WhatsApp new threat Confirmed: Android, iOS Users at risk from ‘specially crafted’ MP4 malicious video files

WhatsApp confirms new threat: Users at risk from 'specially crafted' MP4 malicious video files

Now a days, many people are becoming victims of cybercrime. Internet is being used to post malicious content or steal personal data from users, and various apps have become the main instrument of the crime. Recently, WhatsApp has appeared in the spotlight, but due to the wrong reasons. As per the news, an unknown MP4 malicious video file has been created to steal a person’s private data is storming the web.

WhatsApp users are in danger

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps owned by Facebook. But it looks like the app is a huge risk for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Furthermore, WhatsApp confirmed that hackers have recently created MP4 infected videos, which helps them to collect user’s WhatsApp data and to access their phone easily.

Attackers may try to send you malicious video files on WhatsApp and take control over your phone. Some of the WhatsApp users have kept the auto-downloading option on for all the files, and this helps the potential hacker to access their phone. According to sources, iOS versions before 2.19.100, Android versions before 2.19.274, Windows Phone versions before and including 2.18.368 are in danger.

Moreover, business versions for iOS, as well as, Android before 2.19.100 and 2.19.104 respectively, are at grave risk. Once the malware attacks your device, then the hackers might access your data or gain control over your computer or phone or monitor your conversations. However, the discovery of these malicious videos is not known yet.

What should you do to protect your phone?

On November 14, Facebook confirmed that the attackers created MP4 malicious files to infect your phone and steal your personal information. However, they haven’t revealed any further information about the risk, but the threat is pretty serious. So make sure to update the application on your iOS or Android phone from the App Store or Play Store respectively.

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