Google Duplex releases on the internet with Movie Tickets Booking for Chrome: Features and Procedure

Google Duplex releases on the internet with Movie Tickets Booking for Chrome: Features and Procedure

Google is officially releasing Google Duplex to book movie tickets on the internet. Google revealed that this service is specially designed for users who can now buy online tickets without any hassle.

How does Google Duplex work?

Google Duplex is readily available for Android users. The new version lets you ask Google Assistant to search showtimes for a specific movie. Once you ask the Assistant to find the movie tickets, the tool opens up Google’s Chrome browser and begins filling in fields. Later on, the tool enters details in the online ticket forms with the help of data obtained from your Calendar, Chrome autofill as well as Gmail inbox.

In each part of the process, users can see a progress bar below, similar to the one you see while downloading a file. The tool will ask for more information like the process pauses, a price or seat selection, payment method, email ID, and much more. Once you have filled in every section and picked your desired seats, then you can click to confirm the payment.

What are the features of Google Duplex?

At I/O 2019, Sundar Pichai, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Google, revealed that Google Duplex is shifting beyond voice. It means, your transactions won’t be complex anymore after inserting this new system. At this time, Google Duplex is available in more than 70 movie ticketing services and cinemas in the U.K. and U.S.

According to sources, Google has partnered with Fandango, AMC,, MJR Theaters, as well as Odeon to support booking through Assistant. Apart from that, Google has assured that the software would create disclosures where users can safely fill in their personal information. Furthermore, they will realize that they are talking to an automated tool.

Apart from booking movie tickets, it can also book hair appointments and restaurants in your area. Additionally, the Artificial Intelligence system would handle car rentals or can arrange appointments on your phone. Keep visiting this website to find more news about new Google Duplex features.

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