Android 10 Stable Update Rolls Out for Nokia 9 PureView

Android 10 Stable Update Rolling Out for Nokia 9 PureView
Image Credit: Nokia

The day has arrived and time has come to get the essence of Android 10 in Nokia 9 PureView. Yes, you heard it right. The company has rolled out the Android 10 updates for Nokia 9 PureView. The news for Android 10 for Nokia was announced at the Nokia’s event and last night it was confirmed by the official Nokia Twitter account.  But, the roadmap was prepared 2 months ago and it was expected that Nokia 9 PureView will get the Android 10 updates in the last quarter of 2019 and now the time has come.

The official of the Nokia posted few screenshots on Twitter which gives info about Nokia 9 PureView Android 10 updates. Through these updates, the users will get dark mode features, smart and quick reply, gesture navigation, controls on privacy, GPS and significantly more. Nokia 9 PureView is the second Nokia Phone in the list to get the Android 10 updates; earlier it was Nokia 8.1 to receive the OTA notification for Android Updates. In this chain, the other Nokia Phones which are in the queue are Nokia 7.1, Nokia 7 plus, and Nokia 6.1 and they will get the Android updates on Q1 2020 and the remaining Nokia Phone to get the Android 10 updates in Q2 or Q3 2020.

Nokia 9 PureView users can easily get the Android 10 updates and if you have received the OTA notification for Android 10 updates then open Settings of the Phone and then select About Phone. Soon, you will find System Updates and after tapping on it, you will get check for updates option and installing the updates will give you the ultimate blend of Android 10 and Nokia 9 technology but make sure you have smooth internet connection as the size of the update is 800MB, so connection should not be interrupted amid installing the updates.

Nokia 9 PureView is termed as a photographic Smartphone due to five array cameras at the rear side which gives an ultimate resolution of the image and after receiving Android 10 updates; the Nokia 9 PureView users will get the ultimate features of the Nokia 9 with enhanced Android OS.

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