Facebook ‘Popular Photos’ Trials Instagram’s scrolling image feed

Facebook 'Popular Photos' Trials Instagram's scrolling image feed

First, it was Snapchat, now it seems like Facebook is copying Instagram to give it a new look and gain more users. This popular social media app has tried to copy various apps for years. However, for the past few years, Facebook has crossed all its copied features like Snapchat. Developers introduced Facebook stories when Snapchat was ruling the market. Even WhatsApp and Facebook looks quite similar to Snapchat.

Is Facebook mimicking Instagram?

In today’s generation, it has become very necessary for various social media platforms to maintain their first spot. Every day, users get introduced to new games and apps, which may take away the place of popular apps like Facebook. And this time, this social media giant is copying its very own standalone Instagram.

It looks like Facebook got inspired by Instagram’s scrolling feature. Recently, it was seen testing ‘Popular Photos’, which shows only photos and captions in the Feed. Facebook wants users to scroll through their friend’s photos and videos, which allows them to find more related as well as entertaining content in their browsing sessions.

Furthermore, in October, one of the spokespersons of Facebook confirmed that they are testing ‘Popular Photos.’ The spokesperson continued that they are planning to update the tests in the future. So whenever a user taps on a picture while using this feature, they can enjoy their time scrolling through pictures in the full-screen view.

Recently, Instagram has introduced a new feature called ‘ See More Posts Like This.’ Here the users can endlessly scroll and discover similar content. This new feature is shown underneath the image which is shared by their friends. Now, Facebook has realized that users love to watch more visual content, rather than articles, or status updates. Facebook had Stories feature on Instagram 2 years ago, and they introduced it to their main app.

When will Facebook release the new update?

The developers haven’t disclosed any specific release date about the new update yet. Moreover, they also haven’t revealed further details about the new feature. Facebook already has a messenger, stories, video hub, and profiles. Chances are high that the developers will update the ‘Popular Photos’ feature soon.

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