New Play Store Update for Android TVs Rolling Out with new themes and more

Google rolls out revamped Play Store on Android TV with new themes and much more

Back in August 2019, Google announced the new redesign of the Play Store on Android TV. Recently, sources revealed that Google is now adding a Material Theme. Moreover, users are glad that Google is revamping the Play Store on Android TV. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the main topic.

The new design of Play Store on Android TV

Most of the Android TV users have already witnessed new changes. Moreover, the new update is pretty good and is available on all Android devices. The update was spotted on Reddit. According to the reports, Google will be releasing the new update all over the globe. Unfortunately, users with older Android TV devices won’t get the new update.

The new design mainly focuses on app discovery. Currently, Android TV has more than 5,000 applications. So Google wants users to find these applications easily by displaying it on their app discovery. Furthermore, they might recommend some apps which you might enjoy. Moreover, categories like Games, Sports, Entertainment, and Productivity will include themes like ‘Movie nights start’ or ‘Start streaming’ to improve your experience.

This new update is quite similar to Apple’s App Store, which has some personalized features for Apple users. Apart from that, the new visual design looks more appealing. Besides, they moved the sections of Games, My Apps, and Apps. This new redesign will surely help Android TV users to have an interactive experience, and make good use of the TV screen. Also, the settings panel and search options are relocated to the top right.

Likewise, the application’s name displays on the above on the left corner along with category, rating, and publisher. Besides, it has added video preview features that will give a cinematic experience to the user. Google has always tried to up its game by expanding its Android brand all over the internet.

As the Christmas season is approaching us, we can expect the users to step towards the newly designed Android TV.

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