MIUI 11 Stable Update Available in India for Xiaomi’s Redmi 8 and Redmi 8A Users [How to Install]

MIUI 11 Stable Update Available in India for Xiaomi’s Redmi 8 and Redmi 8A Users[How to Install]

During October 2019, Xiaomi already made its verdict clear about upgrading Redmi 8 Redmi 8A phones with MIUI 11 on 13th November. Being consistent on the promise, the company has started rolling out the status update for both the devices. The users will now be able to download with several UI tweaks and latest technological upgrades with the update. 

The users will even be able to notice the Android security patch on the devices with this grand update. The users who have successfully purchased the device with the MIUI 11 enabled status update have even posted the screenshots in the Xiaomi and MIUI forums. The activity has motivated even the newer buyers to go ahead with the Redmi 8 and Redmi 8A like devices shortly.

It is to be noted that the current MIUI 11 update is solely backed up on Android 9 Pie, and not at all with Android 10. The company improved 600 MB in size concerning the technological upgrade with Redmi 8. However, a memory size enhancement of 544 MB is upgraded for the Redmi 8A device. The device holds a build number as per the company’s information.

The added feature sets include an upgrade of the latest alarm tones using the nature sounds. This feature revision is really surprising for the first time users with MIUI 11 upgrade. You can even use the dedicated Mi share capability for instantly sharing the information within the Xiaomi devices. Before this update, the company has even rolled out an upgrade for Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A device. The devices got an updated 508 MB and 517 MB memory size enhancement with the same.      

Talking more about the features in this recent update, the devices reflect a feature of document review prior to opening. Anyone can get a preview of the document before opening it instantly. There exists a feature of quick print tool to print the document without even installing the third-party support. The upgrade is even taking care of the gamers by making available a dedicated Game Turbo update. This provides assistance to performance acceleration during the time of game playing. 

There is a specialized quick reply feature along with the super-powered Notes application. The reply feature makes you strengthened to reply immediately without going inside the message option. Instantly tap the button and type your reply without any disturbance with the ongoing activities. As per the information, the update is available with a total of 600 MB in size. You can install the update on your device but it is necessary to take a back up of all the existing data in the device. 

This will reduce the chances of data loss like unwanted situations. It is also advisable to connect the device with Wi-Fi before performing the MIUI 11 upgrade installation activity inside the device. You can check the availability of MIUI 11 in your device by following the path Settings–>About Phone–>System Update. Just check it and ensure the upgrade on your device. Enjoy the newly launched features and maximize your mobile browsing experience.   

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