developing a 'Pro Mode' to Speed Up Macbooks

Recently a new feature has been discovered in the latest macOS Catalina 10.15.3 called ‘Pro mode’. This feature claims that it can temporarily give a performance boost to the laptop giving it faster software processing, faster app opening, faster navigation between apps, but this feature comes with some drawbacks too. With Pro mode turned on, there will be a decrease in battery life and an increase in the fan sound. Now, this feature is currently exclusive to only 16-inch Macbook Pro. Today in this article on Apple Might be Developing a ‘Pro Mode’ to Speed Up Macbooks. We will be giving you all the details regarding this new upcoming feature ‘pro mode’.

What is ‘Pro Mode’?

Apple Might be Developing a 'Pro Mode' to Speed Up MacbooksSpotted on the latest beta build of the macOS 10.15.3, ‘Pro mode’ is currently inactive but soon will be activated with the new update. The feature spotted with few lines written describing that there will be an increase in the app processing, decrease in battery and increase in the fan sound. This feature will override the fan limit. A user can manually turn on/off this feature, furthermore, this feature can automatically reset itself on the next day like MacOs’ Do not disturb feature.

Although this is not something new in the laptop world, similar implementation of the increase in performance has been seen on various gaming laptops. With a simple click, thermal settings max out with increased clock speed giving a high-performance boost than usual usage.

How is it Useful?

MacBook Pro is Apple’s high-end laptop series making it superior and keeping its name as one of the best laptops in the market. MacBook Pro is made considering all types of users in mind whether it is a casual user who uses it for basic media consumption like listening to music watching movies or browsing Facebook, a professional user who uses it for basic word processing and presentations or a power user who uses it for heavy software processing and video rendering. With the new Pro mode feature, the performance is surely going to reach a new level. With this new feature, the user can manage power usage and thermal settings.

We are very well aware of the smoothness and performance of the Macbooks. With Pro mode turned on a user can experience faster software processing, 3d rendering, deployment resulting in reduced time usage and an increase in productivity. Those who do gaming will get a more smooth experience in gaming while a normal user can experience faster app response and quick system navigation.

Let’s go through some Pros and cons of this feature.

Pro Mode


  • Faster Software Processing
  • Faster In-app and system navigation
  • Quick App response
  • Smoother gaming experience
  • Overall Performance boost
  • Automatic turn off
  • Reduced in time consumption


  • Reduced screen on time on battery
  • Increase in fan sound
  • Unavailable to older MacBooks

Why only Limited Device Support?

Apple Might be Developing a 'Pro Mode' to Speed Up MacbooksUnfortunately, this feature as we have already told you is currently exclusive to 16-inch Macbook Pro due to certain reasons. As it has a very good implementation of the cooling system. Equipped with two thermal fans giving it a fantastic heat dissipation. While older MacBooks lack this thermal implementation. Rumors have speculated that now all the upcoming MacBooks will feature this new thermal design implementation and pro mode feature. Other than that you can also speed up by just factory reset a Macbook.


Pro mode is surely a beneficial feature. It will be very helpful in the case of the user who does heavy software processing, video rendering, 3d modeling, etc. and gaming. While all other users surely notice quicker response time in the overall operating system. With its sub-feature like automatic turn off make it better, as Pro mode is not a feature that can be used on a daily basis or kept turned on. It will obviously affect the hardware negatively. 

This feature has only been seen in gaming laptops but it is really great non-gaming laptops are also implementing this feature too. Apple is the first one to implement it. Maybe in future other devices may also feature the ‘Pro mode’ functionality. Soon it is going to be released for the latest MacBooks. 

And With this being the end of the article on Apple Might be Developing a ‘Pro Mode’ to Speed Up Macbooks. This article covers all the information available as of now regarding this feature. Thank You!

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