Why YouTube says this video is unavailable?

Why YouTube says this video is unavailable?

YouTube is one of the most popular video sites which enable the users to access ample videos of multiple genres. The platform also provided identity to many users who have posted useful and entertaining videos. Apart from such great features, most of the users reported “This video is unavailable” on YouTube. There are multiple reasons behind this issue and if you are also facing the same and failed to fix the issue, then don’t get worried as here you will get the comprehensive solutions with the causes. So, let’s begin with the causes.

Top reasons-This video is unavailable in YouTube

Geographical restrictions

Most of the owners restrict the YouTube videos to certain countries and don’t allow the users to view the content; it means the users from the restricted country will not be able to access such videos as they don’t have the permission. So, in this case, you can use proxy video YouTube to avoid the restrictions and the process for the same is listed in the solution part.

Copyright Issue

If the owner posted a video that violates the copyright law of YouTube, then Google will delete such a video or will make tell the owner to make changes in the video. However, if the video is deleted by Google, then you will find an error message ‘This video is unavailable’.

The problem from the YouTube end

As stated earlier, YouTube is the leading video site so there may be huge traffic and a heavy load on the server and might be this lead to the technical issue. If YouTube is down, then you may get this issue and this is a temporary issue that will be resolved in a short time. If you want to know more, then you can go for a YouTube restrictions checker to get the list of possible restrictions.

How to fix this video is unavailable on YouTube?

1] Check Your Internet Connectivity

If your internet connection is unstable then you may get this YouTube issue. So, you must check your internet connection. First and foremost, try to launch any website or search engine and if it’s working fine, then go for the next method to fix the issue. However, if any website is not loading or failed to respond, then restart your router.

2] Restart YouTube

If you have kept your PC idle for a long time in sleep mode and after a passage of time, you awaken the PC and want to watch YouTube videos, then; in this case, YouTube will fail to respond properly. So, you must close YouTube and then launch it again. However, if the issue still appears, then restart your computer.

3] Change the Video quality in YouTube

YouTube has a feature to change the video quality as per your internet speed. If you have a slow speed internet, then you can change the video quality manually and the process for the same is listed below.

  • Launch YouTube.
  • Now play the video in which you are having an issue.
  • Move to the Settings icon located at the bottom of the YouTube page and the same is symbolized with a gear icon.

Why YouTube says this video is unavailable?

  • In the settings menu, you will get a few options, move to the Quality section.

Why YouTube says this video is unavailable?

  • If the quality is set to 1080p or 720p, then change it to the low-quality 360p or 240p.

Why YouTube says this video is unavailable?

  • Now check whether the video is playing or not.

4] Use a VPN or proxy

If the video owner has blocked its content for other countries and doesn’t want to show the content to other geographical regions, then you can use Virtual Private Network or Proxy to access the video. Both are the same and they will make you appear as if you are accessing the YouTube from the remote IP address.

Using proxy video YouTube will help you to get rid of an issue, but make sure to get the good one as there are many VPN available in the online platform which can reveal you’re true identity. Hence, try to find out the one which is best and you can do it via the online method.

Bottom Line

So, these were the possible solutions against the issue ‘This video is unavailable’ on YouTube. However, if you stuck amid the process or want to know more about the VPN method, then post in the comment box and soon we will offer you a brief method to access YouTube video from the same remote IP address where it has been uploaded.

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