Free Wi-Fi Facility Inside Delhi Metro Trains; Here’s How to Access It

Free Wi-Fi Facility Inside Delhi Metro Trains; Here’s How to Access It

You will now be able to access high-speed Wi-Fi services while traveling on the Airport Express Line and that is free, might be it is impossible to believe. Let me tell you that Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has been already provided free Wi-Fi facility on many of its metro stations since back 2016 but this is the first time in the South Asian region that Wi-Fi services are being provided on a moving train. Doing this, India has become the fourth country in the world to provide such an amazing facility as at present underground metro train WiFi facility is available only in Russia, South Korea, and China,” the Executive Director of Corporate Communications, DMRC, Mr. Anuj Dayal told reporters after the launch.

As in the official tweet above, DMRC Managing Director Dr. Mangu Singh was the one to launch the “Free High-Speed Wi-Fi” facility for passengers traveling on Airport Express Line. It covers a distance of 22.7 kilometers and touches six stations, which were also the first to get free Wi-Fi services.

As per DMRC officials, the Wi-Fi service provided is completely free. The target speed would reach up to 300Mbps per metro train without limitation on download speeds or traffic volumes per user, which sounds amazing.

How to Access Free High-Speed Wi-Fi Facility on Delhi Metro

While traveling by the Airport Express Line (orange line) then you will notice a new wi-fi network available within the metro train as “METROWIFI_FREE”. To access this you have to just tap on this Wi-Fi network in the settings. Later, you won’t be asked for any password and a browser page will open requesting your phone number in use. Very soon you will get an OTP and you have to enter your phone number and OTP sent to you to be logged in and get access to the free Wi-Fi connection. You can then browse the free Internet, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, audio and video calls and much more, and enjoy your almost 24-minute metro ride from the IGI Airport to the New Delhi metro station.

Though this free Wi-Fi service on the metro trains is currently available only on the orange line but is likely to expand to other corridors (possibly starting with the Blue and Yellow corridor) later in 2020. So, from today onwards if you are traveling on the orange line or want us to check out the free Wi-Fi service on the Airport Express Line and share our opinions, drop a comment down below.

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