Google Photos gives Walmart canvas prints, individual pictures, CVS

Google Photos gives Walmart canvas prints, individual pictures, CVS

Google Dropbox is perhaps the best way to back up your photos and videos to the cloud, but with expanded printing options, it’s also becoming a great way to get those memories to physical prints. Starting today, Google Photos offers new canvas printing options in addition to individual photo printing from Walmart and CVS.

Google is now taking part in the Kodak Moments Print Partner API program that makes printable photos of users of photos available on machines in over 7,400 CVS stores and over 3,500 Walmarts.

This new option allows customers to print their photos more flexibly than Photo Books. 4 Single 6 prints can be selected and ordered directly from the Google Photos application, sending prints based on your choice to nearby Walmart or CVS locations.
For a single photo, pricing for these prints starts as low as 25¢. However, these are only available in a size of 4 ranges for the time being.

Google Photos now provides the opportunity to get canvas prints with memories in your archive in addition to this option for individual photos. Such prints begin at $19.99 with sizes like eight minutes, twelve minutes, and sixteen minutes. After purchase, these prints are shipped directly to your home and Google will recommend which images are best suited for canvas printing in the app.

You could now order up to 200 of 4″x6″ prints at a time through your personal Google Photos account. At a participating Kodak Moments print shop, you can crop and add effects to each picture to your delight, then schedule pick-up—again within the same day.

A quick check for nearby locations shows that while CVS charges 33 cents, Walmart charges 25 cents per print — your price may vary. Once you place your order, at the appointed time, you just have to go to the store, give a store associate your contact name, and pay the price plus tax.

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