Hulu Reveals Updated User Interface to Improve User Experience

Hulu Reveals Updated User Interface to Improve User Experience

Streaming apps are getting popular day-by-day. The quality of the screen and its arrangements are the key points that excite the viewers. Hulu is a noted majority-Disney-owned streaming app made some plausible improvements to its user interface. It is cleverly trying to fix the most problematic things about the platform, thus, offering the viewers a better experience. The application will roll out to some Roku and Apple TV users right away, and keeping other users to wait for the coming few months.

The announcement about the change was made on Wednesday and that made it clear that Hulu has named Disney+ and ESPN+ being the inspiration behind the improvements.

The distinctness of the app is still there, but some recognizable changes can be picked. The arrangements are comparatively cleaner and the recommendations for the shows are presented with larger photo cards. This advanced feature has made it possible for the viewers to have a better presentation. The photo cards are introduced with the related knowledge about the show or movies, making it a huge improvement over the tiny thumbnails that were present prior.

Hulu Reveals Updated User Interface to Improve User Experience

These collections are sorted vertically, with horizontal scrolling.

The top section of the application will be highlighting the things you have already watched and would like to watch in the near future. Other features include the availability of the navigation bar across the top of the screen which has dropped unintuitive symbols in favor of words. One can see the options of the TV shows and movies on the home screen, rather than reaching the ‘Browse’ section of the application.

Hulu Reveals Updated User Interface to Improve User Experience

As a conclusion, it can be noted that all the major stymies have been removed from the streaming application. It will lead in Hulu to get major appreciation from the viewers and will help its users to get their desired destinations with fewer clicks. Hulu’s UI was considered as a major obstacle and a weak point in this competitive environment.

If all the plans are implemented with success, one can binge watch any series of their choice without any hassle.

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