Annoyed of Pre-Installed Apps, Want to Root Android?

Root Android Devices

Root your Android Device: Don’t get scared. In this guide, I will tell you how to root your Android device and uninstall preinstalled apps. It’s almost certain that you don’t find every preinstalled app on your android device to be useful. Days pass by and you wish there was a secret method of removing these unwanted applications from your phone. Not only removing these apps free up the internal space of your smartphone, but also improve your device’s performance. These apps that you don’t need, but are unable to uninstall are named bloatware. Uninstalling them is really an adventure altogether. With my tips, you can easily uninstall these preinstalled apps and bloatware from your Android smartphone. First, you need to know what is rooting then we will see how to root Android devices. Then you may go ahead and remove all those complimentary apps that you will never need.

What is Rooting?

It’s probable that you have heard somewhere about rooting a device. All those who are initiated with rooting would agree it to be Android’s equivalent for jailbreaking. Rooting is that technological blessing that allows you to customize anything and everything within your software control. This means unlocking the operating system would never be a hindrance again. This includes but not limited to installing unapproved apps, updating the OS, replacing the firmware, or uninstalling pre-installed apps on your device as well as overlocking the processor.

Rooting your Device: Don’t get scared

Of course, an average user would find the process, scary. For them, “rooting” the smartphone’s core could seem to be an invitation to tech-apocalypse. A single wrong move can end up with a bricked handset. So it’s extremely important to be sure on how to root Android devices. Knowing how to root your Android device will ensure your device’s performance and longevity. Also, being aware of how to safely Root Android device would prevent technological malfunction.

How to Root my Android phone?

How to Root Android Devices and uninstall pre-installed apps?Rooting your Android phone is easier with an application, called Kingoroot. The easiest way to use the app is to install it on your mobile device. Kingoroot is extremely efficient and functions real fast. With just one tap the entire rooting process has been completed with just one tap.

However, the most uphill task in the process is to install the app on your smartphone. It’s a complicated process, if not impossible. This is because the app is not available in your regular Google Play Store. You need to download the KingoRoot APK first, before manually installing it.

How to Root Android Devices by downloading Kingoroot?

How to Root Android Devices and uninstall pre-installed apps?Simply you just need to point your device to the KingoRoot’s Android page and download the thing directly. If it doesn’t work, downloading the APK and mailing the same to your email address should work fine. Open the e-mail from your mobile and download the attachment.

You must not rest yet. Installing the app through the email attachment needs some tricks to be applied. You must ensure that your device allows app downloads from unknown sources. If it doesn’t, follow the following steps:

How to Safely Root Android Device

In the majority of Android versions, you can:

  • Visit ‘Settings’,
  • Tap on ‘Security’,
  • Look for “Unknown Sources’. If needed, scroll down to find the option.
  • Toggle the button to turn it on.

Now you can successfully install KingoRoot. After installation, follow these steps to boot your Android in no time.

  • First, you need to run the app,
  • Then tap ‘One Click Root’, and
  • Now keep your fingers crossed.

If everything goes well, your device shall root within 60 seconds. An experiment on Galaxy S6 showed that the process was almost 90 percent complete when the system crashed and device rebooted. The device wasn’t harmed at all.

Root in PC for faster results

Below is the detailed guide on the easiest possible way to uninstall default apps from your smartphone. For this process, you would require to root your android device using a computer. This way, your job could be carried out fast and effectively.

Connect your Android phone to your PC

First of all, download the root software on your PC. Then connect your Android device to the computer. Open the software program and select the option ‘Root’.

You can also connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable. If you choose to do so, and your phone’s version of Android OS is above the 4.2.2, a pop-up message would appear asking confirmation of your USB debugging process. You need to click ‘OK’. Once you do this, the system can recognize your phone.

Beginning the rooting process

Once the software recognizes your phone, you must click on the ‘Start’ option within the software. This will begin the rooting process.

Once the programme recognizes your device, it will detect the right way of rooting your phone.

Verify your mobile type

Within’s few seconds, the software would successfully detect the model of your phone and Android version as well as other features. In doing so, the software would ask you for confirmation on beginning the rooting procedure. Selecting the option,  Root Now’ would activate the process with immediate effect.

Confirm the process, again

One last time, the software would ask you to confirm the beginning of the process. You need to once again click ‘Confirm’ to continue the process. Within a couple of minutes, the rooting would be completed and the confirmation message would display on the screen.

How to delete preinstalled apps

There are multiple applications out there that helps you uninstall the applications easily. It’s just a matter of a few clicks, which would have been a lengthier process without a root. Here we are taking System App Remover as an example to show you the process of deleting preinstalled apps on Android.

So now that you already know how to root your Android device, let us reveal how to uninstall preinstalled apps on Android with root?

There are loads of applications that do the job for you. Here we would use ES File Explorer as an example:

  • Open the ES File Explorer app.
  • Click on Open Menu.
  • Place your cursor on the Library menu.
  • Click on the option ‘App’
  • Select the apps you want to delete.
  • You’re done.


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