Motorola One Hyper(Android 10) Released with 32 MP Pop-Up Selfie Camera

Motorola One Hyper(Android 10) Released with 32 MP Pop-Up Selfie Camera
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Finally, Motorola One Hyper has been launched after a swirl of last-minute leaks. Get ready to grab a Smartphone which you are dreaming of because Motorola is going to launch the Motorola One Hyper model equipped with a pop-up selfie camera which is the third series of Motorola One, the previous models were Motorola One Zoom and Motorola One Action.

Motorola is a US-based firm that aims to provide the best Smartphone which meets the latest technology and the user’s demand and Motorola One Hyper is new in the list which hit the floor on 4th December 2019 just at $399. The Smartphone is packed with all the features which a user needs.

Let’s begin with the Camera and Motorola One Hyper has two rear cameras, one is 64 MP camera having the potential to capture ultra high-resolution photos and another is an 8-megapixel camera. The laser technology method is used to design the camera which can even deliver the shots in the night. If you are big fond of selfies then the 32-megapixel front camera will give you a crystal clear photo and the pop-up time is less than a second. Both the cameras, front and rear is embedded with the Quad Pixel Technology which merges the 4 pixels into the one and offers the ultra high definition resolution in any daylight. The Smartphone supports AI feature and using the same will help you to optimize the shot.

The specifications of the Motorola One Hyper make it differ from the others, it runs on Android 10 platform having an internal storage of 128GB, and 4GB RAM. The Snapdragon 675 octa-core processor makes the phone faster. The phone has a unique feature in the charging section known as Hyper charging which boosts up the charging speed. The long-life battery, i.e. 4000mAh will help the user to use the fully charged Phone up to 38 hrs.

Motorola One Hyper is water-resistant, so you can make a call even in the rain. The water repellent technology is used in it which keeps the phone (inside and outside) protected from the water. The Phone offers Dolby Audio which will give you a crystal clear voice amid talking.

The Motorola One Hyper has arrived in the US market on December 4th. Get ready to grab the Phone which is having an incredible feature.

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