iPhone 12 may come Notch-Less with In-Display Finger Print Sensor

Apple May Launch iPhone 12 With Notch-Less Display, Patents Suggest
image credit: https://en.letsgodigital.org/

Apple launches new iPhones every year in October, and this year will be no different. The rumors of the iPhone 12 have been doing the rounds of the internet for quite some time, and new ones are also joining the list every single day. The latest rumor among them is about its display – according to some recently leaked patents, this year’s iPhone may come without a notch!

Yep. As per the patent information first published by LetsGoDigital, Apple may finally get rid of the notch that it has been including in its iPhones since 2017. The new design showing up in patent isn’t having any notch and can be seen with almost entire real estate on the front given to screen only. It’s unclear how Apple may achieve such a design because the front camera needs to be placed somewhere, but some changes to the hardware may make it possible. For example:

  • Apple may decide to ditch the Face ID in favor of an in-screen fingerprint sensor. Qualcomm has recently improved its 3D Sonic Max in-screen fingerprint sensors to work better than their previous versions, and it’s possible that besides X55 modem the company may also tap Qualcomm for its fingerprint sensors.
  • Another possibility is that Apple might have found some way to hide the camera under-screen. How would that affect picture quality is another question though.
  • The third possibility is that the camera may be hidden along with other sensors in the tiny top bezel. That would require reducing the pixel size of the camera, which is again something not desirable because of the picture quality issues it can raise.

As you can see, all these things may actually take the experience a step backward on Apple iPhone 12 instead of improving it, which is not something a company of Apple’s stature should do. So let’s wait for some more details before arriving on any conclusions. For now, we can think about the idea of a notch-less screen in a good way.

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