Samsung Camera App launches new modes including custom filters, ‘Director’s View’

Samsung Camera App launches new modes including custom filters, 'Director's View'

Tech giant Samsung is preparing to launch new modes in the Samsung Camera app. Rumors have been circulating that, Galaxy S11 would include filters like Director’s View, Night Hyperlapse, Vertical Panoramas, and Single Take Photo.

What does the new ‘Director’s View’ and ‘Night Hyperlapse’ mode do?

Nowadays, smartphones have become more than a luxury that has numerous built-in features. Ever since the invention of smartphones, developers are trying to launch new phones with different features and want to be first in the race. They try to bring in new models that cater to the demands and wishes of smartphone users.

It looks like Samsung is soon going to steal our hearts by launching an ample number of features. If the reports are true, then the new features will launch in the new Samsung Galaxy S11 phone.

Samsung is about to release new modes for the Samsung camera app. According to the sources, the new features will highly focus on videos and shooting pictures. One of the rarest features is the Director’s View. This new mode lets the user use different lenses on their smartphones. Moreover, it allows us to focus on and ‘lock-on’ on the subject while recording a video.

Apart from that, users can record video with multiple cameras at a single time to capture numerous perspectives. Another feature is ‘Single Take Photo,‘ which allows the user to capture videos and photos while panning the phone camera around the scene. Two more features of Samsung Camera App include ‘Night Hyperlapse’ and ‘Vertical Panoramas.’

Unfortunately, Samsung has not given any information about the ‘Night Hyperlapse’ mode. But sources suggest that users will be able to capture time-lapse videos in this mode in low light settings. Besides, they unrevealed one more feature called ‘Custom Filter’ that allows users to select a snap you want the look of from the phone gallery and save it as a new filter.

It’s still unclear when these new modes would launch in the new phones. Keep checking back with us to find further details about the additional custom features in the Samsung Camera App.

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