Facebook Launches ‘Tuned’ Messaging App for Couples

Facebook Launches 'Tuned' Messaging App for Couples

Facebook has launched an application especially for couples called Tuned that will permit them to form a digital scrapbook. The new application called Tuned helps couples to send messages, music and make a digital scrapbook. Facebook stated that it was entering the dating space in 2018. It launched a dating service called Tinder and Bumble in 20 countries until now. In any case, this new couples messaging app is different from that app. 

Tuned was made by Facebook’s New Product Experimental Team which focuses on making new social media from start. Previously the team was responsible for a meme creation app called Whale and a Pinterest-like app Hobbi.  Now the NPE team announced to launch the newest messaging app that is only for couples. Something other than straight-up messaging, the application lets you make a scrapbook-like feed that you can use to effectively review memories with your spouse. Besides the fundamentals like sending photographs, you can send voice memos, cards, and custom stickers. 

The application professes to be a “private space” for couples to chat yet it doesn’t seem to have the end-to-end encryption of services like WhatsApp.

Tuned application is a private space for couples to be together during times of the coronavirus crisis. It comes when numerous couples may be separated because of social distancing rules during the spread of the coronavirus. It’s a private room where you and furthermore your partner can simply act naturally. With Tuned, you can be as soft, eccentric, and silly as you are together in an individual, even when you’re apart. So now express your love, share your viewpoint, exchange songs and also grow an advanced scrapbook of your unique memories.

Tuned has the same data policy as Facebook has, which permits the organization to gather communications to target advertising at the client. The application is available only on Apple’s App Store in the US and Canada and it doesn’t require a Facebook account to use. 

The tuned application is now placed no. 872 in the US and no. 550 in Canada in the Social Networking category. The new item doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be very different from other messaging services. While the app potentially isn’t a lot of use to sets right now quarantining with each different other, it could help those that have been separated by the present worldwide pandemic feel a little closer. Tuned has more expressive than any other regular chat application, though people could try to bothered yet one all the more messaging app is a report.

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