Amazon’s Alexa still lacking behind after 5 years of launch

Five years back, Amazon left the tech-world in a bewildered state with the release of Echo and Alexa, which were the very first smart speakers to be introduced in the market. The reporters displayed a shocking reaction and astounding statements were made as well.

Five years have passed, and Alexa has now managed to become a household name. Even the children have managed to learn to operate Alexa over time. Alexa can be found in the cars, the bedside tables, or in the kitchens as well. However, the lingering question about the evolution of Alexa has become more prevalent in the tech world now.

Some of the experts had a very adverse reaction to the question. They believe that the evolution of Alexa by Amazon has now become a very stagnant topic. The users of Echo used to operate the device with the use of a few keys to play the radio and music, set the timers, made use of the Wikipedia, and enquire about the weather conditions occasionally. And nothing seems to have changed for five years now.

The reviewers say that although Echo is performing efficiently in conducting these basic tasks, asking of any trickier questions or tasks to perform is posing senses for trouble. Hardly anyone would disagree on the matters of Alexa being a massive success for Amazon. The company has made sure to use its voice assistant to an array of its gadgets including the microwaves and smart rings.

With time, Amazon has managed to sell 100 million Echo smart speakers, with 85,000 of them integrated with Alexa and some other Smart home products. And the app store of Amazon boasts more than 100,000 new skills. If we look at it at a cultural level, Amazon’s Alexa has managed to impart the cruel and cut-throat company a tad of a personality.

The company also has managed to pour maximum resources into Alexa to make it even more practical. Some of the new features were also churned out, including the Alexa Guard, Alexa routines, and whisper mode. However, the underlying promise of Alexa getting better at making chit-chat and conversations is turning out to be banging away.

Although Amazon has managed to convince the Alexa users about the device getting better at tackling some of the critical tasks, the functionality of it has another tale to tell. It’s been quite a while now, and Amazon has not even managed to get closer to the promises it had made concerning Alexa.

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