Microsoft to integrate Gmail, Drive and Google Calendar into

Gmail, Drive and Google Calendar adds to

Microsoft’s American international technology allows you to connect your Mail, Google Drive and Google Calendar profiles to your current web-based accounts.

This is massive news for those who want the alternative from their web browser, a common and well-looking web app. It seems as if the incorporation rolled out to some pages of Florian B posts on Twitter via

Florian also pointed out “even with Outlook today Google Drive is seamlessly blended”:

The software will work very similar to how it does for existing Outlook apps for Android and iOS. From the sample, you’ll see that the different inboxes are also arranged and find in Google Calendar’s sidebar and a nice screen.

The functionality with Google Drive helps Google account records and files so that you can easily add them to Office or Gmail messages. How many users will be able to do it, or when Microsoft can carry out this more widely, is not evident. Although most people would likely visit Gmail for their mail, this new connectivity of Outlook could be useful for those using a personal account of and an email account of G Suite for their work.

Microsoft is also in the process of adding support to Google Calendar and Google Drive, as well as providing Gmail functionality to enable people to read emails from their Google accounts directly inside Outlook.

For some users, a popup warning has arisen, giving the opportunity to add Gmail to Outlook.

Microsoft hasn’t made an official launch statement, so that might well be it’s just in the very early stages. Now, users who have exposure to the tool say it’s a bit temperamental.

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