OnePlus TV Update brings Netflix to the Smart TV

OnePlus TV Update brings Netflix to the Smart TV

The most awaited update of OnePlus TV is rolling out soon and the Netflix users can enjoy their favourite shows on ultra high definition picture quality with Dolby digital sound only on OnePlus TV Q1 series. The Netflix updated its support page and included OnePlus TV in the list of supported devices and also provided ample of features that OnePlus TV users will get.

Well, OnePlus TV update sounds amazing and people are quite excited to experience the features of the Netflix on 55-inch QLED OnePlus TV. Netflix has clearly stated that the users must have at least 25mbps internet speed to stream High Definition Resolution on OnePlus TV. But, point to be noted that the features of Netflix are totally dependent on the subscription plan. So, if you got the best subscription plan from Netflix, then hold your couch to get the amazing and spectacular view of your favourite Netflix shows on OnePlus TV.

Netflix has completed the certification process and also stated the OnePlus manufacturers to provide a handy remote that supports Netflix. Soon, after that, OnePlus designed a new remote for the Q1 series that includes the Netflix button. The OTA update will bump your OnePlus TV to V1.6.0T1911211115 and includes a number of many other optimizations other than adding Netflix. You can see the full changelog below.

Benefits of OnePlus TV update

  • Netflix on board.
  • The users will watch their favourite Netflix shows on HDR with true- to- life colours on OnePlus TV.
  • Added some settings for directly entering recent “Input Source” while startup
  • A handy remote will help the users to adjust the volume and settings as per their desire and Pressing volume up and down buttons together to mute the TV
  • The OnePlus TV users can stream 4K shows at a good frequency around 60Hz from Netflix.
  • Notification of Remote low battery and charging status on TV
  • PQ video pinkish issue optimised

Quick Setup of Netflix on OnePlus TV Q1 series

Once the updates will be rolled out, you will have to head towards setup to stream Netflix shows on OnePlus TV. So before heading towards the Setup section, make sure to keep the Netflix user ID and Password handy.

  • Hold the remote and press the button to reach the Login page.
  • Enter your Netflix credentials, i.e. User ID and Password.
  • Once it is done, you will get connected to your favourite shows.

So, hold your breath to catch your Netflix shows on OnePlus TV as most of the processing part is done and very soon, the OnePlus Q1 series is going to hit on the floor to give the amazing and thrilling experience of Netflix shows on QLED TV.

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