7 Top Most Mindblowing Integration of AI in Healthcare

The Most Mindblowing Integration Of AI In Healthcare

Right from reducing errors to making functionality simpler and more efficient in the healthcare system, Artificial Intelligence or AI is growing every day. With its growing usage, a large number of people and organizations have started adopting this new method not only because of the ease it offers but also because it reduces the cost by at least a fraction of the original.

Looking at this amazing and extremely useful integration of AI with healthcare, many firms have even taken up marketing these developments as Boston AI for healthcare marketing and many others. We have compiled a list of some of the best innovations that have changed the way the healthcare system functions. These methods have revolutionized the very foundation of medical sciences and have proven to be a boon for the same.

Symptom Checkers

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A pharmaceutical company called Bayer has been working with tech companies to design software that can help detect diseases better with the help of AI. Deep learning is a branch of AI, and one of its functions includes detecting diseases from images. A study by The Lancet Digital Health has compared this with image detection by medical professionals and found that AI has performed better.

The reason for this is the fact that there is a very small margin for error when it comes to AI. Due to this, it has become much easier to check symptoms and provide effective healthcare with the help of AI.

Accurate Cancer Diagnosis

Machine learning has helped a lot of pharmaceutical companies and organizations in cancer diagnosis. With its introduction, it has taught machines to learn more by themselves. Due to this, radiologists have found it increasingly easier to diagnose cancer among their patients at an earlier stage. This is mostly done using nanorobots for the delivery of drugs.

Machine learning has proven most effective in cases of lung cancer. A study done by Northwestern University concludes that AI has reduced the diagnosis of false-positive cases by 11%. This development has been revolutionary, and as soon as machine learning develops more, this figure is bound to go upwards.

Treatment of Rare Diseases

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A study by Science Daily talks about how artificial intelligence has shown a lot more promise than medical professionals when it comes to the detection of rare diseases. This is done with the help of a neural network that combines portrait photos with genetic and patient data. This has been highly useful in detecting hereditary cases of rare diseases among children.

95% of rare diseases do not have an FDA approved treatment. This has caused a huge dip in the diagnosis of these diseases among children. However, these diseases can now be easily detected with the help of machine learning, and it has helped a lot of children overcome any rare disorders that would otherwise be impossible to detect.

Targeted Treatment

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Targeted treatment or personalized treatment is one wherein every patient responds to a certain treatment differently. This depends on a lot of factors like the type of medicine, heredity, etc. Due to this, it is important to determine which patient should be given which treatment from the numerous options available.[/caption]

AI has helped significantly in this domain. It has successfully automated this tedious task by collecting patient statistics and data and matching it with the appropriate treatment. It helps in predicting how a person’s characteristics will influence and determine the way in which they respond to a certain treatment, hence suggesting the best method to go forward with. This is done with the help of certain algorithms that compare patient data with that of similar patients and reduces the risk for error by a very great margin.

Improvisations in Gene Editing

Gene editing has been one of the most significant contributions of AI to the healthcare industry. It has revolutionized the way in which we can solve problems right from the roots by editing genes in their initial stages. Gene editing has given space to a lot of mutations and corrections in the DNA and can help edit genes that might cause any harm in the future.

A new technique called Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) is used to target specific locations in the DNA to make changes there. This method is very useful in eliminating gene issues that might be inherited by a child from the parents.

Assistance In Robotic Surgery

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Robotics assisted with AI have played a large part in the healthcare field, right from diagnosing diseases to assisting surgeons during surgery. Their assistance has reduced a patient’s hospital stay by almost 21% by making the system more efficient and speedy. With the help of AI, robots can use data from past surgeries in real-time while conducting operations that can help them treat the patient better.[/caption]

In cases like eye surgeries where extreme focus and precision is of utmost importance, robots have been proven to be more effective and have helped in assuring maximum results with no harm.

Image Analysis

When it comes to image analysis, AI can help process data and implement facial recognition in a way that can detect and recognize objects in a video and run a visual search. With the help of this, it becomes easier for AI-enabled healthcare systems to scan and process imaging data and detect diseases in their earlier stages.

This becomes comparatively difficult for medical professionals to detect similar cases with the help of their naked eye. Using these methods can ensure maximum accuracy as well as efficiency.


Even though most people have been skeptical about AI and its usage, many have now started noticing its advantages, and to further promote its benefits, AI has become one of the most important elements of the Instagram marketing hub.

The main reason for this is the fact that this is indeed a revolutionary step forward in the field of medical healthcare and more the people know about it, more will its benefits become accessible to a larger audience. It is important to give this landmark discovery a chance in our system as it can change it for the better.

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