Nexus owners are being trolled by Google for a non-functional Pixel 4 deal

The newest Android flagship of Google is Pixel 4, and just like its predecessors, the new smartphone is far from being perfect. The features of the phone have a design that belongs to the year 2017 and has been launched along with some issues, which require immediate software fixing attention.

Some of the more disturbing news has shocked the users saying that Google Pixel 4 can be easily bent quite easily. And this is a problem that cannot be fixed on its own. Also, the worst part about it is a great deal of money is being charged for a device that comes with more issues than countable. Google Pixel 4 is costlier even than the cheapest iPhone that has been recently introduced into the market.

The worst part is even with such a demanding rate; Google Pixel 4 is much slower than the entry-level phone from Apple –the iPhone 11 when it comes to the measurement of performance of day-to-day life. If you were looking to trade your old Google device for the brand new Google Pixel 4, we are sorry to disappoint you; but, the devices from Google have more mediocre opinions as compared to that of the iPhones.

However, if you still manage to rock a handset from Nexus, then we must break the bad news to you that you are utterly out of luck. If you have come across any ads by Google suggesting that you can get a tad of a discount on Google Pixel 4 if you are willing to trade your Nexus handset, then you are entirely misled. Google is in no position to honor this deal.

Some of the websites and experts familiar with the matter say that they have come across an ad commercial that means customers can buy the Google Pixel 4 at only $773 if they trade in their Nexus handset, which will result in the deduction of the price by $26. However, the experts say that no customer has been yet able to take advantage of this deal.

If you are trying to exchanges your Google Nexus 6P for Google Pixel 4 over the Google Pixel 4 website, it won’t get you any substantial deal. The phone is not considered to be eligible for any trading. This indicates a blasphemy construed by Google. Whoever the creator of the ad is, wasn’t aware of the news that Nexus handsets are not eligible for any exchange.

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