How to Fix ntdll.dll crash error on Windows?

How to Fix ntdll.dll crash error on Windows?

Nowadays, Windows OS users are facing with the ntdll.dll crash. However, the ntdll.dll crash Windows 10 and another operating system error occurs due to the corrupt or damage of the ntdll.dll file.

You need to go through what is ntdll.dll to know more about that specific dynamic link library. 

What is ntdll.dll?

The ntdll.dll is the file present in your Windows operating system folder. It is a Dynamic-link library. While installing Windows operating system, the ntdll.dll files also get into your system. You can see the ntdll.dll file in the system 32 folders of the computer. You require ntdll.dll for the normal functioning of the Windows OS (operating system). The ntdll.dll file is useful for the multiple programs to run, so you may come across the ntdll.dll error.

It is common to occur ntdll.dll error in any of the Windows OS (Operating System). You can see the ntdll.dll crash Windows 7 error on any of the Windows OS. To rectify the issue, you need to know the reasons for the issue and the solutions to the issues. 

You need not worry much all the information regarding the causes and the solutions to rectify the ntdll.dll error are gathered. Continue reading to know more about the issue and the solutions related to it.

Causes of ntdll.dll crash Error

You can come across the ntdll.dll error in many ways. To know the specific reasons go through the below points.

  •   If the system hard drive got some issue, it may cause the ntdll.dll file error. You have to fix the driver issues and later try to open the program that caused the error. If you still face the issue, try the below solutions that help you to fix the issue.
  •   The foreign invaders in your system may cause damage files in your system. The corrupt or damage of the ntdll.dll file surely makes many more issues to your system. You need to install antivirus in your system and try to remove the virus or malware present in your system.
  •   Due to many of the reasons ntdll.dll file goes misconfigured. To fix it you need to replace the existing file with a new one. However, it is risky as if you download from untrusted sites, it may cause issues like entering of virus or malware.
  •   The ntdll.dll files corrupting happens for many of the reasons. Likewise, virus-infected to your system or due to any changes in the system file. You have to replace the file to fix the issue.

Common Messages or Issues about ntdll.dll crash error 

You may come across the following error messages due to the issue in the ntdll.dll file.

  •   The program may have issues while starting due to the ntdll.dll error.
  •   One more issue like the program takes too much time to start or to stop the program.
  •   The hardware fault occurs in a rare case.
  •   NTDLL.DLL module fault 
  •   An unhandled exception occurred at ntdll.dll

How to Fix ntdll.dll crash error on Windows

No two computers will have similar issues. One solution may for the other, but there is no rule that it should work for your system. You have to try all the solutions provided here, if nothing works, let us know the issue in the comments section.

Reboot system

A simple restart of your system may fix the issue.  In some cases, the improper start of the system causes the inappropriate working of the ntdll.dll file and it results in showing the error. You need to restart your system to fix the ntdll.dll crash error. However, you can see the restart button from the start button for a lower version of Windows.  You will have power options on the right sidebar in Windows 10. 

Re-Register DLL file

You can follow below steps to re-register the ntdll.dll file that may help you to fix the ntdll.dll error.

  •   You need to open a command prompt with administrator powers. To open it you need to go to the start button and search for command prompt. Right-click on the option as shown in the figure and choose run as administrator.

How to Fix ntdll.dll crash error on Windows?

  •   Type following commands in the respective command prompt window and press on the enter button after each command.

Regsvr32.exe /u ntdll.dll

Regsvr32.exe ntdll.dll

How to Fix ntdll.dll crash error on Windows?

  •   After successful execution of the commands, you need to close all the windows. Now, try to open the program that caused the error, hope you can run without any more errors.

Update Windows system to fix ntdll.dll crash error

You have to go to the Windows update window to update the system and to get the missing file ntdll.dll. 

  •   Click on the start button.
  •   Search for Windows update, click on it.

How to Fix ntdll.dll crash error on Windows?

  •   On the new open window, click on the button check for Windows Updates.

How to Fix ntdll.dll crash error on Windows?

  •   After completion of checking, you will get some installations nothing, but they update your system.
  •   Once completion of installations, and restart your system.

Note: You require a speedy internet connection to make the search and installations of the system updates easy. 

Replace ntdll.dll file

You need to download the respective ntdll.dll file from the browser and need to place it in the specific folder to fix the ntdll.dll error.

  •   You have to open the browser and search with keyword ntdll.dll download.
  •   From the multiple sites of options, you need to open a trustworthy site.
  •   Download the ntdll.dll file into your system according to your OS bit size.

How to Fix ntdll.dll crash error on Windows?

  •   Go to the folder where your download is present and copy the file.
  •   Now, navigate to computer > Windows > system32. 
  •   Here, search for the ntdll.dll file and paste the file in the respective folder.
  •   Restart your system.

Complete Windows Installation

If any of the above ways didn’t help you out to fix the ndll.dll error. You need to go with the clean Windows installation. It is somewhat typical, who don’t know how to do it, as we all as the experienced person may have issues as it deletes all your data. You need to initially safeguard the complete data of your computer in a safe place before starting the Windows installation process. 

  •    First, you need to have the Genuine Windows OS to start the process. 
  •   You have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. Hopefully, the experienced person should do the installation to avoid further issues.
  •   You need to install the programs later the Windows installation.
  •   For sure, now you will not get any more issues like an ntdll.dll crash. 

Closing Thoughts: ntdll.dll crash

We hope, the solutions shown here helped you to fix the ntdll.dll error completely. If the issue persists, leave a comment regarding the issue, we will get back to you with the solution to fix the issue. Do follow our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. On following our social media accounts, you will not miss any update regarding our posts.  

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