How to use disk utility to create RAID 1 Mirror Array ?

RAID 1 Mirror Array

When we talk about the RAID, we are surely talking about the strategy of sharing data with many disks at the same time. This technology can help to boost the performance of the computer in addition to the easy detection of the fails if you encounter any kind of technical problem on your computer for sure. As a matter of fact, you will have a deep understating to the mechanism of RAID work whenever you deal with such technology for your projects or business. The RAID has been changing the industry of data storage without any doubt. In the new post, you will have a deep understanding of how you can answer the famous question related to what is RAID 1 Mirror Array.

What is RAID 1 Mirror Array?

In fact, the RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. The invention comes from the experience of any leaders in the world of technology with the aim to prevent any sudden loss of data. Before talking about RAID 1, we have to talk about the old version called RAID0. It stands for the system of redundancy to improve the performance of the disks for sure. Let us imagine if we have 2 disks of 80 GB. We can regroup them and by the system of RAID 1 mirroring we can handle a 160 GB of data storage in a way that can make you keep your data away from the sudden loss.

Using RAID 1, the computer can easily share the data between the disks. Like that, you can easily achieve the best data storage for the data of your project. The most important is to protect the wrong loss of your storage of data. This is why many people are choosing the path of using RAID 1 Mirror.

RAID 1 Mirror is not a backup

When we talk about the RAID, we are surely talking about replication of data not about back up for sure. There is a huge difference between the two terms. People often recognize the RAID method. Since the replication of your data is impacted on the entire disk set that you work on. On the other hand, the backup can retrieve the old version of the drive information that you need. For instance, if you need the data of the last week, you can accomplish the back up the process but absolutely not by using the RAID technology. Being aware of the thin difference between the two methods can make you more careful about the perseverance of your precious data while dealing with the most complicated error and a problem which your computer can face for sure. The RAID is often used with the real-time application that needs no interruption or any loss of streaming. We are talking here about mailing application and all the other webs servers that require no downtime rupture.

Why use RAID

You can also apply a disk or a drive replace whenever you want. There is massive flexibility when you deal with the RAID method. You will have a wide range of other tricky tactics to use so you can keep your data safe. Using the new disk, you can use much software that can make your new drives always up to date with the change of the original ones. All that you have to do is to make sure to manage only the needed data. Since it will be copied or updated in whole the drives simultaneously. This is why many people are choosing the path of using RAID 1 Mirror. Reducing system downtime can be a great advantage from the RAID. You can easily minimize the video loss and boost your hard drive failure correction with the RAID 1 revolution technology. It is also cost efficient and very tolerant when it comes to repairing. Since you are going to save a lot when it comes to ensuring the protection of your data when even a failure occurs in your system.

RAID 1 Mirror: what you need

We are dealing with new approaches in order to keep your computer operational. Since, while only one set of your disk mirror is operational, you will always have the ability to sue your computer in a perfect way. Since the mirror of your original disk is always keeping all the files and the computers system tasks present. It would be the perfect time to start mirroring the disk again so you can protect the unique data during your professional journey. Accordingly, you can ensure the data protection or your project or business in any sudden technical problem which can face your journey. This all about the deep acknowledge which you need to acquire when it comes to the RAID 1 Mirror and all that you need to know.

RAID 1 Mirror: error drives

there is plenty of critical RAID 1 Mirror: error drives that need to be fixed in order to ensure the well operational process of our RAID disks. In the next lines, you will have a wide range of possibilities that you can take advantage from in order to fix the problems that you can face while dealing with the RAID technique. Most of the times, the problem can come up from only one drive that needs to be fixed. To fix it easily, you have to shut down the computer then run it again, you will notice that the RAID controller will tell you from which disk the error is coming from. Like that, you can easily head to the particular disk and fix it or even replace it if there is any hardware technical issue.

How to create a RAID 1 Mirror set

Create RAID 1 Mirror ArrayTo create a raid 1set, you can head to the start button then select program administrative tools. After that, choose the Management Microsoft Console the click it. You will have access to the storage branch, expand and click right the chosen mirror.

Add slices to your RAID 1 Mirror set

Add slices to RAID 1 Mirror setYou can Add slices to your RAID 1 Mirror set whenever you want. The new slices added to the volume can become very useful when it comes to the technical problems which you can face during your RAID using.  When any old slice falls down, the new slice can replace it with duty and start making your drive operational again.

How to use your new RAID 1 Mirror set

In addition to that, while using the RAID, you may have to establish a rebuild for your volumes. The rebuild can prevent you from the occurring fails which can face your computer. Accomplishing the rebuilding for your RAID volumes do not need any sudden shut down for your computer in order to succeed the process of rebuilding. This is a primordial factor to master the notion of what is RAID 1 Mirror Array.


To conclude, you can ensure that we are dealing with a new era of RAID domination in the market of data manipulation. This is among the top reasons why you have to start using the new RAID technology on your computer. Having a deep acknowledge concerning how to use disk utility to create RAID 1 Mirror Array can make your data storage always safe. Knowing all the details about what is RAID 1 Mirror Array can surely bring you the most advanced data security for your business for sure.

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