Google blends traditional talk settings for G Suite administrators with Hangouts

Google blends traditional talk settings for G Suite administrators with Hangouts

Originally, Classic Hangouts were expected to be discontinued to G Suite clients in October 2019. In August, as the sluggish transformation process continues, Google postponed the business move until June 2020. Google is merging classic Hangouts with Talk protocol development for administrators today.

The move would provide “one location to monitor all chat settings” for an organization to G Suite administrators. It covers background rules, current client calls, and interaction of bots via third parties.

The company blends the Hangouts Talk Admin console settings with the original Hangouts. This will make the programs easier to manage to guarantee that they are correctly designed. Admin console > Applications > G Suite > Hangouts Chat can find the new settings.

Google says that’s not “making any changes to your settings — only the location and settings presentation will change.” End users are not affected by this change, only admins. It will be phased out over the next two weeks for all G Suite models.

Meanwhile, beginning next June, classic Hangouts will be disabled for G Suite domains. That said, it has not yet been specified the actual length of this transition period. This delay was due to company feedback requesting “more time for organizations to migrate from classic Hangouts to Hangouts Chat.”The organization is enhancing the team communication transfer process by introducing more functionality to the discussion. For enterprise users, a wind-down of classic Hangouts for customers will commence sometime.

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