Google Maps New Feature could Help You Avoid Dark Streets While Walking

Google Maps New Feature could Help You Avoid Dark Streets While Walking

Google may be working on a new feature that’ll make your walking a bit safer: A new “lighting” layer in Google Maps that highlight brightly lit streets while walking.  XDA Developers, who are responsible for carving out and establishing lines of code in Google Maps beta hints on developing this feature for easy walking on dark streets at night. 

Travelling at night on the streets and landing into a dark, low lit area in itself is a scary idea. And if during this time one is equipped with such a feature, it is sure not less than a boon and necessarily a life-saving feature against any mishap.  

This idea, if materializes, will be a great step towards the security and safety of commuters, especially for women commuters. The idea is that there will be a new implicit “lighting” layer in Google Maps that will indicate brightly lit streets and hence be easier for the commuters.

However, there is no specific information as to when and how Google proposes to execute this new feature. Google maps, since its inception, have made the lives of people easier. Especially when travelling to unknown lands by helping people locate essential places to stay, to travel, restaurants, shopping malls, cafeterias, etc.

 Not only this but it also helps one to identify the shortest route to one’s destination avoiding jams and traffic. One is just a click away to know the place where one wants to head to. 

Google Maps has surely made the lives of people more comfortable and easier and serving effectively the purpose for which it was designed. Google maps have always trying to develop new features almost every passing year to make it more advanced and comfortable for people who rely upon it.

A recent couple of months have been very fruitful for the company. The company added an Incognito Mode for Maps, spoken features, translation feature guarding privacy, and making it available to all kinds of people.   

Now the development of this new feature will add to the credibility of the Maps and popularize it further. 

It is still not clear as to how Google aims at collecting the essential data needed for this feature to develop, which includes data on dark streets, threatening alleys. It has also not mentioned where it plans to launch a particular feature. The impact and response of the new feature will surely be an interesting thing to look out for.

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