Twitter launches ‘Hide Replies’ feature for all the global users

Twitter launches ‘Hide Replies’ feature for all the global users

Various social media applications are bringing new changes and adding new features. Even Facebook is testing and planning to add new features in forthcoming months. Apart from that, Instagram and Facebook have become one of the most loved social media apps across the globe. Both of these apps are far superior to Twitter. However, it seems like Twitter is planning to raise its game again by adding a new feature to hide replies. Continue scrolling to read more.

Twitter adds Hide Replies feature

Twitter is globally launching the Hide Replies feature. This feature is one of the biggest changes Twitter has made after its invention. However, it was tested in Japan, Canada, and the United States, and most of the users have found that this feature helps to keep negativity away from their accounts.

Moreover, Twitter users will be able to engage with this feature by tapping an icon that will appear on the tweets. It will also see whether the user who has this feature wants to block the retweeter. Twitter wants to create a user-friendly community by cleaning up abusive content.

According to the websites, Twitter will have new controls and options for users. They can alter their tweets, and edit who can see or reply to them. Thus, this will lead to healthier conversations. On Thursday, Suzanne Xie who is the director of product management at Twitter stated in a blog that people are excited to see how journalists, politicians, and actors would use the Hide Replies feature.

Will Hide Replies bring a change in the online community?

In today’s generation, social media has become a tool to harass and abuse other people. Nobody wants such negativity, right? Twitter has taken a massive step to create a welcoming environment for users. On November 20, Twitter users received a new update that allows users to hide offensive or irrelevant tweets of other users.

By bringing this new feature, Twitter will become a safe and comfortable place for its users. However, users can check the unwanted replies by clicking on a grey icon. The Hide Replies feature is releasing worldwide now at Users can update their Twitter mobile app to enjoy the feature. You can try out the new update and comment on your reviews below.

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