How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”

How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”

Sometimes when you turn on your system or laptop, you are familiar with a message “preparing to configure Windows”, please do not turn off your computer. This message is nothing but your system is running its normal necessary updates and it will take more than half an hour. However, in some of the cases the update installation gets stuck, Windows update is facing a problem, and you need to fix the issue. Before moving to the solutions let us see what is Stuck on Preparing to Configure Windows?

Stuck on Preparing to Configure Windows

The installation of one or more Windows updates is probably stuck or hangs. If you see one of the following messages persists for a long time.

  • Preparing to configure Windows / Do not turn off your computer
  • Configuring Windows updates / x % complete / Do not turn off your computer (x is number from 1 to 100)
  • Please do not turn off or unplug your machine / Installing updating x of y (x is number of the update out of y number)
  • Working on updates / x % complete / do not turn off your computer
  • Keep your PC on until this is done / Installing update x of y
  • Getting Windows ready / don’t turn off your computer

There are several reasons for the occurrence of the installation of one or more Windows updates can hang. Most of the times, stuck happens due to software conflict or a pre-existing issue. That wasn’t in–light until the Windows updates started installing. Any of Microsoft’s operating system will experience freezing issues during Windows updates. As a result including Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and others will get stuck.

Prevent Windows Update from getting Stuck

Maintain your system by checking through Windows update in the control panel and install updates as recommended. Install updates as soon as you receive notification to avoid stack up on each other and less likely to face errors or incompatibilities.

Install trustworthy third-party antivirus software to remove malware, virus, and bad files that will interfere with updates.

Make sure that Windows is actually Stuck

Most of the times Windows updates will take several minutes or more to configure or install updates. Before trying to fix the issue make sure that the updates are truly stuck. If you try to fix the problem that doesn’t really exist might create a problem.

You can confirm that the Windows updates are stuck if nothing happens on screen for 3 hours or more. Take a look at your hard drive activity light, if you see no activity at all (stuck) or very regular but very short flashes of light (not stuck).

NOTE: Chances are there that the installing updates are hung before 3 hours of time. But some updates take 3 hours to finish and this is a reasonable amount of time to wait.

Hard drive activity light will locate at various places according to the company of your system or laptop. The cylinder shape with an arrow symbol is the hard drive activity under which light will blink.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”

Stuck on Preparing to Configure Windows: Solutions

1. Continue Installation Successfully

In some situations, the Windows updates might get stuck at a particular part of the installation process. Type the commands Ctrl + Alt + Del simultaneously from the keyboard. The computer restarts after pressing the commands and move to the next solution if nothing happens on pressing the command. If the computer restarts on Windows 7, 8 and 10, you will take to the sign–in the screen after restart. Now, tap the power icon present on the right–side corner of the screen choose an option to update and restart if available.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”

2. Restart Computer

Using either the reset button or power it off and then back on using the power button. Most of the times, Windows will start normally and finish installing updates.

However, you are probably should not do this by the message on the screen. But if the Windows updates installation is truly stuck, you have no choice but have to hard–reboot.

** Depending on the Windows BIOS configuration, you have to hold down the power button for several seconds to turn off your computer.

** On the tablet or laptop removing battery will work to switch off and use the power button to turn on it.

3. How to Start Windows in Safe Mode to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”

Safe Mode will only load minimum drivers and services that Windows absolutely needs. If any of the program or service conflicting with one of the Windows updates in normal mode can fix on running the updates in Safe Mode.

If you want to update Windows under Safe Mode after stuck up, follow above two steps to restart the computer. After sign–in, follow below steps and start your system in Safe Mode.

  • Go to the start button, type msconfig in the search bar.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”
  • Select msconfig and a new window open, navigate to boot from the menu tab.
  • Under the boot tab, uptick Safe boot.
  • Next click on apply and later on ok button to apply changes.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”
  • On clicking ok button a new pop – up window opens, where you have to choose between restart and exit without restart. Choose restart to immediate restart of the system.
  • Now the system restarts in Safe Mode.
  • As you are running Safe Mode after stuck up of Windows. Initially get back to restore point to successfully uninstall all the updates.

How to get back to a recent restore point prior to installing updates in Safe Mode.

  • Go to start menu and navigate to control panel or type control panel or settings in the search box.
  • Navigate to system and security option.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”
  • Next, select backup and restore from the list.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”
  • On the next screen, select recover system settings or your computer.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”
  • You will redirect to the next screen, select system restore.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”
  • Select choose a different restore point on the screen and click on next button.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”
  • On the next screen, uptick show more restore points, select one of the restore points before installing updates and click on next button.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”
  • Finally, click on the finish button.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”
  • Wait a while till your system restores to the point you have selected.

After restoring point before installing updates, now start updating your system.

  • Now go to the control panel.
  • Under system and security option, select Windows update.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”
  • On the next screen click on Windows updates to check for updates for Windows.How to fix Stuck on “Preparing to Configure Windows”
  • After completing checking of updates, install the updates.
  • In Safe Mode, you will not face any stuck–up.

After completion of installing updates, your system will again restart in Safe Mode.

  • To make your system to open in normal mode, again open msconfig > boot > unselect safe mode > click apply > click ok > on the pop–up window select restart.
  • Now, your system will successfully open in the normal mode of Windows.

** Try a system restore from system restore options from Windows 7 and Vista. You will find system restore from advanced startup options in Windows 10 and 8.


Hope this article helped you to fix the issue preparing to configure Windows. If you are still facing any issue related to the solutions or not able to fix the issue write to us with your queries. Please comment with your queries, if you have any other issues with your electronic devices and we will help you out as soon as possible.


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