What is Dark Web and How to access it?

What is Dark Web and How to Access it?

You might have heard a lot of times about the terms Dark Web and Deep Web, and I am sure that always you have heard the scary stories about the Dark Web. Both of these terms are apart different from each other. In this article, I will show you how they are different from each other. Keep visiting our website for such kind of tutorials. Keep reading!

What is the Deep Web?

What is Dark Web and How to access this scary part of internet?

To understand the basic concept, the Dark Web has been confused with the Deep Web that defines the part of the web. The Deep Web is not indexed or searchable by search engines. The darknet encryption technology routes user data through a big number of the server that saves the user entity. The sending detail may be decrypted by the node in the scheme, which increases the exit node.  Some systems make it impossible to regenerate the node path and decrypt information layer by layer. Websites may not be able to track the location and IP of their use due to a high level of encryption, and users are also not able to get details of the host. The password-protected pages like bank page and the profile page of the websites that we use daily are not listed on any search engines, hence these are a part of Deep Web.

Advantages of Deep Web

  • Freedom of speech
  • Anonymity
  • Political activism
  • Knowledge
  • Amazing individual

What is the Dark Web?

What is Dark Web and How to access this scary part of internet?

World Wide Web (www) consists of Dark Web content that exists on a network that utilizes internet but needs some particular software, configuration, and authorization to access. Dark Web is a small part of the Deep Web, Web search engines don’t index the part of the web, even though sometimes the term Deep Web is used to refer particularly to the Dark Web. Generally, a user of Dark Web defines regular web as clear net due to unencrypted nature. Darknets contain the Dark Web including, peer to peer small network as well as a large network such as Tor, Free net and I2P operated by individuals or organizations. The Tor-Dark Web may be defined as onion land, a reference to the network top-level domain. The dark web is also used for illegal activity such as forums, media exchange for the terrorist. Few websites create accessibility for Tor browser to connect with users. That’s why the criminals find the Dark Web a suitable or you can say a perfect place to carry out their illegal activities because if their identity would be revealed then it could lead to serious consequences. Here the illegal activities related to all activities like smuggling, money laundering, child trafficking, drug dealing, terrorism, hacking, phishing, illegal dealing of arms and ammunition, etc.

Dark Web markets

Dark web markets mediate transaction for illegal drugs and other goods; attract coverage beginning with the popularity of the market by legal authorities. Other market sells software weapons. The price difference in dark web markets versus price in real life as well as studies in the quality of products got over the dark web.

How to access this scary part of the Dark Web?

How to access the scary part of internet

In the starting get yourself a good VPN (virtual private network), utilize it no matter if you are on Tor or not. You need to take your security very seriously if you are going to visit darknet and if you are viewing the darknet market. Think that ISP (internet service provider) is not trying to track those who use Tor to access the dark web. It should be brought to attention that there is recent Tor vulnerability that leaked your real IP address leading to your real location.  By using the VPN app, your Dark Web activity may be hidden from ISP as your internet usage will be encrypted. You need to use the best VPN that has a fast performance with Tor.

Access Dark Web using Browser

If you are not able to access Deep Web just using the browser like Google Chrome or internet explorer. You should download the Dark Web browser called Tor browser. Open your VPN and connect to another location other than where you are at, open-VPN-protocol is secure. You can open a normal browser and then download Tor.  Tor official website https://www.torproject.org/download/download.html  

Install Tor browser on your PC. Double click download file, when the browser is downloaded and choose the destination folder or choose extract.

Start using Tor browser, open the folder where you have extracted Tor browser and double click “Start Tor browser”. The Tor initial page will open in a browser window.  Now you have a good level of anonymity and security and you can access to onion websites using the dark web browser. Now you have dark web access.

What are the type of things on the Dark Web?

What is Dark Web and How to access this scary part of internet?

Not all, but most of the part of the Dark Web is bad. There is a certain section of the society which needs anonymity, like activists, reporters, and whistle-blowers. The perfect example of the whistle-blowers is WikiLeaks, which was started on the Dark Web-only, and is used by most of the whistle-blowers all around the world to reveal the corrupt side of the governments. Merely accessing the Dark Web can’t say illegal but what matters is, which websites you are visiting or what content you are accessing.

We never endorse or encourage you or anyone to access the Dark Web and indulge in any such illegal activity. For an individual, there is nothing that the Dark Web can do; just a VPN service should be more than sufficient to maintain your privacy and other threats on the internet.

Advantages of the Dark Web

  • You are fully anonymous
  • Transfer any amount of money
  • You can start a business by bitcoin
  • All illegal materials are available.

Difference between the Deep Web and Dark Web

Deep Web

Deep Web’s concept is easy. The Deep Web is an important part of the network including information, material and web pages that are not indexed in any search engine such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google, etc.

  1. Content is stored in various countries.
  2. Different kinds of huge number database.
  3. Forums of varied themes.

Dark Web

Behind the anonymity of platform, the Dark Web has a trade of all illegal and unacceptable society. From substances to automatic weapons, you are able to search about anything listed on the marketplace of the dark web.

  1. Pornography
  2. Drug sales
  3. The black market of assassins
  4. Forums in search of victims

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