Google Assistant Introduces Ambient Mode With Various Personalized Features

Google Assistant Introduces Ambient Mode With Various Personalized Features

Recently, Google Assistant has introduced a new feature called Ambient Mode to the world. Moreover, this feature was launched on numerous devices, which also includes Nokia 7.2 as well as Nokia 6.2 phones.

Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode feature

In September 2019, Google revealed a new version of Ambient Mode to tablets and smartphone users. During the announcement in IFA 2019, Google declared this feature for a handful number of devices, which are Nokia 6.2, Nokia 7.2, Smart Tab M8 tablets, and Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab.

The new feature gives out a new look to your smartphone screen. Moreover, it displays smart features such as the current weather, calendar, reminders, notifications, music controls, and much more. Apart from that, users can switch to the Ambient Mode, which is available on Google Assistant’s settings. 

How does this feature work?

Google revealed that Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode helps the user to get daily reminders and notifications even if it is in the living room table, charging on the nightstand, or the kitchen counter. One can also control their home devices/appliances or start a playlist on the lock screen of their device.

Once the user has completed all the procedures, their phone screen will change into a personal digital photo frame. Moreover, it will be linked to their Google Photos account and add a personal touch to Ambient Mode. With the help of this feature, the user can save time and can respond to any task quickly.

Ambient Mode will be available on other devices soon

As per the reports, Nokia 6.1 and Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro can use this feature on their phones. Besides, some of the Poco F1 users also claimed that they have this feature on their phones as well. However, the developers have not yet given any details on whether the Ambient Mode option will be seen on various devices or not. But some reports suggest that Ambient Mode is available for Android 9 and Android 10. Keep checking back with us to find out the latest news about the Ambient Mode feature.

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